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  1. The original universal BRP system was Worlds of Wonder in '82, with rules for fantasy, supers, and science fiction overlaid on the 16-page BRP booklet. If those 4 booklets were integrated into one rulebook you'd have a very robust minimal universal D100 system. I say "integrated" because as they stand there are a lot of sub-systems in each booklet which might clash with the other booklets' sub-systems, though none of them are actually contradictory or fundamentally incompatible. And it would still be a petty slim book.
  2. I always assumed this was an oversight. When I ran it (decades ago!) I adapted stats from the RQ2 Foes book.
  3. Hey there, icebrand! 😎 I'm one of those "few" who never had a problem with the RQ3 sorcery rules, we had long campaigns featuring sorcerers at all power levels and never felt the need to fix anything. In your place I would just keep right on going with your house rules unless there's an overwhelming clamour from your players to switch. And seriously, if you're going to add (rant) to your thread title you should come in with much more ranting and shouting, and maybe some ALL CAPS. 😜
  4. I'm slowly working my way through the hardback now. Love the way the city is coming to life as I read the history and the background events.
  5. The I.C.E. modules are exactly what I was channelling when I said that! 😎
  6. To elaborate, the reason I say that is because I find it more difficult to read up and internalise setting background on its own, whereas if it's tied to an adventure both I and my players get it more readily. Thereafter I can more easily use it for my own adventures.
  7. Especially adventures. I like setting expansion through adventures rather than gazetteers.
  8. Not BTB, but I am leaning towards magic systems which either use skills or magic points, but not both. It's always seemed like double jeopardy to me.
  9. Michael Moorcock chatting about the early days of Forbidden Planet and the creation of the Multiverse:
  10. I kind of thought Sorcery might be the one, but it looks like Common Magic is well ahead.
  11. What do you all imagine the human settlements of the Southern Reached to look like? I tend to visualise them as a sort of hybrid of late Roman and early Medieval Britain, with some Celtic fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. Kind of missing out the Dark Ages, in other words.
  12. It's probably a bit old for Tinsdown (well, maybe they were begun by the Fae?), but my favourite mines ever are the copper mines of the Great Orme, in Wales.
  13. In terms of reading, have a look at the Culture by the late lamented Iain M. Banks. Post-scarcity, and it brings up interesting points about the meaning of life when there is no struggle to make ends meet (hint: there is more to life than "an honest day's work" for The Man), and A.I. can do everything better than humans or aliens. And there is plenty of scope for conflict (read: adventure) with other cultures as well as within the Culture. The benefit of post-scarcity gaming is that you don't need to worry about resource-tracking. The drawback is that there is no need for resource-tracking. 😜
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