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  1. I may have worded that somewhat obscurely. What I mean is that the basic fantasy game (AEON:underworld) is finished, but it will be a year or so before I can put it into publishable form.
  2. It's not been scrapped, nor is it really in development any more. Writing and playtesting on AEON:mageworld is pretty much complete, now it just needs time to turn it into publishable form. Unfortunately (?) I've been a victim of the success of BLUEHOLME™, so all A:e projects have had to go to the back of the queue. Luckily I should have considerably more time on my hands from 2021 onwards*, so there may be some movement on this then. * Boring Real Life Update: Running a degree programme with 200 undergraduates takes too much of my time, and doing it in Hong Kong over the last year has been "interesting" to say the least. All of this will come to an end later this year when I pseudo-retire and leave this part of the world behind.
  3. It looks like it'll be a lot of fun. No worries about the shipping, I know PoD is unpredictable. 😂
  4. Yay me! I have just skimmed through it so far (hey, I've only had it a couple of hours), but I have to say I'm surprised! Firstly, at the size , it clocks in at a square 167 pages. Secondly, at the scope of it - it's not an adventure, or even a campaign outline, it's a template for a whole style of gaming ("to go where no man has gone before!"). Thirdly, about how much I now want to run a shoe-string exploration campaign laced with corporate cut-throatery and balancing on a diplomatic knife edge.
  5. Well, if you want Classic Fantasy, and you want BRP, I see you can still get the original BRP Classic Fantasy PDF: https://www.chaosium.com/classic-fantasy-pdf/ Although his new Mythras version is of course more polished.
  6. I like to start with this for inspiration: https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator
  7. I'm pretty sure Hamilton had Future*World. One of his main characters is called Sheldon, which is also the name of one of the characters in the Future*World scenario.
  8. It's been done (for the entire WoW set), and Chaosium have the text and image files. It might be a while before they get around to doing anything with it, though.
  9. It's a sign of the times that at first reading of the title I took the topic to be abut an app that reduces your apparent age.
  10. I bought a pad of Games Workshop RQ2 character sheets in the 80s when we were all still poor and happy. Used them sparingly until I only had a few left, then I started photocopying them, until I had too many RQ3 rules in my game. I recently (well, a few years ago) bought another copy of the Games Workshop RQ2 softcover and was pleasantly surprised to find an unused original of the sheets tucked inside.
  11. I believe both g33k and I were absolutely clear in stating what is still outstanding. No-one has claimed the Kickstarter as a whole has not delivered, and I have in the past stated that I expect that the remaining PDFs will one day be finished (though I, like you yourself, hesitate to put a date on that given that no-one else is assigned to work on them at this time).
  12. I started thinking along those lines after playing GURPS extensively in the late 80s. It makes sense, all hand tools being force multipliers, not force generators. The RQ minimum STR requirements reflect this to some extent, but a base STR damage modified by the type of weapon/ attack might be more elegant.
  13. You might have missed the Kickstarter campaign, but now you can get the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules direct from Lulu. And, if you get in there before 23:59 on 25 December, you can get 20% off with the code LULU20.
  14. Yep, I'm one of those still waiting for all those PDFs, though by now my interest in RQ has waned to the point that I really just want to cross them of the list. It's a little disappointing to see another 6-figure Kickstarter delayed by almost 2 years (?). Leaving all the work to the president is not what one would expect from any company, even if it is an RPG publisher. I thought avoiding this sort of thing was why the Chaosium takeover happened in the first place.
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