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  1. Many thanks. I like how it makes the outcome of melee combat fairly unpredictable. It feels like it will be to the fun at the gaming table - and be appropriate for battles in an ancient world which (IRL) often had very unequal casualty numbers.
  2. I need some help with the basic melee combat rules in White Bear-Red Moon/Dragon Pass game. Rule [7.10.3] state that โ€œAt most three of the major units in each stack can fight in the melee. If there are more than three major units in a stack, the fourth major unit from the top and any unit stack beneath It is not allowed to fight in a meleeโ€ I have trouble figuring out how that rule interacts with the rules for taking damage and counterattacking The combat sequence is (if I got it right ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ž Total attackers CF of the top three combat units (and any heroes amo
  3. Something has been troubling me for quite some time, and I was wondering how others handle it (or how I have misinterpreted the rules ). In RQ2 and RQ3 the Shaman has a fetch. It is almost allways active on the Spirit Plane. The Spirit Plane exists parallel to the Mundane World. One of the examples liken it to being above and below the surface of a lake. Does that imply that if a shaman travels his Fetch will be dragged thru countless spirit areas like bait on a fishing line? And probably get attacked by lots of nasty spirit stuff? It's not that big a problem for Blue Fac
  4. Our game is a spaghetti bowl of RQ2, RQ3 and odd house rules. The core is the RQ3 rulebook so my vote goes to Avalon Hill - but we never visit Glorantha without Cults of Prax from RQ2.
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