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    Delta Green!

    There's nothing to move, as this is just a thread in the Upcoming Games section. Any Delta Green posts can go under the Call of Cthulhu section, as its byline says "... and other RPGs based on the Cthulhu Mythos", maybe with a [Delta Green] tag in the thread title to help differentiate it. Of course mods please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. chiisu81

    Mythras 3rd Revision Now Available.

    Does the DTRPG version not use the heavyweight paper (since it's not indicated)? If no offset printed edition is available I'd at least like to have the heavier paper used via PoD...
  3. chiisu81

    DriveThruFiction Deal of the Day

    Hope it's ok to post this here, since it's pseudo-related: Dead Light is DriveThruRPG's Deal of the Day! - save 50% off I've seen this adventure recommended a lot recently, and I finally caved in and got it. Look forward to reading it!
  4. chiisu81

    Mythras 3rd Revision Now Available.

    Will at least the core book still be available in a traditional off-set printed edition from your store? I've had mixed "success" with POD books, but for some games/books I am happy to pay a little more for a higher-quality printed copy. My Mythras (1st printing likely) from y'all is just exquisite!
  5. chiisu81

    Drivethru Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

    And I do appreciate the continued response! And it's not like I won't eventually get Lonely Lighthouse (and the few other adventures I don't already have) anyways, whether it's a buck or 2 off in a sale. Perhaps closer to Christmas y'all could have a sale on the TDM Store website, where y'all get a "bigger cut"?
  6. chiisu81

    Drivethru Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

    3 items released since Lonely Lighthouse are marked on sale: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/246666/TDM204-Waterlands?src=newest https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/247862/TDM124-Agony--Ecstasy?src=newest https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/239142/The-Fenix-Papers?src=newest I just find it strange as it seems all the other Mythras/Classic Fantasy adventures are on sale. And it's hard for me to believe that publishers would have apparently no control over what gets marked for sale in these type of multiple-publisher sales. It's just frustrating as a fan and repeat potential purchaser...
  7. chiisu81

    Drivethru Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

    Is Lonely Lighthouse supposed to be included in the sale as well?
  8. chiisu81

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    LOVE the cover art and green logo!
  9. chiisu81

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    That is a REALLY good price point! For physical RPG items that moves it into "impulse buy" territory, at least for me...
  10. chiisu81

    TDM finally has a Twitter Account...

    Need to update http://thedesignmechanism.com/about-us.php with it. Also, those 3 links/buttons should also be on the main page as well.
  11. chiisu81

    Mythras Imperative Now Available

    I compared them within Acrobat Pro, it found no differences in the text.
  12. chiisu81

    Mythras Imperative Now Available

    Just compared the file from DTRPG with the one from The Design Mechanism website, and they're the exact same...
  13. chiisu81

    Mythras Imperative Now Available

    Just noticed on DTRPG that this was updated January 8. What was updated/corrected?
  14. chiisu81

    Updated PDFs

    If not Acrobat Pro/DC, on ninite.com there's CutePDF and PDFCreator.
  15. chiisu81

    Need to fix the layout

    Ahh there it is. There's room on that "secondary link toolbar" at the top to add a "Free Downloads" link, and that page does need to be updated with the RQG Quickstart PDF link.
  16. chiisu81

    Mythras Monthly Scenario: White Death!

    As much as fantasy gaming is my meat and potatoes, I have to applaud Design Mechanism for releasing now several non-fantasy adventures to show the versatility of Mythras. Outstanding!
  17. chiisu81

    Need to fix the layout

    There needs to be a top-level, easy-to-find "(Free) Downloads" link on the Chaosium pages. Design Mechanism added one with their re-design and made it MUCH easier to navigate.
  18. chiisu81

    Openquest...when in spanish?

    http://d101games.com/openquest/openquest-developers-kit/ Anyone is free to download this and work on a translation. If it picks up enough attention, then perhaps Newt would help out with an official PDF/printing?
  19. chiisu81

    OpenQuest Refreshed is now available

    It's STILL riddled with typos. I'm very disappointed you didn't take up my offer to freely spellcheck and correct the manuscript before you rushed it into print for UK Games Expo. While this is print-on-demand and could conceivably be updated with corrections if you still wanted them, I'm not anticipating that...
  20. chiisu81

    The Company in print from DTRPG?

    But you're the publisher of the game. And you've put in back for sale on DTRPG and Lulu, so it appears to prospective customers to have "active support"...
  21. chiisu81

    New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    I don't like the embossed text either. I also don't understand the inconsistent logo/design compared to the quickstart. Why didn't the QS have this logo/design? I liked its logo/design far batter, as it stood out and had a clear outline. This one is buried in a generic stone background.
  22. chiisu81

    Hardcover or softcover?

    Exactly this. I'll gladly pay more for a smyth-sewn hardcover!
  23. Is this a new or actual cover, rather than the blue background and Cthulhu with his hands together that I've always seen before?
  24. chiisu81

    OpenQuest Refresh in 2017

    To say that's an improvement is a massive understatement!
  25. chiisu81

    RoH character sheets?

    Clean and simple, very nice! And thanks to John!