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  1. The description beneath the picture sounds like it is for The Terror of Ettinmarsh. Is that on purpose or an error?
  2. I try to end every game session with a little Q&A with the players so I can be certain where they are planning to go and what they want to do during the next session. For me this is an important step because I've been burned too many times by planning out one thing and the players decide they want to do something else entirely come game day. Far better to be sure than to assume. Aside from that I'm fairly prep-lite these days. Mostly just a few bullet points to highlight whats important. However, I do spend a lot of time between sessions thinking about descriptions of scenes and NPC
  3. I just cast a vote and I'll try spread the word around to get others to cast a vote for Chaosium too.
  4. IME most players have a tendency to resent it when their character is affected by a social challenge from an NPC that would involve them roleplaying the effects in a way that is counter to what they wish to do. So you could probably come up with some mechanical means to resolve the standoff, however if it ever results in the PCs on the losing end wherein they are forced to give up their guns due to a die roll when that isn't what they wanted to do they will likely resent it. Based on the email you posted I just can't see any game-mechanical way you could resolve that type of standoff that
  5. If the PCs in my games want to act like psychopaths then the world will treat them like psychopaths i.e. shoot first and ask questions later. If you describe a situation in which the PCs are outnumbered and outgunned and they still insist on fighting, I say let the dice fall where they may and if it ends in TPK so be it. The players have only themselves to blame. I had a group of Shadowrun players once that liked to play psychopath characters so I designed an entire campaign for the sole purpose of showing them that NPCs do not exist in a vacuum. The first run they went on they encounter
  6. This is all I was trying to say, but don't always get my point across as well as I would like.
  7. This seems like a strawman. I have never said that Brawling is superior to formal Martial Arts. I've just been arguing that it should not be viewed as inherently inferior to all formal Martial Arts. Big difference.
  8. Yes, I've had more than my share of full contact fights. Both in formal tournaments and on the streets. I've been stabbed twice and shot once as well. You can believe what you wish, but I would say you have little experience or too many Martial Arts movies and/or too much Martial Arts culture has adversely colored your view. I will say nothing more.
  9. Its your game and you are free to do with it as you wish of course. I just hate the separation of Brawling from other Martial Arts as if it were inherently inferior. I guess I just don't understand the reasoning behind why a Martial Artist should gain an additional combat action while a Brawler of equal skill does not nor the reasoning behind why the Martial Artist would do more damage by default. It assumes that a Martial Artist with 50% skill is always better and will typically always win against a Brawler with 50% skill because for some unknown reason the Martial Artist strikes harder an
  10. What prevents a Brawler from learning any of that? Experience is a wonderful teacher. Some would even say its the best teacher. Something that makes Brawling so effective is its unpredictability because not every Brawler is necessarily going to know the same sets of techniques. Learning things like positioning, stance, when to attack and when to duck can be picked up through experience. If you don't know how to make a fist and punch someone, how long would it take you to learn after being on the receiving end or even just witnessing it in a fight that doesn't involve you? Again, u
  11. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that point. I think the Brawler who gets hit in the throat (or strikes someone else in the throat) during a fight learns just as quickly how advantageous the strike is as a Martial Artist who is told by his Sensei "hit 'em in the throat". I don't believe that all Martial Arts are created equal, though. Its just that I don't believe that Brawling is inferior to Martials Arts in general and shouldn't be treated as such in the game. YMMV.
  12. Sure, hitting soeone in the temple or throat is generally more effective than a simple punch. But why wouldn't an experienced Brawler be able to or know to strike those locations? They would know how effective striking those locations are if they had ever been on the receiving end and I can't think of anything that would make them physically incapable of striking those locations. I can't think of any reason an experienced Brawler would be incapable of performing any technique that a Martial Artist could. The only real differences I see between the two is where/how they learned their tech
  13. I would just like to mention that untrained does not necessarily mean inexperienced. You can't typically sign up for classes in Brawling at the local gym so a lot of formally trained Martial Artists tend to look down their noses at it as an inferior form of fighting. IMO, that is a mistake.
  14. I just purchased a pdf copy of R&R from rpgnow.com and it has a few issues. I haven't finished reading through it yet, but some things are missing. First there doesn't appear to be a Table of Contents. There is a page at the beginning with the header CONTENTS at the top, but the rest of the page is completely blank. Next page 34 under POWERS seems to be missing a column on Cybernetics. The left column is there, but the right column is missing. The left column ends with "When inactive," and then nothing. The next page (35) starts a new section on Biological Modifications. As I
  15. I usually only require keeping track of expendables like ammunition, food, etc. when the lack of those items will add something to the narrative. In any world or environment where clean water and uncontaminated food are scarce they become valuable commodities. A person can go a very long time without any arrows to fire from their bow, but aren't likely to live too long without food and water for sustenance. People are also less picky about what they eat in a setting where the alternative is starvation. If you treat clean water and uncontaminated food as valuables (like money) then all you
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