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  1. Is there a link to a website for this?
  2. Nice, now who wants to create the Character Sheet for use with this?
  3. Just ran across this. iTabletop.Com - Home
  4. Sounds great, hope you have it out soon.
  5. Funny, I prefer right hand page navigation. I like the layout as it is now.
  6. You should be Happy I think Triff did get some security in place I can't edit the Wiki at all.
  7. Never noticed the links on the navbar, silly me was trying to find it from the front page, thank you for putting a link on the front page.
  8. No it wasn't anyway could post without having an account, that was what all the spam was from.
  9. No it should be limited to registered users, which is what we are doing with the new MRQ wiki, and have not had an issue yet.
  10. I stopped visiting those forums on a constant basis more than a year ago. I was so tired of the people bashing on every RPG.
  11. That has been my reaction to most polls on all forums I have ever been on.
  12. One thing I have always thought was anything posted on a public forum is technically Open Content at that point. However I have always asked if I could use someones work either on my personal Wiki or the other Wikis I tend to frequent.
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