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  1. I just wanted to post this. This and RQG/KAP Runes/Passions. But you need to add the new CoC7 stuff.
  2. I know this may be an unpopular opinion but the should let @John Wick run this line (he has a passion for the game and Stratford knew it)
  3. So, the questions: 1. Will you reprint The Great Pendragon Campaign? Or at least make the Print on Demand? 2. Will Paladin become part of Chaosium? 3. Will you continue publishing new stuff and reprinting old stuff? 4. Is Stormbringer the next game to return home? Elfquest? Worlds of Wonder?
  4. With his creations and the other games it spawned I, not only had some of the best fun of my life, but make long lasting friends in which bonds greater than gaming have been formed in the last 30 years. He will be missed, but not forgotten.
  5. Don't have my copy handy but that may be a Pulp Cthulhu rule.
  6. I think Gla'ki have a 1d20 Sanity loss. Most of the "deities" have 1d10/1d100 Sanity Loss IIRC. I agree, 'though. Instead of a 1d12 and a 1d12 a couple of extra d10 would have been more convenient.
  7. Is not "Cthulhu in Space!" but it's a Sci-Fi game using BRP. That's a win. That said, seem it will be a while before this gets to print.
  8. That Black Pharaoh looks awesome. I see "Horror in the Juju House" and I'm reminded on the time I ran that section. When they left the Juju House (1 dead, 3 temporary insane, another was smart enough to not enter and wait outside...he herded the survivors back to safety) my players requested a break. I comply, since I could use the time to sort my notes. They were drinking sodas when I overheard one of the players say "That was F***d up" (in English, even when our language is Spanish). Best compliment I ever had for one of my games. :D
  9. So, any updates on this? We have Pulp (30's), Western, Classic and bunch of Modern scenarios. Any news on the Icarus/in-Space material?
  10. Well, #thegreatpicture is Masks 2018. Love the cover.
  11. Anyone has any idea what the other 4 other releases are about? (A Cold Fire Within, Curse of Seven, Children of Fear, Lost Legends) When they say "Campaign books" they mean like "The Two Headed Serpent" or something more akin to "Down Darker Trails"?
  12. In Yog-Sothoth they have a thread about the announcement in Necronomicon of a new version of Masks. In the thread it mentions other products but no news on Dark Ages, Space Cthulhu and #thegreatpicture Edit: #thegreatpicture and Mask 2018 are the same thing!
  13. Congratulations. I guess next year between all the new Call of Cthulhu stuff and RuneQuest you will double this year, already Impressive, string of awards.
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