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  1. All of the options I think all those options are valid. My preference is to stat the spaceship as a Keyword and use it to augment the abilities of the PCs, but that's only an option. Also, you don't really need to change anything, but if you Google "Heroquest Star Wars site:forum.rpg.net", you will find a wonderful Star Wars adaptation for HQ (First Edition) by Mark Humphreys from which you can steal quite a few ideas on how to stat up aliens, starships and such in HQ. As an example, here is what an X-Wing would look: Note that most of the rules modifications explained in that thread no longer apply to HQ2, which has very few rules exceptions compared to HQ1.
  2. I got mine yesterday. Yes, I did intend to wait until the final version was released, but with all these delays and after finding out that the fine folks at Sphaerenmeisters Spiele did stock the book and charged reasonable shipping costs... I just broke down :eek: and ordered one. Mine is 226 of 420. First impressions: I know this is not a finished work and that there are omissions and inconsistencies all around (and I've already caught a few typos and broken sentences), but, for an unfinished book, it certainly looks finished! There is an staggering amount of info in there, but it is not overwhelming and is apparently very well organized. I'd say it is an impressive gaming toolkit and I will certainly buy the definitive version when it is finally released. Thanks, Mr. Durall!
  3. Or maybe not everybody is willing to pay good money for a prerelease version and would rather wait for the real thing. I don't think sales of Edition Zero have any significance at all, but probably the guys at Chaosium are already aware of this.
  4. Sad news. Even though I never was a D&D fan, his work generated a hobby and an industry which gave me and many others countless hours of fun. Rest in peace, Mr. Gygax.
  5. First of all, I hope your father-in-law gets better soon. I must say that I feel very sorry about your decision, however. I really enjoyed your presence in this forum. Your willingness to reply to all our questions has probably been decisive in keeping me interested in buying a copy of the book, even with all the delays. Your posts on rpg.net got me interested in the new BRP book in the first place, too. I generally enjoy rpg forums, but I am not so sure about this one lately. It was cool at first, but I am getting increasingly tired with all the endless discussions about guns, bullet caliber, inches of armor, realism (duh!) and whining about BRP-not-being-anymore-like-the-Runequest-I-love-so-much. Now, I understand everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I am willing to admit that some of the discussions have been actually useful and informative, but I am beginning to see how all the negativity from some posters risks alienating new fans (including me). I simply cannot understand all the criticisms levelled against a product which hasn't even been published (in its final form, at least) and all this is reinforcing my belief in that BRP's worst enemies are its own fans (well, some of them... generalizing is always bad). It is a shame, Pao. I'd really like to see more of your character write-ups, but I understand your reasons. I think I will quietly wait until it is finally released and my copy is in my hands. :thumb:
  6. Those are your own words. I never said that, but I do think the inherent elegance of the system will attract more new players if you present it in a simple, easy-to-understand format to which you can later add crunch if you wish. I've seen a lot of BRP-related materials lately (conversions, original settings, etc.), and what I always find most interesting about them is that the system is very consistent, but really simple to implement at the same time. That simplicity - and the wealth of options offered for specific settings or styles of play - is what I am after. Pretty good idea, I'd say.
  7. I am sorry to say that this is how I feel sometimes when reading the posts in this and other threads. Not to offend anyone, but sometimes it looks like the worst enemies of the new BRP are precisely the older fans of the system. I for one am glad Sarah is here to balance things up! Thanks! That's exactly my view of things. I have very little experience with BRP (mostly CoC, which was the first rpg I played/GM'd, a loooong time ago). I never had any interest in Glorantha at all because my interests lay in the sci-fi/horror field, and neither RQ nor Elric!/Stormbringer caught my attention but, recognizing it was an excellent system, I would have loved to have a complete, settingless version of the rules - just like the one which is going to be released any day now. There was none at the time, so I turned to GURPS. Thus, you could say I am relatively new to the system and I am very excited about the new BRP, not only because it looks like it will be just the book I would have loved to own all those years ago, but also because I am pretty sure by now that it will be an excellent work, perfectly able to stand on its own and attract new fans to the system. And Sarah's opinion is just further proof of that. I understand it might not be what older fans were waiting for... and I am sorry for you, but for a newcomer like me, it is exactly what I am looking for.
