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  1. Robyn is in the hode! Unfortunately I have an academic paper to write so I'm off gaming-related reading until September! Perversely I am less busy during semester than in summer ...
  2. Oops, you're right, Triff.
  3. Nothing newsworthy - a lot of refinement has gone in, but it's still in draft form. "It" being AEON:mageworld™. The BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules Art Kickstarter is on schedule but keeping me pretty busy for the rest of this year. In 2017 I will prioritise the AEON:engine™ side of things.
  4. Trust me, open content does not make it easy.
  5. I always wondered whether someone noticed part-way through illustrating the title text, "Oh, crap. Masters. It's Rune MASTERS ..."
  6. Sign me up for a copy of the Merrie England Companion.
  7. Is there any content in the earlier incarnations which is not in ME:RH?
  8. Tee hee hee I've got mine ...
  9. There's a thread on the Big Purple, started by some Monroe guy:
  10. Are PDFs available for Ulule backers somewhere?
  11. Well, go and start your own thread so we can go on about it without feeling guilty!
  12. Oh, cool, I had no idea. I shall have to try to get a hold of a copy! Gardens of the Heian period get too little love compared to Kamakura and Muromachi gravel gardens or Momoyama period tea gardens.
  13. RetroQuest II was my first venture into the OGL, and it was an interesting and enlightening experience, to be sure. Without a solid SRD or a logo license behind it, the OGL is more of a straitjacket than a boon. Unless there is a lot of material in the SRD which would otherwise be untouchable, the OGL is kind of a trap (though not one that sees much enforcement, it must be said). The D&D SRDs (3.5E and 5E) are useful because they have a lot of text from the rules covering monsters, spells, etc. which allows excellent retroclones of D&D to be produced, as well as a ton of supporting material. The Mongoose MRQ1 SRDs, on the other hand, have very little in them - monster names are about it, and there are no descriptions to go with them. RetroQuest II is useful if you already know a bit about RQ2, and it was originally created to support Moon Design's Gloranthan Classics with an easily-available substitute for eBay. Now that purpose is somewhat weakened by the re-issue of the RQ2 rules, although of course it would still be useful for the main intended purpose of the OGL, to produce supporting material compatible (though not in name) with the game. You don't need to describe Broos to have them in a scenario. On the other hand, for supporting material you can also use the original MRQ1 SRDs, but I honestly don't see much interest in that compared to what's available for D&D and Traveller under the OGL. Even Traveller is disappearing since Mongoose made the questionable decision of sunsetting their MGT1 OGL licence, leading to the creation of the Cepheus Engine and the wholesale move of 3rd-party publishers away from supporting Traveller. As for strong-arming, no, it didn't come to that (and my response would have been very different if it had). The new management's request did, however, make me take stock of what I was doing in gaming (in combination with recently passing my first half-century), and I realised that my interest in RuneQuest has trickled away to zero over the past year or so. That's a pretty big thing, considering I've used RQ2 and RQ3 to pretty much run every game over 25 years, although I've branched out considerably in the last 5 years. Now I'm too focussed on BLUEHOLME™ and the AEON:engine™ to really care about developing RetroQuest II any further. Still, it's out there already, as are the MRQ1 SRDs, so if anyone really wanted to use them in some way there's nothing stopping them.
  14. Simon's Merrie England was what finally tipped me into backing the Revolution D100 Kickstarter. Well, okay, I didn't need much tipping - but the new iteration of ME is my most-anticipated RPG book this year so far.
  15. Maybe because they have re-released RQ2, but you'll have to ask them.