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  1. Many thanks. I like how it makes the outcome of melee combat fairly unpredictable. It feels like it will be to the fun at the gaming table - and be appropriate for battles in an ancient world which (IRL) often had very unequal casualty numbers.
  2. I need some help with the basic melee combat rules in White Bear-Red Moon/Dragon Pass game. Rule [7.10.3] state that โ€œAt most three of the major units in each stack can fight in the melee. If there are more than three major units in a stack, the fourth major unit from the top and any unit stack beneath It is not allowed to fight in a meleeโ€ I have trouble figuring out how that rule interacts with the rules for taking damage and counterattacking The combat sequence is (if I got it right ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ž Total attackers CF of the top three combat units (and any heroes amo
  3. Something has been troubling me for quite some time, and I was wondering how others handle it (or how I have misinterpreted the rules ). In RQ2 and RQ3 the Shaman has a fetch. It is almost allways active on the Spirit Plane. The Spirit Plane exists parallel to the Mundane World. One of the examples liken it to being above and below the surface of a lake. Does that imply that if a shaman travels his Fetch will be dragged thru countless spirit areas like bait on a fishing line? And probably get attacked by lots of nasty spirit stuff? It's not that big a problem for Blue Fac
  4. Our game is a spaghetti bowl of RQ2, RQ3 and odd house rules. The core is the RQ3 rulebook so my vote goes to Avalon Hill - but we never visit Glorantha without Cults of Prax from RQ2.
  5. Great answers. Thank you all. Lodril is a great idea. Appropriate for a Lunar settlement, yet somewhat neutral in the Orlanth-Red Goddess struggle.
  6. I am about to run Borderlands for the first time. The cult of the Priest of Ronegarth, Daryli Godspeaker, is left open for the GM. I am not sure what cult to pick. The player characters are mainly Orlanth worshippers. I feel that picking Orlanth will make that cult (and the characters) too strong in the campaign. What cult did you use?
  7. I am danish. I am a bit busy at the moment, but if you can wait, I'll be happy to work my way through some ballads and folksongs. Danish isn't the easiest of languages, but most Swedes or Norwegians can understand it (once they stop making fun ). Some Norwegians find it fairly hard to understand though: (english subtitles to the Norwegian-English speak 5-6 pages back in commentaries)
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