  8. I've read all of them It is true that they were mostly CoC, but I really liked the last one (the surveillance drone, I think).
  9. Yes, you're right. I was thinking they could be separate downloads available in Chaosium's website or here, much like PEGINC's one-sheets.
  10. I am thankful Triff added a few nifty smileys to reflect my opinion on this: :thumb: I am also pretty sure that things like Savage Worlds' Test Drive rules really helped to increase the sales of the rulebook for PEGINC. I think it would be cool if someone stole another good idea from them and created free one-sheet adventures in the same vein as they do: a simple outline for an adventure, a set of pregenerated characters and a few bad guys to beat or an enigma to solve (or both! ).
  11. I would really like to give sci-fi a try. Maybe some TOS Star Trek-ish thing. Modern is another interesting option; probably some good ol' Survival Horror (I am a big fan of Romero's zombie movies). Or Pulp. If I were to do some fantasy, I would probably do something like post-apocalyptic fantasy...
  12. You both reflect exactly what I am looking for in BRP, and why I am not interested in all this rules tinkering, or at least in any rules tinkering regarding exclusively weapons and guns. Agreed. Many of the messages in this thread match - once more - the pattern for all guns and weapons discussions that I have ever seen and that I described in post 18.
  13. Sorry, but I am not a native English speaker either, so I must confess I also missed this implication :eek: That's what you get for not consulting your dictionaries before posting. My bad. I apologize if I offended Zane or anyone else. I still stand by my opinion, though. I think the importance given to weapons in most rpgs is a bit... exaggerated for my tastes. I am in the 'plays well' rather than in the 'realistic' field and I do not consider the fine distinctions between different rounds and calibers really important. I also think that if you really want that kind of detail, you should consider either playing an rpg designed around them (i.e. Twilight2000) or designing an specific supplement dealing with them. Demanding a core and generic rulebook, created for tackling up different genres, settings and tones, to include this level of detail is making a disservice to gamers interested in other aspects of the rules or which would rather play in fantasy or historical settings with no guns, for instance.
  14. I fully agree with you, Nick. I don't think so much detail for guns is really necessary for most groups or most settings, unless you happen to play with a bunch of gun-fondlers, of course. But even then, this level of detail should really be reserved for supplements or specific books on the subject. That, I think, was one of the aims of the new BRP - a generic book which would allow any gaming group to start playing in short order. No core rulebook really needs that kind of detail, IMHO, and you must draw the line somewhere in order to have it actually published. Also, I must confess my eyes glaze each time I find yet another discussion about guns, ammunition, damage effects and wounds. They bore me to tears and - after 15+ years in this hobby - I've found all of them can be summed up thus: 1) A fan of the game with a deep knowledge of guns and weapons objects to the weapon tables in the book and declare them to be either wimpy or painful inadequate misrepresentations of the real thing. The book author's should be ashamed and severely reprimanded for making such gross mistakes. 2) Then, one or more fans - with similar deep knowledge of the subject matter, apparently - join in and reply to those statements, either supporting them or correcting the first fan in some way or other. A long series of posts - brimming with technical data and relevant anatomical and medical issues and statistics - ensues. 3) Some of them eventually concoct an alternate damage system or set of weapon stats which should work the way they like for their games. They are happy and think their system is great and should be the one used by the game's publisher, even though they are the only gamers which will probably find some use for it. 4) Meanwhile, other fans of the game, without the same interest in guns and their effects - or not so knowledgeable in this respect - yawn and continue discussing their campaign ideas and actually playing, possibly even finding the system highly enjoyable in all other respects despite the wimpy weapon stats...
  15. Great work, Pao! It's nice to see someone actually doing something with the new BRP. I did not understand your references to "step 6" until I went back to the BRP preview images thread and read it - straining my eyes - in the two-page character creation spread. Very cool idea, and one which will probably find some use in my games. These character write-ups also remind me of one of the things which I find most appealing in BRP: clearly readable, hassle-and-unnecesary-clutter-free stat blocks.
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