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    Hi all! This is a small collection of house rules I originally published on my blog, Tomb of Tedankhamen. They are intended to make attributes more worthwhile by having them affect NPC reactions, encumbrance, and skill percentages. The rules are pretty straightforward and really help GMing/roleplaying. Give them a look!
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    Hey all! I fell in love with BRP when I bought Stormbringer waaaaay back in the 1980s. Specifically, the random character nationality generation was a fantastic piece of background color that could result in a party consisting of a powerful Melnibonean wizard, a newly recruited Vilmirian soldier, and a smelly Nadsokorian beggar. Chargen itself became a fun mini-game and inspired great gonzo roleplaying. Although the recent Moongoose and Elric! versions were OK, the omission of this key piece of scenic color didn't sit well with me. Here is a conversion of the Stormbringer 1e system I mad
  3. Tedankhamen in Kyoto here :happy: Got into gaming in '89, played DnD, GURPS, and various others but always loved my Stormbringer and Cthulhu. Been a bit too busy for gaming the past few years with grad school, job hunting, marriage, and births and deaths, but now have time and inclination but few people to play with:confused: here in Japan. I'll check the site out for a bit then decide how or what I can contribute. I also am wondering if someone could post the old 3rd-4th edition Stormbringer Nationalities and Classes tables - I lost mine in one of my frequent moves and all I have now is my
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