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  1. Gundamentalist

    Reign of Terror - Corrections Thread

    Page 12 - "The Royal Army (prior to 1894)" should be "The Royal Army (prior to 1789)"
  2. Gundamentalist

    Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

    You can like as much as you want to. However the KS was pitched and backed so we're going to keep to to what we said. The KS ran for a month, it took two years to deliver in which time a late backers scheme was running quietly in the background. Where were you? Were you dead?
  3. Gundamentalist

    Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

    If its any easier, think of it as 6c a page instead.
  4. Gundamentalist

    Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

    You are missing the point. Sixtystone as a licensee is contractually obliged to give Chaosium a set number of books. It was these books that Chaosium was selling. Chaosium did us a favour by printing themselves so we didn't have to find £1300 printing and delivering them to Chaosium. If we print any more, and we breach a set level we owe Chaosium another lot of books. So we aren't printing anymore. Incorrect. Paul had the KS money in safe keeping. I had to request to draw on it to complete the KS. The reminder will be returned to Paul when the KS is complete. It does mean we made less than we originally planned but that's what 2 years inflation does to plans. Paul's selling of his collection is his personal decision. What you are saying is incorrect. The availability at chaosium.com refers to the Sand Bat edition, which is the contractually obliged Chaosium edition. This is the only edition Chaosium will be selling. The edition Chaosium is entitled to sell. And which was stated in the KS pitch.
  5. Gundamentalist

    Best book to understand the mythos in gaming terms

    Call of Cthulhu d20 has a very strong keeper advice section.
  6. Gundamentalist

    Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

    We are fulfilling the KS backers' pledges first, and then making a decision about publicly releasing it.
  7. Gundamentalist


    Search for Lledo Days Gone on eBay. Various models float around the 1/5x's in scale, especially the Ford Model A cars and vans. Ignore the Model T as that's too large.
  8. Gundamentalist

    Cthulhu Rising PDFs

    The Wayback Machine is your friend in this instance.
  9. Gundamentalist

    New York 1925 - where to look for information

    It's not in the English version. From a quick google its a jazz club: http://harlemjazzshrines.org/venues/ https://gayharlem.wikischolars.columbia.edu/Sugar+Cane+Club
  10. Gundamentalist

    New York 1925 - where to look for information

    This bar is new to me. Does it feature in a foreign edition of Masks? The only bar I'm aware of detailed in the NY chapter of Masks is Fat Maybelle's.
  11. Gundamentalist


    That's because it was released when 6e was current. To convert to 7e just follow the 7e rulebook guidelines. The only other things to consider are tricks. These still work as written, modified as Dean says for 7e. The other thing 7e introduces is firm skill checks: Normal/Hard/Extreme, so use these instead for tricks. And everything else Dean says is good too.
  12. Gundamentalist

    Best resource for guns?

    If you are not in a hurry, Hans has written volume 3 which covers 1870-1910 for Gaslight. I'm waiting for my layout chap to finish up what he's doing so we can get to work on the Gaslight volume.
  13. Gundamentalist

    The Police and Other Practical Considerations

    How does that work? Does the detective attack with all 3 skills, a combination of them or just one, or some other method?
  14. Gundamentalist

    Morse Code in 7E CoC

    The Keeper's Companion has the Radio Operator 01% skill (page 200) which is the same thing. Use of this skill confers knowledge of Morse. I would argue that you would use Radio Operator to transmit and transcribe Morse. However if the message is encrypted you would need Cryptography to break it. A codebreaker wouldn't be transcribing the Morse, they would be breaking the code (see any film about Bletchley park). Morse is just the medium the code is delivered by, so for a Codebreaker knowledge of Morse is almost irrelevant.
  15. Gundamentalist

    Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion ending soon

    Drop me a message via the Kickstarter page and we can sort something out via PayPal.