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  1. Malleus Monstrorum moved from upcoming to PDF release.
  2. I just got my copy. Beautiful book. Love the paper quality. Now to dive to 14 century Spain/Portugal.
  3. Will that be distributed by Chaosium? I keep the list to officially Chaosium stuff (things in their store or Lulu store). Listing all the licensed stuff is a whole other can of worms, that I tried to do but got overwhelmed.
  4. I was sure I included the Sci-Fi game at some point (since I bene asking for it since the new edition launched and Mike has been hinting at it since that time too). Made the update. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Auto buy! Questions: Asturies Medievila y Fatum Sperantia will get physical book releases? Will you give the game its own sub-forum?
  6. Quick update with Mansions of Madness vol. 1.
  7. Are there any plans to release Mask officially in Roll20? We been playing a bunch of one shots there (guess why?) and we like the convenience of the official pre-made scenarios. We were talking that it would be cool to run Masks but we noticed it is not available. BTW if you sell it by chapters it would kick ass. Thanks,
  8. I added a link to the books available in Lulu. I did not change the information about Secrets of Tibet since it is not a reprint. Chaosium staff just found copies in their warehouses and they are clearing them as we speak.
  9. I'm confused with Special Parries vs. Failed and Fumbled attack. They do 1 point of damage in total? Or they do 1 point of damage for each point over the weapon hit points? Also, did you guys ever considered using CoC 7e version of the Parry Matrix, allowing successful and better parries to actually damage the attackers?
  10. I don't mind Astral. I'm in a CoC game there and it isn't a bad platform. I do find Roll20 more polished.
  11. I noticed that Chaosium had the Call of Cthulhu QSR, rulebook and some adventures available in Roll20, but I was looking for the Runequest quick start...and it's not there. Heck, the only thing available is a fan made character sheet. Do we have to go HeroQuesting to get roll20 official support? 🙂
  12. Salem's Lot. Only book that have ever given me nightmares and forever defined vampires to me. Even now I can't play Vampire: the Masquerade. Can't sympathize with such horrors.
  13. Apparently it is mentioned as a future release in Doors to Darkness. I don't have my copy handy to corroborate that (got the info from RPGGeek).
  14. Yup. I miss read and I apology. Either that column should be edited or some other parts of the text need to be reworded (critical > special success > success > failure for example).
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