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  1. Thats really helpful - Thanks for taking the time to put this together
  2. Just purchased my copy today and am slowly working through the PDF - This is an awesome book, even if you don't plan on using the actual setting, there is still plenty to use.
  3. Excellent to hear that its almost out - This was pretty much on my "Must Buy" list the minute it was announced and each glimpse of it just looks better and better
  4. Thanks for all the responses folks - There is plenty of good stuff here. I also hear that there is a Mythras version of "After the Vampire Wars" coming out at some point which also looks like it could be right for me also.
  5. Thanks for that Raleel Looks like I may be investing in both those books for the future then
  6. Hi All I'm a big fan of BRP in general and especially of Mythras. I'm curious how well it scales up in power - I know that Mythras can do gritty, "Sword and Sorcery" style games and historical stuff really well, but it seems (to me at least) that it seems firmly rooted in a more "Human" level of power. Can it scale up to a more epic level of power? Where do the break points kick in? For example - I was a big fan of the old Unisystem Witchcraft/Armageddon Games and ran a very successful campaign using that, but it featured Powerful Mages and Demigods fighting against Cthulhoid minions
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