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  1. Cool! And thanks for posting a high enough resolution picture that I can add this to my "maps" folder.
  2. Oh, that would be cool. Understandable that reprinting Foes would not be a priority. A scan WOULD be cool since it would allow printing out a single page to be used at the table and marked up as critters take damage. Frank
  3. Oh, yea. Once I switched to the "all digital" I didn't actually pay attention to what was and was not printed.
  4. RQ1 was part of the kick starter, Gateway Bestiary was not. I guess I need to go purchase that PDF (or did I miss a kick starter update or something?). I wish FOES was available also, actually what I REALLY wish was available was the program used to generate the stats for FOES...
  5. Sorry, I always get Footprints and Footnotes mixed up... I think part of it is based on meanings of the words, one would actually expect Footnotes to be the newer thing based off the original as in a footnote to it...
  6. I'll have to get a couple of those, Soloquest and Old School Resource Pack to cover what I don't already have in print 🙂 Hmm, you missed Wyrm's Footprints... I'd buy that too... Frank
  7. Oh, good, I wasn't sure about the licensing, glad that's solid. The TrollPak map would be a good one to get up on Redbubble. While RQ Cities is generic, it is an update of a very well regarded early supplement for RPGs so it would have appeal beyond the RQ/Glorantha community, otherwise I agree with most of the "not worth reprinting" (though for completion sake it would be cool if someday we saw PDFs of everything but get the low priority). With a Dorastor supplement in Johnstown Compendium, Dorastor would be nice to reprint in support of it. There's so much Praxian material in current pr
  8. I really wasn't trying to gripe... I was just noting that the realities of POD production mean that poster maps are considerably more expensive while physical books are quite competitive in price to the originals. Really you folks are doing a great job and I'm glad to see modern POD production being used to return all of these titles to print. And hey, I really can't complain, maybe you folks HAVE put out new RQ1 content, it's not quite clear if Sea Cave is RQ1 or RQ2... The monster sheets used are John T. Sapienza's first attempt (dated 1978) and pre-RQ2... Seriously you folks are amon
  9. Too bad the poster maps are about the cost of the original boxed set for most of them... I assume there's just no reasonable way to have these sorts of things POD for a few bucks to more closely compare to their contribution to cost of the original boxed sets. Thankfully I have all the original poster maps... 🙂
  10. Cool, I'd love to see the sales numbers on POD RQ1. I might have to get a copy just to have a backup of my original...
  11. Currently running AD&D module UK5 Eye of the Serpent heavily interpreted into my version of Glorantha under RQ1 (1978) rules. Bigger picture the party is heading towards Pavis having started with Rainbow Mounds from Apple Lane and followed by Lair of the White Wyrm from White Dwarf magazine.
  12. I've always loved it, but then I've always loved Wind Cave. Someday I need to run an expanded Dyskund Caverns using my poster map of Wind Cave from 1978, or maybe I should get a more current map, the mapped portion of the cave has doubled or more since 1978... Frank
  13. Obviously I missed that the extras had been added to the RQ Classics reprints, so if it's really just the cults, I think it's actually worth getting the Cult Compendium even if you have Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror just to get ALL the cults in one volume (plus you won't have to look for where the additional material that was collated into the Compendium is located among your other stuff). I really should get the Gloranthan Classics PDFs to supplement my print books (and just so folks know how worthwhile the Cults Compendium is, note that I have it in both soft and hard cover...). On
  14. Well, gee, I guess that would have been easy to look up... 🙂 Thanks for the shortcut... Now sometime I need to sit down and read all that extra material (me being a luck soul who caught these in print even though I wasn't actively running RQ at the time). And here's to hoping that someday that supplemental material could be pulled out to make it easily available to those who have the original RQ2 publications or the re-releases... Frank
  15. I'm curious about all the additions to the Gloranthan Classics books. I know Cult Compendium has cults compiled from Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, Pavis, Big Rubble, Troll Pak, and one or two from other sources that aren't part of the RQ Classics re-releases. What other add on bits are in the other volumes?
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