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  1. Thanks for that. I began to piece it together as I wrote the post, but clarification is always good. The same with the same spell? So the first Disruption would be on SR2, for example, the next on 7?
  2. Reading through the Quickstart, I was puzzled by the Strike Rank modifiers for spells. Preparing a spell adds 5 and preparing a new spell also adds 5. How does this work? The text also says that while casting a spell just uses the Dex strike rank magic points in excess of 1 but subsequent spells need 5 SRs to be prepared, even if the same spell. I am unclear on what this means. Is a "subsequent spell" the next spell, however long since the previous spell, or just if that spellcasting is started in the same round? Also, with "spell preparation, how many can be "prepared" at one tim
  3. Hi MOB, I was wondering - did you complete getting Cults of Prax ready on schedule as it hasn't appeared in Backerkit yet. Hope is all going well and pretty much on schedule.
  4. That's not a bad solution. As a healthcare shift worker, who cannot consistently attend due to constantly variable working hours, getting significantly left behind in character competence can be frustrating. Admittedly the situation is more obvious in xp-based systems as there is a specific measure of progress/power but I do wonder if the essential issue can also develop in the skill-check approach and I thought the question was a relevant one to raise.
  5. The other aspect to this no-one has mentioned is maintaining a sense of pc parity for players who are, for whatever reason, unable to attend regularly. The skill check approach depends completely on attendance of the player whereas an experience roll/point approach does enable the player to "catch" their character when they do attend. Training could be given but judging how much could be tricky.
  6. In your Lhankor Mhy example, you said he had mastery of Truth and Command, but the article already had suggested that Command and Tap aren't directly mastered but acquired through mastery of the other techniques. So wouldn't it be Summon and Truth? An interesting approach, I can see why there is scepticism, with each spell being a skill like back in RQ3. A lot will depend on starting skill levels, but as I recall RQ3 sorcery skills all started out at 0 plus skill category. i do note that skill is not a limiting factor in manipulation of a spell, just magic points available and, I assum
  7. I would appreciate some clarification on to what extent the RQ6 rules are to be used in the new RuneQuest release next year. Liz et al have given the impression that a lot is being ported over, such as the character creation approach, combat rules, and approach to skills, with new/tweaked features being magic systems. Jeff today said at Dragonmeet that the game would be very like the old RQ2 in substance - if it ain't broke, don't fix it, where his words. This does beg the question of how much is being lost in the 'port' beyond campaign and setting creation advice/tools. I hope so
  8. The Old School Sourcepack looks interesting, but as an add-on it appears to be available only as Print&off for $50. I would love to see it be made available as justoff for a reduced rate because $50
  9. 0p45:-PThe Old School Sourcepack looks interesting, but as an add-on it appears to be available only as Print&off for $50. I would love to see it be made available as just pdf for a reduced rate because $50 is rather pricey
  10. Hi, In RQ3, as I recall, each cult teaches a small selection of Spirit Magic spells but the character is not restricted to learning Spirit Magic from just the Cult. As long as cult rules are not broken, any other Spirit Magic can be learnt. So a Yelmalio initiate could go to Pavis and learn spirit magic from anyone who was willing to provide the Spell Spirit for him to fight. Problems would only occur if they learned Firearrow or Fireblade, which Yelmalio bans, as I recall. Hope that helps.
  11. You may find OpenQuest worth a look, for both of these. It tiers characters at various skill levels, mainly for character creation. It's default is "competent adventurer (3-5th level D&D?), with adjustments and skill caps for rank beginner through Epic Hero. Openquest would put your neat abilities into Battle Magic, but has a section at the end of the chapter that states blatantly that players/GMs can retheme that magic system to be "Heroic Feats". Indeed many of the spells were apparantly included to make that option a lot more viable for the player who wants his fighter to do aw
  12. Any progress on the European/UK hardcover printing of Pirates & Dragons? Have the colour issues been sorted and any idea when we Kickstarters will get our copies?
  13. As the Magic Book systems are derived from RuneQuest 3rd edition, maybe some principles from that may help. Divine Magic usually requires that the caster has committed themselves to a Deity to a certain extent. This involves making vows and committing onese;f to certain ethical standards that could include not using certain other sources of power. As the caster improves in status and access to the magics (one-use to reusable) the commitment grows. Religions usually have other skills they require of their members beyond just casting ability. Spirit Magic spells are generally available t
  14. Also, if you're English like me, formal EDUcation can often matter less than your Cultural heritage...
  15. Just scanning through Advanced Sorcery and one thing occurred to me - If practitioners of Deep Magic are plucked from their families into a secluded training society at 6 years old, shouldn't they get their own culture and career entry with which to replace the usual choices? after all if each one can only master one Sphere and one Glyph, that choice is going to have a significant impact on what other skills they train in. Maybe an article opening up Deep Magician character creation would be a useful add-on?
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