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  1. So, a rules question here. Under Resisting Spells (RQG p244) 'A target always resists a spell unless that target voluntarily and knowingly accepts the spell. To find out if a spell was successfully cast against a resisting target, compare on the resistance table the caster’s POW vs. the target’s POW' and indeed, almost every spirit magic spell etc., mentions that same resistance roll in the description. That said, I noticed that the spell Distraction explicitly does not mention that text in its description, and the way its worded implies that there isn't a roll needed to swap targets -- it just swaps the victim's target, which then becomes you next time around. I checked to see if there was any eratta or clarification on that spell, but did not find any. Anyone know if this one is an exception to 'default' rules listed above about having to do a resistance roll for an unwilling target (and if possible link me to wherever that ruling/etc. was made, if it was erratta, etc.)? Thanks in advance!
  2. So, quick clarification/rules question for RQG: under cultural weapons for new characters, when figuring out base chances, it says "Where the listed skill is a broad category of weapons (such as 1H Axe), you should pick a weapon within that category (such as Battle Axe)." Which is pretty straight forward as it stands, but under all homelands "Dagger" is listed. Are they referring to the broader category here, or to the specific weapon? I.e., is "dagger" listed under Cultural weapons because daggers of all types in general are commonly used (melee daggers, throwing daggers, parrying daggers and/or sickles) and to pick one, or are they listed under Cultural weapons because only the specific melee stabby-dagger is the one that gets any use? Thanks in advance!
  3. Whoops, nope, I said I could not find any gender restrictions on shamans in Prax. To be honest, I have no idea if there are any. To me, the visual of a male shaman stuck with me from the first games I used to play, 30-plus years ago, but I have no idea if there actually are any cultural preferences or restrictions on that, like there are on some of the actual cults and their followers. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Okay, so, the title's kind of all over the place, so hear me out for a moment. We've been doing character creation for an upcoming RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign, and, of course, I love the family history background charts and love developing an interesting backstory from them even more. I wanted to play a Praxian associate shaman/wannabe-eventual-shaman, and a handful of synchronicities gave me an interesting thread to pull at here, and was wondering if any of it was viable as far as what might be a legitimate backstory as far as what we know about Praxian lore and culture. My character -- I was thinking about a female, as I didn't see where being a shaman was gender-restricted in Praxian culture -- had her first random event in her persoanl events as 'almost died,' and the chart gave me the reason as simply 'disappeared.' I immediately thought about how that might work for the whole shamanic journey thing, and decided that one season, she just inexplicably wandered off into the Wastes, and returned several weeks later, unharmed, but... different. Okay, great. So far, interesting lead. Maybe she was planning on just being a normal woman of the Bison Riders, until she got a strange "calling" and up and disappeared? Character generation continued on fine, and everything was going well. We got to the characteristic-rolling portion, and my first sweep of dice rolling was pretty terrible. The GM said, yeah, that was miserable enough to just re-roll everthing, and so I did. I got better scores for a couple stats, which was fine, but I noticed something curious: almost all of her physical stats --with the exception of SIZ -- were almost identical to the initial unremarkable rolls, but the mental ones were much better. Okay, so we decided to say that the original stats that I rolled were what walked into the Wastes that year, and what I rolled the second time was what ultimately walked back out. That got me to thinking, what would have caused that sort of change? The major difference in physical stats was size, which jumped up significantly, and that got me onto a tangent. What if she had been born with a twin, but her brother had died in childbirth? And what if when she walked out into the Wastes, what she encountered was the sprirt of her stillborn brother, and the two somehow... 'integrated?' Perhaps into a more androgenous being (in spirit if not in actual body)? Would that make any sense, lore-wise? I realized that I have no idea about what even would happen in cases of a stilborn children in Prax, or the consequences thereof, of even if their spirits would/could possibly still be around, as maybe spirits of lost potential or something? Would that sort of weird 'walkaboiut' my character did out into the Wastes even be something she could return from, or would she be immediately ostracized on account of the strangeness of her return? Is that sort of 'dual-natured' aspect of a body with 'two souls' even something supported by the lore, or would it not work mythologically for the Praxians? Mainly a thought experiment, but any suggestions or ideas are greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance!
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  6. That's wonderful, thank you so much!
  7. So, one of my favorite hidden gems regarding Glorantha was the fact that all (almost all?) the books had a little understated prayer to the Gods inserted among the publishing and copyright info, usually asking for protection of the book by the various forces related to the content. Some were entreating Lankhor Mhy to protect the book, others Irrippi Ontor, etc. Does anyone know of a suitable one along those lines I might use for a person's protection or health? I'm having a custom hit-point tracker created, and I thought it might be fun to put a similar short benediction on the back of the template. I could come up with something random, but if there was something already out there in one of the books or the like that people might be familiar with already, I'd much prefer to use that instead. Thanks in advance!
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  9. Wonderful stuff, guys, thank you so much for the additional (and thorough) information.
  10. Thanks for all the ideas and info, guys; appreciated. Could anyone suggest some books or links/soourcebooks that have more details about the myths/actions of TKT? I've only come across a scant few that are detailed on the web (such as hiding Ernalda, etc.). I know there's a lot of Glorantha lore out there from systems I never purchased, such as HeroQuest, so I suspect I may be missing a lot from other editions/incarnations of RQ over the years.
  11. Okay, so, I'm planning on running a RQG campaign later this summer, and none of my potential players have played RQ before (or even heard of the setting apart from my random reminiscences over the years). They've been looking through my sizeable (but hardly exhaustive) collection of RQ bits and bobs I have been accumulating over the last 40 years, trying to see if there's anything that catches their fancy or engages their gaming spirit, since there is soooo much lore to potentially deal with. One of the players always had soft spot for shepherds-of-the-dead-type gods, so he kinda latched onto Ty Kora Tek fairly early. Unfortunately, as a (comparatively) minor goddess, there's only so much written on her that I've been able to come across, and most of the stuff I've found online have been the occasional references to her roles, but little in the way of actual priestess-y custom, rituals, activities and the other day-to-day approaches to her priestesses and followers. Any suggestions from people who may be more versed in the lore than I? On another related vein, he wanted to play a follower of Ty Kora Tek, but of course, actual priestesses have to be older, and the player characters in my upcoming campaign would likely be younger (as my first foray into RQG, I'd like to include as few 'house rules' to the default game rules as possible until I've gotten a better hand on the whole system). He doesn't mind playing a younger character with aspirations later in life, but the question I then have is, are there younger 'followers' of Ty Kora Tek in that sense? Do you have young women teaching and training all their lives in anticipation of becoming TKT priestesses once they pass beyond childbearing age? Or, as I rather suspect, are they instead just priestesses/adherents of Ernalda who just kind of 'migrate' to that associated cult once they get to a certain age and feel so inspired by the goddess to do so? Any suggestions, references and/or links folks might have would be greatly appreciated. We could, of course, just kinda 'make it up' as we go, but I'd much prefer to have a more solid grounding in the 'reality' of the cult and its place in the mortal world if possible, given the richness of the accumulated Glorantha writing already. Thanks in advance!
  12. So, after our first game, which was fun, we were wondring why Blessing cards used against you were supposed to be placed under your Khan tile, as opposed to simply discarded. Two suggestions were a) to avoid them being drawn back out by discard-pile searching abilities, and b ) to signify that they may still count towards your total even if they were used AGAINST you -- kind of a consolation prize for your Cow being stolen in the first place. Ideas, suggestions, advice?
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