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  2. That's wonderful, thank you so much!
  3. So, one of my favorite hidden gems regarding Glorantha was the fact that all (almost all?) the books had a little understated prayer to the Gods inserted among the publishing and copyright info, usually asking for protection of the book by the various forces related to the content. Some were entreating Lankhor Mhy to protect the book, others Irrippi Ontor, etc. Does anyone know of a suitable one along those lines I might use for a person's protection or health? I'm having a custom hit-point tracker created, and I thought it might be fun to put a similar short benediction on the back of the template. I could come up with something random, but if there was something already out there in one of the books or the like that people might be familiar with already, I'd much prefer to use that instead. Thanks in advance!
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  5. Wonderful stuff, guys, thank you so much for the additional (and thorough) information.
  6. Thanks for all the ideas and info, guys; appreciated. Could anyone suggest some books or links/soourcebooks that have more details about the myths/actions of TKT? I've only come across a scant few that are detailed on the web (such as hiding Ernalda, etc.). I know there's a lot of Glorantha lore out there from systems I never purchased, such as HeroQuest, so I suspect I may be missing a lot from other editions/incarnations of RQ over the years.
  7. Okay, so, I'm planning on running a RQG campaign later this summer, and none of my potential players have played RQ before (or even heard of the setting apart from my random reminiscences over the years). They've been looking through my sizeable (but hardly exhaustive) collection of RQ bits and bobs I have been accumulating over the last 40 years, trying to see if there's anything that catches their fancy or engages their gaming spirit, since there is soooo much lore to potentially deal with. One of the players always had soft spot for shepherds-of-the-dead-type gods, so he kinda latched onto Ty Kora Tek fairly early. Unfortunately, as a (comparatively) minor goddess, there's only so much written on her that I've been able to come across, and most of the stuff I've found online have been the occasional references to her roles, but little in the way of actual priestess-y custom, rituals, activities and the other day-to-day approaches to her priestesses and followers. Any suggestions from people who may be more versed in the lore than I? On another related vein, he wanted to play a follower of Ty Kora Tek, but of course, actual priestesses have to be older, and the player characters in my upcoming campaign would likely be younger (as my first foray into RQG, I'd like to include as few 'house rules' to the default game rules as possible until I've gotten a better hand on the whole system). He doesn't mind playing a younger character with aspirations later in life, but the question I then have is, are there younger 'followers' of Ty Kora Tek in that sense? Do you have young women teaching and training all their lives in anticipation of becoming TKT priestesses once they pass beyond childbearing age? Or, as I rather suspect, are they instead just priestesses/adherents of Ernalda who just kind of 'migrate' to that associated cult once they get to a certain age and feel so inspired by the goddess to do so? Any suggestions, references and/or links folks might have would be greatly appreciated. We could, of course, just kinda 'make it up' as we go, but I'd much prefer to have a more solid grounding in the 'reality' of the cult and its place in the mortal world if possible, given the richness of the accumulated Glorantha writing already. Thanks in advance!
  8. So, after our first game, which was fun, we were wondring why Blessing cards used against you were supposed to be placed under your Khan tile, as opposed to simply discarded. Two suggestions were a) to avoid them being drawn back out by discard-pile searching abilities, and b ) to signify that they may still count towards your total even if they were used AGAINST you -- kind of a consolation prize for your Cow being stolen in the first place. Ideas, suggestions, advice?
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  11. Beautifully-crafted dice, but with all the swarming details on the faces, find them to be a bit too illegible at a distance for my tastes. If one of the stretch goals was a colored set where the numbers were a different color (or the only thing painted), I'd snap those up in a heartbeat, tho.
  12. So, we've been playing some of the Prologue chapters of Horror on the Orient Express as stand-alones, and I've noticed a couple of the Spells listed for the NPCs seem to be missing -- usually the new spells are listed right there in a sidebar for easy reference, but i've gone through the main Keeper's Book, but haven't found anything; maybe I'm just failing my Library Use roll? Any help on these? Thanks in advance. Steal Life; Voice of Ra; Mesmerize (all from the 1893 Gaslight scenario)
  13. SteveMND

    RQ Version #

    Namewise, all I want from the new version when it comes out is so that I can have a distinctive search term to search for things involved with that specific version.
  14. Speaking of stuff hovering around GenCon, have there been any announced plans regarding Chaosium, RQ and GenCon? Sadly, I didn't have the opportunity last year to try their 'rough play' slot of the upcoming version, so I'm hoping there will be more offerings to get more people interested this year.
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