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  1. I could not recall this term for the life of me ... thanks!
  2. Planning on heading to the Games Plus this weekend to pick up some Cakebread & Walton books. Does anyone know if C&W offers free/discounted PDFs with purchases of physical copies? EDIT: clarification
  3. Harshax


    I'm prepping for a campaign and waffling on the system I want to use. My players are use to the class-level paradigm of many other popular role-playing games. I'd like to consider Mythras as a ruleset, but to do so, I feel like I'm going to need to provide illustrative archetypes and power down into tiers of competencies. It's been a while since I've read the book, but what I want to do is something along these lines: Define novice archetypes, with X number of points (300?) divided among skills particularly useful to that archetype. eg: Thief: Stealth 75, streetwise 50, fighting style 50, Lie & Cheat: 50, Skullduggery 75 Ranger: Wildcraft 75, Fighting Style 75, Healing 50, Plant Magic 50, Humanoid Lore 50 These are guidelines. They serve as packages for the player who doesn't want to tweak or guidelines for those that do. The second part I want to include is a step away from the micromanagement of skill improvements. I have a tight campaign in the making and I would like the freedom to just tell the players, "You're all journeyman heroes." so that the increased capabilities of the individual character dramatically coincide with the campaign arc. A journeyman thief adds 25 to stealth, 15 to Fighting Style, and 30 points to optional skills, etc. I'd like there to be approximately five tiers - novice, journeyman, master, grandmaster, epic. At each tier, I'd like to illustrate each archetype's competency. Has anyone done something like this? I feel like this is a riff on the cult/guild status system. I also think it's been done in Classic Fantasy, although that might not be precisely how I want to address things.
  4. Has anyone seen or purchased this? https://www.sardisverlag.de/imperium-romanum-211-ad/ It looks positively stunning!
  5. Is there a summary of rules changes between RQ6 and Mythras available?
  6. There's a typo under Combat Style Traits: There appears to be a double space between "Evade skill to" and "blows in hand to hand" implying a omitted word?
  7. I absolutely love the new character sheet. I'm not a fan, personally, of the scratch areas for tracking MP, Hit Points, etc, but I know that is traditional to BRP layouts. I also very much like that the character generation flows like Magic World.
  8. Interesting approach. I loved King of Dragon Pass. I suspect adding choices and options to family backgrounds will be an area rife for infinite fiddling for house-campaigns looking to add depth to local characters or include truly alien characters (non-Dragon Pass characters) in their game. @smiorgan I think if you just don't do the pregen piece, you'll have a the result you're looking for. I can also see great fun in running with no family background and fill in each step of the pregen after a couple adventures. Players get exposed to the campaign world as it exists right now. Get to experience their character organically, then grow into the past that shapes their current view of the world.
  9. This is a question that has been bubbling under the surface of my awareness for some time in regards to my consumption of digital and in-print RPG products. I use many products in their purely digital format, but every once in a while I decide that I really want a print edition as well. I don't know any publisher that offers this, but is it possible to buy the PDF at the listed price and if I choose later to purchase a print edition, do so at a reduced cost?
  10. Does this mean each spell will indicate multiple runic associations? Are these associations going to be multi-cultural? I believe Shield is available to both Storm and Darkness cults. So will this spell list both runes in its description?
  11. I hope to see a Hero Quest in the designer notes, soon. Something that illustrates how everything works together. I still have my copy of RQ2. I would love to have some demo material I could run through with some friends.
  12. What about contest as oppose to conflict? It indicates there can be only one winner, but losers are not implicitly vanquished. I too prefer the term exchange over sequence, because exchange in my mind implies risk, reward and chance. This is befitting a contest whereas a sequence can refer to something as mundane as causality such as, the sequence of events included striking a match and causing it to ignite.
  13. You are certainly correct that I have misrepresented the actual chance of gaining a roll. A character with a POW of 13 who gains a POW characteristic roll has, from memory, a 21 (or characteristic max for your species) -13 (current POW) * 5 percentile chance to gain 1d3-1 POW. This equates to a 1 in 4 to gain 1 pt of POW or a bit less than 1 in 6 to gain 2 pts of POW for the character in your example. Also note that good standing in your cult has almost nothing to do with how you gained that POW. You could argue that a initiate of Chalana Arroy would be in poor standing for casting Disruption on an enemy, but not Befuddle. The crux of my argument is that the currency you use to improve your standing in the cult and build toward higher ranking (the acquisition and expenditure of POW) has nothing to do with cult activities in the rules-as-written. That's bad game design and at cross-purposes to immersive game play. Do you really need to be physically present to see how broken the game mechanic is? The math is yours to see and is clearly illustrated in multiple examples. I can attest that I have used the rule as written and been a referee of games where players used it in order to quickly rise in cult rank. I've talked to people at conventions that complained about it and it was a regular topic on listserv where it was examined in depth and purposely stretched to the logical limits of the RAW. If you're not using the rules to emulate the game you wish to play, why bother writing them in the first place?
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