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  1. I'm not familiar with that version. I'm waiting for the upcoming Swedish version that'll be out in December.
  2. You also have the underrated rpg Chill (1st edition), a game made for Hammer-style gothic horror.
  3. Yeah, death spirals are never that good. It's better to deal out any negative effects of minor wounds after a fight, considering the adrenaline that kicks in. Sometimes people don't even realize that they have been stabbed or shot in real life until later. Now CoC is just a game and if things like combat get too detailed it might just be a hinderance. Just look at the chase rules. I have even watched Youtube videos explaining them, but I forget the rules anyway. Every time. As a little sidenote I must confess that the CoC chase rules pale in comparison to the Western rpg chase rules. Those are like a game within a game and absolutely confusing. I can read the rules ten times over but still feel overwhelmed and senile.
  4. As a compulsive fan of true crime/serial killer-Youtube and podcast channels I can attest that there are numerous cases where people have survived being shot point blank, execution style despite the skill of the killer. When it comes to the skill and callousness of killing people at close range, famous serial killers rank way above any special forces guy. Most of them have it down pat, yet people miraculously survive. In what handicapped state is another matter, of course. The above goes for stabbings too. Sometimes people survive despite being stabbed countless times. How many times can the average NPC/Investigator get stabbed in Cthulhu without dying when a carving knife deals 1D4+2+DB of damage? Four times with the worst rolls, right?
  5. I like the idea of a collection of shorter scenarios (well, a bit longer than 1-2 hours). It would be nice if Chaosium made more products like that (with entirely new scenarios), not necessarily for new players though. I find that shorter scenarios have a great advantage compared to long, sprawling campaigns. It's easier for a Keeper to maintain the horror mood and pace during the session/sessions and it's easier for players to focus and help the mood the Keeper is trying to create. Regarding your other recommendations I can say that I'm the wrong crowd for that Berlin supplement and I haven't got Terror Australis yet, but I got the Lightless Beacon because it was free. I didn't know Dead Light was being revised though? I hope you keep the cover art, because it was nice and sufficiently weird. The scenario is good too. I'm the right crowd for scenarios like that and Blackwater Creek, Amidst the Ancient Trees and Edge of Darkness.
  6. I'm happy that the Slimer-green is gone. Now, whatabout the scenarios themselves? Are they dark, foreboding, creepy, weird? Isn't The Necropolis an old scenario? I seem to recall that they played that on the Into the Darkness-channel on Youtube quite some time ago.
  7. It's a nice movie apart from Francisco Rabal who I can't understand even with subtitles.
  8. Good stuff! I bought Fever: Death Toll and I concur with the review that it's a great and very wellresearched piece of work. There is an attention to historical detail that signals a true labour of love. I also applaude the author for striving to make it a genuine HORROR scenario and not some bland PG-13 affair. I'm happy with the purchase.
  9. My last hope is the Swedish edition of CoC.

  10. A great idea. I hope they make it a really nightmarish, Lovecraftian scenario. By the way, I think we at this forum ought to collaborate on some scenarios too. There is too little of that going on.
  11. Tracks 1 Tracks 2 For period songs from the 1920s and 1930s played on authentic phonographs for that authentic in-game touch I recommend following Youtube-channels: MusicBoxBoy, EMGColonel, 240252 and VictrolaJazz
  12. sounds 3 Sounds 4 (These are more raw, unedited sounds. I would recommend trimming them to your liking with Reaper (free and excellent), Sony Soundforge or some similar program that allows you to cut and paste bits of sounds and create .wav or mp3s.
  13. Sounds 2 Ask me if a title is in Swedish and you can't figure out what it's supposed to be.
  14. I have decided to make a thread for those of us who incorporate SFX and ambient tracks to our CoC gaming sessions. I will share my sounds, including more custom sounds I have made for Edge of Darkness and The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island. But first out will be some zipped batches of SFX and ambient tracks that could suit general scenarios and campaigns. I use the Mutant UA soundmixer (once created for a Swedish RPG) that is more than adequate to mix sounds and ambient tracks with 6 SFX+1 music track. I will include the dropbox link to that mixer so you can try it out. For more advanced soundscapes I usually mix the sounds I want for a setting/scene in Reaper, but with no ambient music, and make a single file of it. Then I have five other tracks to add other SFX to in the Mutant UA mixer. https://we.tl/t-pfj4tY9Nfr Soundpack 1 (some sounds have Swedish names, but listen to them, decide what they are and rename them. Or ask me, lol) The Mutant UA soundmixer (works with both English and Swedish. Follow my simple instructions): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5f728f0zd2kj69h/AAC8rFZsq7EZc38jWBxnZNUQa?dl=0 Feel free to contribute with your own SFX, ambient tracks, Youtube playlists or whatever. I'm always looking for more sounds.
  15. You're mistaken. Into the Darkness is a more authentic take on how CoC really looks like. Naturally they can't sit around the same table because many live far away from each other. And Thom Raley and others are better Keepers than the guy on Critical Role. They know the rules. They know Lovecraft's material better too. They are authentic CoC-players and they play tons of official releases. Look at their sessions of Amidst the ancient Trees. That's one of my favourite sessions on that channel (and they played through the ENTIRE Horror on the Orient Express campaign too). Into the Darkness have had had both coloured players/Keepers, female players/Keepers, gay Keepers/gay players and people from all over the world. All that jazz. The props of Critical Role filled no particular function. The written paper that the Asian woman got, did one even get to see it? I must have missed that part. I must have missed the maps too. And with all these voice actors (that lack the charisma to be big actors) it's always "look at me, look at me now". The only guy who was more laidback and natural was the black guy. And there was alot of laughter too which hampered the horror mood. I'm sorry, but this was more cosplay than Call of Cthulhu. And looking at the fan art, it's a voice actor's cult. Almost every illustration were of the participants, not events in the scenario. If you have AAA quality like you say, invest in a dice/prop cam (because I think they cheat with their rolls). Make the actors understand that it's a horror game, not Victorian era Scooby-Doo. Keep the mood in the horror vein, take the game and the scenario seriously. And learn the rules as a Keeper if you have had two years to do it.
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