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  1. yojimbo

    Chronicles of Future Earth

    The last I read on the Mindjammer forums, Chronicles of Future Earth was going to have its own system. It wasn't stated whether it was RQ derived, Fate, or some other system. However, with wrapping up the stretchgoals of the Mindjammer Kickstarter and fulfilling the Capharnaum Kickstarter, I don't think Sarah Newton will be able to return to CoFE any time soon.
  2. yojimbo

    HeroQuest publications and links (non-gloranthan)

    D101 Games published two non Glorantha book for HeroQuest. Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Dungeoneering Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Monsters They appear to be out of print now.
  3. I assume that creating chaos was to set up the correct psychic environment for the FireFrost to activate as intended. However, I see what you're getting at. Most low-level Disruptors can't know this. So what lie are they sold in order to get them to achieve this?
  4. Did you read The True History of the Disruptors? That seems to state what their motives are under the section The Bringer of Light.
  5. yojimbo

    Reprinting the RuneQuest Classic Books

    I much prefer the "remastered" Gloranthan Classics range to the facsimile reprints produced as part of the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter. I prefer the layout and artwork and the GC books also added in material from later RQ3 products where appropriate. For me, the GC version of Griffin Mountain is the definitive version. However, I can understand the economic decisions behind not reprinting the books.
  6. yojimbo

    Figures for A Time to Harvest?

    My Little Deepony - Friendship is Awful
  7. yojimbo

    Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

    Has the RQ6/Mythras version been scrapped, then?
  8. yojimbo

    What setting licence should Mythras get

    I really don't want to see WFRP translated to BRP. While both system and setting clearly show inspiration from BRP, it's sufficiently different and I happen to like it the way it is (well 1st/2nd edition that is). Artesia is a possibility. The setting shows clear influence from RuneQuest as does the Fuzion based RPG. I believe the author, Mark Smylie, used Fuzion because it was one of the few free license systems at the time. He was supposed to be working on a new RPG with a different system but that seems to have been put on the back burner. He may well be approachable for a licensed product or some sort of collaboration.
  9. yojimbo

    Sheoloth The Sprawling City

    Sheoloth is a conversion of a d20 product Mongoose put out in 2003. As such, it is firmly rooted in D&Disms, so if you are familiar with drow, Lolth, The Vault of the Drow/Menzoberranzan should have not trouble using the product as is. If not, then there are a couple of supplementary PDFs that convert material from the Tome of Drow Lore (another Mongoose d20 product): Cults of Sheoloth: The Dark Mother and Houses of Sheoloth.
  10. yojimbo

    OpenQuest the making of...

    Is the discount code one use only? I used it for the Collected Hearts in Glorantha. I was hoping to get 25% off River of Heaven.
  11. yojimbo

    [Interview] A Neo-Trad Take on BRP

    Thanks for the interview, Clarence. It's always interesting to see the thoughts and motivations behind an author's work. Also, I don't really understand the reaction to the criticisms of BRP. BRP is not without its flaws. However, I'm pretty sure this game isn't for me. Largely because I'm an old dude stuck in his ways. However, more power to the author and those fans that do want Jarn.
  12. As an addendum, the author also has a blog for the BRP monograph Swords of Cydoria.
  13. The second edition of Swords of Cydoria was released as a non-BRP RPG, Exiled in Eris. It was first self-published and is now published by Precis Intermedia. I recommend it despite it not being BRP. Also, the author, Christian Conkle has a blog for the game which may prove useful for Swords of Cydoria GMs.