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  1. I finished reading my copy at the weekend. On the whole I could see nothing to recomend RQ6 over BRP. I like the new sorcery rules and pretty much didn't care for the rest, I don't like the new combat rules at all.
  2. Nice, I just got the pdf from drivethroughrpg. I haven't looked at my RQ stuff for ages, Im playing Pathfinder right now but fancy a dipping back into RQ.
  3. Heimdallsgothi <- My HALO conversions are in the Downloads area, they may be of use to you.
  4. That worked well for a military game I ran recently but my current game has an old style approach to rewards. The group pretty much refuses to join organisations.
  5. I find I am having problems awarding players with decent amounts of treasure from encounters, and D100 has done away with costs. I am currently using RQ2 Treasure Factors but I don't really like that loot system. Can anyone recommend some other way of doing it.
  6. Coolness, I spent ages putting it together so I hope some other people get some use out of it.
  7. I have put pdf's of all my halo stuff into the downloads section. They are nicer than the docs.
  8. 420 downloads

    ODST - Blank Character Sheet
  9. Pindar



    Adventure notes, and characters
  10. Pindar

    The Flood


    Info and stats on The Flood from Halo
  11. 618 downloads

    Equipment and Vehicles for the UNSC in Halo
  12. Pindar

    The Covenant


    Stats, equipment and Vehicles for the Covenant from Halo
  13. I didn't use many of the vehicles so I don't know how well they will work out. Humans who don't have heavy weapons can struggle against elites and brutes. No-one died in the game I ran so I guess they got by with human weapons. I made liberal use of luck rolls when winging things like warthogs flipping from explosions and picking routes through a covenant ship. It worked well for a short game of around 5 sessions, so it hasn't had lots of play testing. I haven't done the flood yet, I will do them for my next Halo game when I take a break from my RQ/Pathfinder campaign.
  14. I realize these are not perfect stats, but it's not easy converting a video game. I took most of my info from the excellent Halopaedia So I hope posting these doesn't break any board rules about copyright. Sorry about multi posting as I had trouble getting the files to post.
  15. OK Character Creation The Covenant UNSC ODST Character Sheet The very brief notes I used for the adventure.
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