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  1. Yea it would be cool to have a registry of online games here just to see what all is being run. I run an RQ1 game on Roll20 but I’m currently full, still, I’d be happy to list. Roll20 and Facebook have been good places to recruit.
  2. Yep, this looks like a pretty easy purchase to justify for me. You've got a winner here.
  3. Yes, rules need to be consistent - to a point. There can be reasons for variation. These may or may not be obvious. But let me share a little something from my history of RuneQuest play (I've been playing since 1978). Back in the early days, a very nice gentleman named John T. Sapienza (who also created many of the character sheets in the early days - some very excellent character sheets by the way) came out with a "unified" table of weapons. He made similar weapons across all types of weapons (sword, mace, spear, axe) that followed some basic patterns. I was like "ooh, this is so co
  4. Yea, I originally thought is was more of a shine and polish, which was a lot of my justification for NOT purchasing RQ2 when it came out. But after doing a page by page comparison, I realized there are a lot more changes than I had thought previously. One day I will summon the energy to spruce up my comparison document (similar to my one for Classic Traveller) and submit it to Chaosium to be published. But that will be a significant amount of effort. In this thread I've just tried to highlight what struck me as the most significant changes.
  5. With the importance of INT in RQ1/2, I don't allow anything that lets you pick and chose stats, but I do use 4d6k3 for attributes, 3d6k2+6 for INT. I did actually have one campaign where I allowed point buy for attributes, but in that campaign, I didn't compute Ability Bonus from attributes, instead, you got to assign one Ability Bonus +25%, two at +20%, two at +15%, two at +10%, and one at +5% out of Attack, Parry, Defense, Manipulation, Stealth, Knowledge, Perception, and Communication. With that, the value of each attribute became equal enough that point buy worked out ok. It does lead
  6. Ah, what was the mystery that we cleared up? I always love to talk RQ1!
  7. Cool, thanks. And ordered to complete my Classic RQ print collection...
  8. Oh, and one more thought... Maths are really cool. But sometimes holding too tight to elegant maths results in something that isn't as fun or flavorful. An acquaintance of mine, one John T. Sapienza (you might recognize the name) once published a mathematically elegant table of weapons for RQ. When it came out, I loved it. And then I returned to the RQ1 weapons table because the Sapienza weapon table turned out to reduce flavor rather than increasing it. In fact, when I did my big page by page comparison of RQ1 and RQ2, I realized yet another place I don't like the changes of RQ2, the RQ2
  9. People can be wrong about what a given probability actually is, but people can't be wrong about their preference for how a particular way of determining what the probability of success is. Someone isn't wrong for liking changing the multiplier for harder (or easier) tasks. I understand probabilities pretty good and I love it. I also like additive modifiers just fine too. And yes, additive vs multiplicative do different things. Different parts of the game system are doing different things. Maybe it should be noted that I have been playing RQ since 1978 and actually still prefer the origina
  10. How do you feel about crits and fumbles? They are probability multipliers. Should we change it so a crit is scored if you roll, I dunno, Skill-50 or lower? So someone with a skill 100 crits half the time, and someone with a skill 50 or below never crits, or always crits 5% of the time? And then how do we feel that at skill 95 + crit-modifier or better a character will always crit? With crits being 0.05 x skill, it takes a 1900% skill to reach a 95% chance to crit (see Ring World for one way to handle very high skill levels like this, see Hero Quest for another way with it's mastery levels syst
  11. True, sometimes you care about the chance of failing, and that's the tricky thing about probabilities and multipliers. If you want a STR 3 to fail 6 times as often as a STR 18, then you need to do different probability math. So you can either have a multiplier of the chance to succeed or the chance to fail, but not both. A an additive/subtractive modifier has it's own quirks. A -20% on STR x 5 means STR 18 goes from a 10% chance of failure to 30% or 3 times, while a STR 6 goes from 70% to 90% or less than 1/3 more, for STR 3 it either becomes impossible (-5% chance of success) or goes fro
  12. Working with probabilities is always weird. On the one hand, STRx1 or STRx5, the STR 18 character always has 6 times the chance of success as the STR 3 character, well actually at x1 the STR 3 character gets an advantage due to the 5% minimum chance of success. This seems fine and logical to me. On the other hand, at STRx1 the STR 18 character only has a 15% better chance of success compared to a 75% better chance of success for STRx5 and that seems illogical to some. If we look at expected value over a large number of rolls, adjusting difficulty by multiplying the chance of suc
  13. I got an answer, apparently there is an issue with the Solo Quest POD not being up to snuff so it has been withdrawn. I look forward to it becoming available again, it's the most significant item missing from my Classic RQ collection (well, other than Wyrms Footnotes).
  14. What happened to the Solo Quest POD? That is actually the one I am most interested in... Frank
  15. Yea, I lucked into RQ1 (well, not necessarily luck, during that time I was sucking up almost every RPG I could find), and I was too penny pinching to swing for RQ2 a year later. Later on I would discover more of the changes and be happy I stuck with RQ1. Now I have RQ1, 2, and 3 and see SOME good stuff in RQ2. I have yet to see much in the way of mechanics I really like from RQ3 though I did at one time have previous experience more like RQ3 and used the less granular ability bonuses of RQ3, but now I'm back to the RQ1/2 ability bonuses.
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