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  1. Nobody is obligated to do anything in life. But it would be kind of a nice gesture to get an answer from a serious company who cares about their fanbase. Even "rude" questions get answered by business pros. Just listen to all the prank calls on Youtube. Do you work for Chaosium, klecser?
  2. Good stuff! I bought Fever: Death Toll and I concur with the review that it's a great and very wellresearched piece of work. There is an attention to historical detail that signals a true labour of love. I also applaude the author for striving to make it a genuine HORROR scenario and not some bland PG-13 affair. I'm happy with the purchase.
  3. Or spectacles, clothes and lots of books like the guy turning ghoul in "Paper Chase". Btw, I dislike that scenario because the ghoul guy is such a friendly chap. He breaks the Peterson mold of a horror creature being malign. The NPCs reasons for becoming a ghoul who gnaws upon the dead is probably the weakest motivation ever. He dislikes company and the demands of the civilized world, just likes to read and being a ghoul crawling around underground among the rot and filth with other monsters allows him to do all this apparently. He could just have sold his house, moved to Alaska or somewhere else that's isolated, bringing his books with him to live the life like any other recluse. But nah, eating wormridden flesh and slurping adipocere in order to be left alone reading Kipling or something is choice numero uno for this mental midget. A small price to pay for personal leasure, lol.
  4. My last hope is the Swedish edition of CoC.

  5. Please watch the interview instead of speculating. He explains his process. In terms of The Beyond poster in question (there are variants and of course, the real painting which looks even better) he just used the woman's face from some promo still. The rest is not even in the movie. You don't seem all that familiar with Italian horror movies like the supernatural The Beyond or giallo movies from what I gather. Google some giallo posters and you'll find that they often depicted violence and pretty women. Boobs and blood sold those movies. The same was with the classic Hammer movies. Vampire fangs, cleavage and blood. Maybe that's sleaze to some but if it was good enough for Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, it's good enough for me. It's about sticking out too and the shock factor. The same goes for the metal music genre, btw. Alice Cooper, Kiss, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P, Mötley Crüe, the thrash metal bands, the death metal and the black metal bands all got it. They used cover art, leather, studs, spikes and elaborate stage shows to promote themselves. Maybe younger horror fans of today are more sensitive, lack the knowledge of older horror movies with fantastic practical effects and thus we see bad Photoshop posters that all look alike. Usually it's just a face, maybe based off some CGI scene in some found footage movie where the ghost has a bad case of a fly catching, hanging lower jaw.
  6. That's not my point. If it was my point I would have mentioned it. And you name dropping Borges, Del Torro and Spielberg, in what way have they contributed to the Mythos? I've attached a part where Borges mentions Lovecraft and "The Colour out of Space" (from Jorge Luis Borges: Conversations p.40). He trashes it. He also trashes HC Andersen, lol. I suppose his head was extra swollen that day. He might have had problems exiting the room in fact. If he'd ever won the Swedish Nobel Prize his head would have become so big it would have wreaked havoc on Earth's axial tilt . But it's not Borges Mythos. He doesn't matter at all. He saw Lovecraft as some parodist of Poe it seems. So off with his head. Del Torro wanted to make At the Mountains of Madness but the project was scrapped. I was looking forward to that movie. Del Torro going over budget and the Hollywood big wigs wanting a PG-13 movie instead killed that movie. And for Spielberg and the Mythos I don't see the connection? Sure, you have Pulp Cthulhu but unless everyone runs around with whips and fedoras punching nazis and communists I don't see much connection. And seriously, isn't Hollow Earth Expeditions more pulp than Pulp Cthulhu? But regardless, Pulp Cthulhu could be your PG-13 flagship, a lighter game. Now it's a bit hard to tell the difference sometimes between the two product lines, regular 7th edition and the pulp version. Make it a game parents can buy for their kids. Save the Slimer green fonts, comical covers and magical glows for this version. I want a dark investigation game based on the Mythos, without political, woke LGBTQ "inclusion" (how many Cthulhu players belong to this small crowd, to be honest?). There is no need to juggle 2019 divisive, political hot potatoes in the writing in order to make a horror game set in the 1920s or even earlier. There is no need for sensitivity readers either for a real and mature horror game. Do you think Stephen King used sensitivity readers when he wrote his best work? Remember - a real horror game is not a rated PG-13 game. Why do you think so many horror directors went for Rated R instead of toning stuff down to a PG-13 level? PG-13 would surely mean a bigger crowd but they did it because of integrity, the need to stay true to their vision in the horror genre. If this new, darker CoC version took inspiration from the French edition it wouldn't hurt either. I want covers who scream horror, both cosmic and body horror. Covers that makes you look twice. But unlike cult slasher movies like Friday the 13th (with the "incel" Jason Voorhees, the most iconic slasher character ever) I prefer a Lovecraftian game to be rather sexless. Ditch the lists of different kinds of teen prostitutes for sure. Stay true to Lovecraft's legacy and his bleak atmosphere. Cater to real horror fans. And btw, there is nothing wrong with heavy metal hair, groovyclam. There is nothing wrong with metal at all. Now there's a crowd with loyal fans/customers. And they stay true to their roots. The opposite is selling out. You don't want to be a sell-out. Metal is serious shit where integrity is everything.
