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    old school, started in '68, played practically everything, starting up a BRP Battletech campaign based on Game of Thrones, looking for ideas
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    as above, may also use the system for a '50's Atomic Cthulhu, mostly played Savage Worlds-looking for a change
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    utica ny
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    I like to mix tactical boardgames with roleplay, still have the original Ringworld books, haven't played BRP in decades, enjoy relearning it.
  1. Hello! Just switched game gears to BRP. Running a Battletech/Game of Thrones mish-mash, looking for ideas. The downloads here helped a lot. So I'll be popping in and out with questions, thanks! Played the original Glorantha decades ago.
  2. Hi! New here. Snake Plissken Ash of Housewares Riddick Raymond Reddington, Concierge of Crime Soldiers from Blackhawk Down Game of Thrones, like everybody Cameron's Avatar(Na'Vi) just for a start...
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