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  1. Zweihander (a WFRP retro-clone) uses flip to succeed and flip to fail as an equivalent of advantage/disadvantage in D&D. Talents allow you to flip to succeed and negative conditions cause you to flip to fail. The idea was probably originated in Unknown Armies 1st Edition which has a similar mechanism.
  2. The bestiary has just kickstarted.
  3. From Wikipedia. Presumably, this fictional County of Salm covers the same region.
  4. I don't have my Stormbringer 5th Edition in front of me but here are a few differences I noticed: Characteristics are 3D6 for everything but SIZ and INT which are 2D6+6. In Elric! and Stormbringer it's 2D6+6 for all. Hit Points are (SIZ+CON)/2 rather than SIZ+CON (the old formula is an option) Starting skills are calculated differently. Rather than a pool of points to allot among the occupational skills as with CoC, you get a fixed bonus to certain skills. You choose a culture a la RuneQuest and get +10 to three of the culture skills. You then get +60 to one skill, +40 to three skills, and +20 to four skills from your 8 occupational skills. MW includes skill category modifiers a la RQ2/3. They are half the characteristic associated with the skill category. This is added as a bonus to all skills in the category. The Allegiances are now Shadow, Light and Balance. I'm not sure if the benefits are exactly the same as SB/Elric! but they look similar. Some skills are renamed to the skills in RQ from the names in SB, such as World Lore. Otherwise they look pretty similar. The Seafaring rules from Sailing on the Seas of Fate are now included. The Bestiary is creatures from RQ3 adapted to MW. A chapter detailing the new setting: The Southern Reaches.
  5. Ryan Dancey was talking about people at Wizards thinking it was a bad idea to give D&D away. He also spends a lot of time explaining why that was wrong and the OGL/d20 was good for Wizards and D&D. One key decision was the idea to make the system available, minus some key items of product identity, to publishers via a free unrestricted license so that any 3PP products would be easily compatible. This is a key difference between the d20 SRD and the BRP-OGL: by providing a bare-bones system Chaosium are requiring third party publishers to do most of the work in producing material. I would like to add that the controversy with the BRP-OGL has not been from within Chaosium, but from third party publishers. A better analogy would be the D&D GSL for 4th Edition which was disliked by third party publishers because of its restrictions and sunset clause.
  6. Great Pendragon Campaign won the Diana Jones Award in 2007 and Guide to Glorantha won the same award in 2015.
  7. The skill descriptions are brief. Like old-school games you are expected to spot rule like your Thief example. So, my impression is stuff like evaluating treasure would come under the Thief skills. As for combat there are 2 skills: confusingly called Warrior (melee) and Warrior (ranged) in BBF but called Marksman and Warrior in Frontier Space. Combat is very simple, hit and do damage. It is a HP system. While there are no effects as a result of attacks, there are adverse conditions applied to PCs as a result of spells or monster abilities. The spellcaster class has a short list of about 20 spells whose effects vary by level. Casting requires a skill check. In addition, spellcasters have Low Wizardry which allows to cast free form minor effects such as creating a light source or starting a fire.
  8. The d00Lite system is derived from TSR’s Star Frontiers. The author used to produce the Star Frontiersman fanzine before he got into games design. It’s a streamlined variant of the SF system. It’s sort of a halfway stage between class based games like D&D and skill based games like BRP. There are only 9 skills in Barebones Fantasy such as Cleric, Spellcaster, Thief, and Warrior. Each skill provides you with a set of abilities, e.g Thief provides deception, security systems, sleight of hand and stealth. Your chance of success in any of these abilities is determined by your half your base characteristic score such as Dex (each characteristic is in the range 35-80) plus a bonus of 10 per skill level (skills have levels from 1-6). This gives a percentile score to roll under. Each d00Lite game is rules light. There are 3 games so far: Barebones Fantasy (standard D&D style fantasy), Covert Ops (spy fiction), and Frontier Space (Sci-Fi, heavily inspired by Star Frontiers).
  9. Sounds like changes I’d like to see to magic. Having a single system a la Call of Cthulhu or Stormbringer/Magic World sorcery is far simpler and avoids unnecessary duplication of spells with the same purpose (e.g. second sight, soul sight, mystic vision). I would suggest that very powerful spells have a POW cost, as with CoC, instead of or in addition to MP cost.
  10. From what I can tell it is a streamlined version of DoD: 4 characteristics, 6 skills. Right or wrong, I presume that RiotMinds felt that there wasn’t a market for DoD as is (presumably because of all the RuneQuest and Cthulhu clones) so they’ve produced a new game based on DoD.
  11. It appears that RiotMinds have kickstarted an English Language translation: Ruin Master https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1256540796/ruin-masters?ref=user_menu
  12. The last I read on the Mindjammer forums, Chronicles of Future Earth was going to have its own system. It wasn't stated whether it was RQ derived, Fate, or some other system. However, with wrapping up the stretchgoals of the Mindjammer Kickstarter and fulfilling the Capharnaum Kickstarter, I don't think Sarah Newton will be able to return to CoFE any time soon.
  13. D101 Games published two non Glorantha book for HeroQuest. Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Dungeoneering Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Monsters They appear to be out of print now.
  14. I assume that creating chaos was to set up the correct psychic environment for the FireFrost to activate as intended. However, I see what you're getting at. Most low-level Disruptors can't know this. So what lie are they sold in order to get them to achieve this?
  15. Did you read The True History of the Disruptors? That seems to state what their motives are under the section The Bringer of Light.
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