  7. Enzo Sciotti's work is characterless? Those are real paintings, no PS hokus pokus. His art made shitty movies look cool. He's done more than 3000 covers and his talent is unquestionable. And many artists work with photo references, especially people who make movie posters. It sort of comes with the territory. You want Bruce Campbell to look exactly like Bruce Campbell, don't you? Pepe Gonzalez was another great artist who worked with photo references. I guess he didn't bring artistic techniques to the fore either. And to call cover art for 80's movies dated is sort of pointless, isn't it? Enzo Sciotti is still active today. Do you seriously believe he would have any troubles painting Cthulhu or other Mythos beings on some Chaosium product covers?
  8. They are probably not fans of 70's and 80's horror either and would probably have a hard time with Italian giallos for instance. Regardless of that...the covers of The Beyond, House by the cemetery, etc, are classics (so are the movies) and a far cry from the lame horror covers with lazy Photoshop art of today.
  9. The layout and art of the French edition The layout and the art of the French edition is superior, I agree. And the tone is definitely darker, like a game based on the Mythos deserves to be. As for the Swedish edition, I read that the layout is being made by Dan Algstrand who also did the layout for Kult, but when I looked at some page examples it looked identical to the English edition, which is kind of odd? It said "work in progress" so hopefully Dan will do something different. I also read on the Swedish FB group that they were on the lookout for more illustrators so I suggested some, including this guy. Look at this work. I bet he isn't super expensive either: https://www.deviantart.com/vulpes-ibculta/gallery?fbclid=IwAR30Bi0RiOwGtJCs551hZUCzg5WN52HMOge9473ZXf_ebpLsCN15aocrmi4 And like you, Rekholm, I'm a bit worried about the current political correctness that has infiltrated the Swedish rpg communities (no doubt in large parts due to Sverok's policies) and that politics will seep into the game, and that the Swedish 1920s will be viewed with the "woke lense" of 2019. If that's the case, the historical setting will be completely pointless. One might as well play in a modern setting. But I haven't lost hope yet.
  10. What kind of strategy and thinking lies behind a cover like the one for the Starter Set or Gateways to Terror? What kind of crowd is Chaosium aiming for with its later products? Is it a horror game for kids or is it a more mature horror game? The Berlin supplement was apparently aimed at a more mature audience due to its questionable sexual nature no doubt, not because of the horror. Horror games on Xbox One and PS4 usually have Pegi Ratings, like 16 or 18 years depending on the content material like violence, bad language, drug use, etc. Those games sell though. There's no question about it. Horror always has a crowd. What age group and crowd did Lovecraft aim his stories at, I wonder?
  11. Yes, and clearly our views on horror differ too. The 70's and 80's were the best decades for horror movies. Lucio Fulci among others certainly didn't make any PG-13 stuff. And the cover art sold the movies. There's nothing exploitive about the covers either. Women getting killed or hunted in horror movies is a very old trope that's still used today. Now, there's nothing Lovecraftian about a movie like The Burning. It's a slasher movie. But what's interesting is the approach in the art. You KNOW it's a horror movie just by looking at the cover. Think back to those old VHS-days when people went to the local videostore to rent movies. How many times didn't people rent a shitty movie that had a cool looking cover and an thrilling blurb on the back? And when you got to the horror section you KNEW you were in the horror section. Because of the covers. Now, imagine having a cover like Chaosium's Gateways to Terror there in the horror section. "Gateways to Terror..hmm...cool title, sounds like a real horror movie, but that cover...is it a horror comedy? Not sure...compare it to the cover of House and it looks like Scooby-Doo...Tremors? Nah, that movie looks scarier too. Evil Dead 2? Fright Night? Forget about it. Nope. Oh, wait, I found this in the comedy section: The Burbs. Somebody must have misplaced that Gateways movie.". Green colour, but more realistic faces. Hmm...maybe it looks scarier than Gateways to Terror come to think of it.
  12. No, what I said was that if we were able to buy Kult 1st edition in the local toy store it shouldn't be a problem peddling a real horror game with a real horror cover in rpg stores. Btw, stores don't sell horror comics secretely behind the counter, do they? They are out there in the open for every comic fan to see. And some of them have quite gruesome covers, don't they? So what's the difference?
  13. What games stores would that be? Aren't most rpgs sold online anyway? Btw, back when Kult came out we were able to buy it and other rpgs in a local toy store in my hometown. But those days are gone now. Enzo Sciotti who made the cover art for The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, Cujo, etc, can't be dated. It's great horror art (and actual paintings). The first one for The Burning was made for some newer release.
  14. Roger Ebert & Co (along with hundreds upon hundreds Youtubers that review stuff) has made a living out of complaining about "ice cream flavours". And vanilla has never been that exciting, has it? And I don't really think Chaosium will ignore me for not liking the Critical Role-cosplay lovefest. I think Critical Role is crap and actually bad for the hobby. It's not an accurate portrayal. But I'm one of those sordid people who would never buy a plush Cthulhu either. Or a mug with Cthulhu on it, etc. There are many ways to peddle products. Some ways are just tainted in my eyes. [Removed insult]
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