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  1. A very fine game, indeed, Sir. First edition that is. And it was even better in Swedish. A new Swedish Chill is coming out soon.
  2. Those voice actors at Critical Role has gotten a million views for a video with a simple campaign wrap-up. Exposure is great but whatabout the Chaosium channel itself? You have roughly 2k subscribers. What could you do to make a larger impact on Youtube? You need to take care of your own channel. Turn that mush into muscle. You're supposed to be a major player in the rpg world, right? Having a channel with 2k subscribers is fantastic if it's just a bunch of friends playing rpgs together. But you're THE CHAOSIUM. 2k subscribers is not that good, is it? The brilliant Seth Skorkowsky has 53k subscribers.
  3. That's such a shame. I was hoping for some bold, new frontiers in 2020, with a great illustrator like Loïc Muzy onboard and that something would have rubbed off from Sans-Détour layout-wise, even if they fell from grace. Their stuff crushed everything, even in BW - it was like playing Nile after Bee-Gees. And like Arnold crushing his bodybuilding rivals in the 70's. Just 100% Beast mode.
  4. You could adapt several of the shorter scenarios to fit a single Investigator or just create others as NPCs/meat for the beast. I played Edge of Darkness with a single player (who played a private detective) +an NPC who was a photographer and a close friend. It worked out great.
  5. What's wrong with Dead Light in the current format? It has better cover art than many of the new products, the interior art is better than some of the interior art in newer products too, just in BW. Why not package the other scenario with another new scenario plus the travel scenario seeds so that you have a completely new product to sell? That would surely be more attractive than a Dead Light revision, wouldn't it? And concerning art and layout in general, isn't it time to revamp the Indesign layout master to replace that old paper and red border that is used in products now? Hasn't it run its course by now? And this Cult of Chaos that's mentioned in the thread...if I join will I get access to the same scenarios that are included in Gateways to Terror?
  6. I'm not familiar with that version. I'm waiting for the upcoming Swedish version that'll be out in December.
  7. You also have the underrated rpg Chill (1st edition), a game made for Hammer-style gothic horror.
  8. Yeah, death spirals are never that good. It's better to deal out any negative effects of minor wounds after a fight, considering the adrenaline that kicks in. Sometimes people don't even realize that they have been stabbed or shot in real life until later. Now CoC is just a game and if things like combat get too detailed it might just be a hinderance. Just look at the chase rules. I have even watched Youtube videos explaining them, but I forget the rules anyway. Every time. As a little sidenote I must confess that the CoC chase rules pale in comparison to the Western rpg chase rules. Those are like a game within a game and absolutely confusing. I can read the rules ten times over but still feel overwhelmed and senile.
  9. As a compulsive fan of true crime/serial killer-Youtube and podcast channels I can attest that there are numerous cases where people have survived being shot point blank, execution style despite the skill of the killer. When it comes to the skill and callousness of killing people at close range, famous serial killers rank way above any special forces guy. Most of them have it down pat, yet people miraculously survive. In what handicapped state is another matter, of course. The above goes for stabbings too. Sometimes people survive despite being stabbed countless times. How many times can the average NPC/Investigator get stabbed in Cthulhu without dying when a carving knife deals 1D4+2+DB of damage? Four times with the worst rolls, right?
  10. I like the idea of a collection of shorter scenarios (well, a bit longer than 1-2 hours). It would be nice if Chaosium made more products like that (with entirely new scenarios), not necessarily for new players though. I find that shorter scenarios have a great advantage compared to long, sprawling campaigns. It's easier for a Keeper to maintain the horror mood and pace during the session/sessions and it's easier for players to focus and help the mood the Keeper is trying to create. Regarding your other recommendations I can say that I'm the wrong crowd for that Berlin supplement and I haven't got Terror Australis yet, but I got the Lightless Beacon because it was free. I didn't know Dead Light was being revised though? I hope you keep the cover art, because it was nice and sufficiently weird. The scenario is good too. I'm the right crowd for scenarios like that and Blackwater Creek, Amidst the Ancient Trees and Edge of Darkness.
  11. I'm happy that the Slimer-green is gone. Now, whatabout the scenarios themselves? Are they dark, foreboding, creepy, weird? Isn't The Necropolis an old scenario? I seem to recall that they played that on the Into the Darkness-channel on Youtube quite some time ago.
  12. It's a nice movie apart from Francisco Rabal who I can't understand even with subtitles.
  13. "Pinned with a thumb-tack to a vacant part of the canvas was a piece of paper now badly curled up—probably, I thought, a photograph from which Pickman meant to paint a background as hideous as the nightmare it was to enhance. I reached out to uncurl and look at it, when suddenly I saw Pickman start as if shot. He had been listening with peculiar intensity ever since my shocked scream had waked unaccustomed echoes in the dark cellar, and now he seemed struck with a fright which, though not comparable to my own, had in it more of the physical than of the spiritual. He drew a revolver and motioned me to silence, then stepped out into the main cellar and closed the door behind him. I think I was paralysed for an instant. Imitating Pickman's listening, I fancied I heard a faint scurrying sound somewhere, and a series of squeals or beats in a direction I couldn't determine. I thought of huge rats and shuddered. Then there came a subdued sort of clatter which somehow set me all in gooseflesh—a furtive, groping kind of clatter, though I can't attempt to convey what I mean in words. It was like heavy wood falling on stone or brick—wood on brick—what did that make me think of? It came again, and louder. There was a vibration as if the wood had fallen farther than it had fallen before. After that followed a sharp grating noise, a shouted gibberish from Pickman, and the deafening discharge of all six chambers of a revolver, fired spectacularly as a lion tamer might fire in the air for effect. A muffled squeal or squawk, and a thud. Then more wood and brick grating, a pause, and the opening of the door—at which I'll confess I started violently. Pickman reappeared with his smoking weapon, cursing the bloated rats that infested the ancient well. 'The deuce knows what they eat, Thurber,' he grinned, 'for those archaic tunnels touched graveyard and witch-den and sea-coast. But whatever it is, they must have run short, for they were devilish anxious to get out. Your yelling stirred them up, I fancy. Better be cautious in these old places" Even Pickman himself, most familiar with ghouls, carried and needed to empty his revolver to scare the ghoul/ghouls away who came up from beneath. And of course, the whole ghoul lore is from Arabic myth, where they are quite evil beings. And also, the eating of dead humans, their monstrous looks, etc, doesn't equate to some granny offering you a glass of lemonade on a hot day. And my ghouls are monsters. Through and through. During the transformation from human to ghoul, there might be some civility left though. But that being said, I really dislike the scenario Paper Chase. It has a boring plot and a boring bookworm turning ghoul. There is no horror in that scenario.
  14. People who turned into monstrous ghouls who ate the dead. Not exactly your local vicar or the knitting lady on the porch.
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