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  1. Apparently it is mentioned as a future release in Doors to Darkness. I don't have my copy handy to corroborate that (got the info from RPGGeek).
  2. Yup. I miss read and I apology. Either that column should be edited or some other parts of the text need to be reworded (critical > special success > success > failure for example).
  3. Is not listed in the Prohibited Content, so I don't see why it would be. Just don't copy/paste the wording from another rulebook.
  4. Things that I would do if I had the time and resources: The Basic Roleplaying Catalog of Weapons, Armors and Vehicles The Basic Roleplying Catalog of Monsters and Critters The Basic Roleplaying Catalog of Warlords, Bosses and Henchmen The Basic Roleplaying Catalog of Skills and Eras
  5. But that's not in the list of Prohibited Content, nor it is part of the trademark of any of the lines. It is literary a mechanic (that I wouldn't even call Fate Points since that's the trademark of another game line)
  6. A game mechanic where you spend a luck point or Power point to get a re-roll or switch the value of the dice would work I think. I mean, it is still a re-roll but it is not how pushing works.
  7. Character creation is there. Is very similar to the BGB. You pick a profession that gives you 10 skills and you have 300 points to distribute. Then you have INT x 10 as Personal Skill points. There are no magic system whatsoever in the document. Pushing as Prohibited Content is strange since re-rolling mechanics are universal. I would have seen the use of Luck in CoC7 as something more unique.
  8. Updated list with Harlem Unbound from upcoming to PDF
  9. Cthulhutech is basically Humanity fights the Great Old Ones with Mechas.
  10. Thanks. I also, added a note to Harlem Unbound with its April release date for the PDF.
  11. Pretty sure the intention is that an Investigator may only alter his rolls. Not the rolls of other Investigators or allies.
  12. On top of my head you would be missing the Build Stat and the Sanity Loss stat. Also, there is no APP in RuneQuest but you can use CHA instead. Of course you would have to multiply all the stats x5. They will have skills not found in CoC but they are mostly self explanatory. Magic would be different. As an option you can substitute their spells with an equivalent in the Core book or the Grimoire. Hope that helps.
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