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  1. I did a good read, not all of it but what I have read is wonderful. Thanks for all of this.
  2. Looks cool, will spend time to absorb. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Sure, it's no harder to learn those Tekumel monsters than the more esoteric D&D monsters. But D&D also has things that have shown up in a variety of fictional media in some way. Plus it has lions and tigers and bears. Tekumel doesn't have lions and tigers and bears... So if I wanted the PCs to stumble on something in the jungle, I don't know what it is other than being forced to use an exotic creature.
  4. I find Glorantha easy to GM. But I've been GMing it since 1978 and my Glorantha is not the cultural anthropology high myth Glorantha of today. My Glorantha more resembles a pseudo-medieval fantasy campaign (D&Dish) with some unique creatures and sentient beings and some interesting cults so I find it no harder to run than D&D using whatever setting. But that's me. Someone wanting to get into the Glorantha of today has more work, but I also think there are lots of great things to get started with and if you pick one of those and concentrate on the region that is set in, you can learn th
  5. Playing in Tekumel is a lot different than GMing. Beyond my lack of much background in the inspirational cultures, what I found broke down my ability to relate was the almost total lack of any Earth flora and fauna. And no handy guide "bleebleblorps are like deer". So now not only do I have to do cultures I don't know, I also have to invent an ecology. In Glorantha, I run using culture I'm familiar with, and if I need a deer or a wolf or whatever, I can do it (Gateway Bestiary helps for my RQ1/2 era kinda guy). Yea, there are some weird monsters, but they provide spice rather than being the
  6. Yep, I'm sticking with RQ1... (I do have RQ2 and RQ3...). And yea, I will be interested in the scenarios. I will eventually get RQG for better understanding of the scenarios. I had two reasons for popping into this thread: 1. To point out that deep setting knowledge is NOT necessary to enjoy RuneQuest. 2. To point out that one COULD get into RQ and Glorantha for cheaper than RQG by picking up some RuneQuest Classics offerings. And then I noted that gee, RQG actually turns out not to be more expensive than D&D 5e... There has long been a complaint about the depth of
  7. Honestly, much of what I have heard about RQG turns me off. Part of that is because my Glorantha is NOT the Glorantha of today. It is the Glorantha of RQ1 with Cults of Prax added on. The implied setting of RQ1 is NOT bronze age, it's more medieval, or at least "D&D-like fantasy" (with skills instead of classes and levels...). That's the setting I've played on and off, with at least some play in every decade, since 1978. I don't NEED all that stuff that ties RQ more mechanically to Glorantha because it isn't making ties to MY Glorantha. Sure, my choice NOT to buy RQ2 a year after I bought
  8. Part of the problem here is the weight of the setting. You COULD pick your choice of RuneQuest 1st ed ($10 PDF, $25 POD) or 2nd ed ($15 PDF, $20 hardcover, $25 POD) and Cults of Prax ($13 PDF, $20 POD) and have enough material to run a nice Gloranthan campaign. Toss in the Old School Resource Pack ($13 PDF, $25 print, $20 POD) and you have 2 scenarios and a bunch of ready to go NPCs. Optionally if you want to get on board cheap, wait for the Starter Set this summer for $30... Now it may be a more fair complaint that RuneQuest Glorantha is more of a buy in. But is it that much more th
  9. Yea, I'm scheduled to power wash the deck...
  10. Different Worlds Issue #1
  11. Picked this up, haven't had much time to read it yet, maybe tonight. I look forward to pulling from this for my player's quest to find and take out a Thanatar rune priest who is basically a floating skull. They chased him out of the Big Rubble several sessions ago and are looking for him. I'll probably use something from Shadows on the Borderland for the actual adventure, but I'm sure this will have content to use. I probably should pick up Secrets of Dorastor also... 🙂
  12. I've been running my RQ1 campaign on Roll20 for a couple years. I don't do too much fancy. I don't try and use any of the character sheet stuff, we keep track on the PCs in a separate Google Sheet. We use Google Meet for audio/video connection, so if I really needed to share something, I could share my screen or a window to that. I upload the occasional map or do crude drawings. I don't have a plus account so I just use fog of war which is sometimes an annoying effort but works pretty good. For SR tracking, I just keep notes on scratch paper. Most of the PCs tend to go before most of the bad g
  13. Very cool, I look forward to ordering this.
  14. Canon, is that all that stuff that came after the holy bible of Glorantha, AKA RuneQuest 1st ed.? 🙂 Well, I do use a heck of a lot more official (and some non-official) stuff than that, though MOSTLY from the RQ2 era.
  15. Oh, that might explain the minotaurs in the building across the "street" from the Thanatar temple... Thanks for the help, I think I can make it make sense now...
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