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  1. Hmm, my campaign is set before all the Hero Wars stuff, so most of the timeline is ignored by me. We've also kept mostly to Sartar (and really not much South of there) and Prax (mostly Pavis, Dead Place, and along the Zola Fel) with a bit of exploration of Balazar. I haven't followed all the cultural changes post the RQ2/3 era.
  2. Since I have been running RQ1, the shaman rules didn't really make sense so we never used them. The shaman rules in RQ2 make a lot more sense. I think there is supposed to be a way for shamans to get rune magic but it never made sense. You might want to look at the shaman rules from RQG.
  3. I don't do a very good job of enforcing attendance and such... I guess in my campaign adventurers are exempt... I would definitely agree that lay members should not have much obligation other than in a few very select cults. I've had an adventuring Lhankor Mhy before, though I'm not sure the PC ever made initiate, or if she did, it was near the end of the campaign. Since i never got into the cultural anthropology aspects of Glorantha, the tribal stuff really a factor.
  4. ffilz

    The Rainbow Mounds

    Note that even with high tech lights, you really don't see a huge amount of a cave at once. If you've seen pretty pictures of caves, they probably involved a large number of flashes scattered throughout the cave.
  5. An argument as old as the game... I remember early complaints about golf bagging. I've never seen it in my games. For a while I did allow players to accumulate additional checks, each additional check was +1% to the chance to improve or something like that with the intent to reduce golf bagging. But the truth is most players are good players and they don't just try different weapons for the sake of earning more checks. Now some do go into some situations with a different weapon with the intent to improve that. Cool. On the other side, I actually sometimes encourage players to have everyone make certain checks to increase experience. Nothing really wrong with that. These days I find it hard to care much. We play for 2 hours every other week. And get to actually make experience checks every couple of months at best, well, maybe it was a BIT more frequent recently while adventuring in the Rubble where they could trivially get back to "town". Still, other than the elf who rolled ridiculous stats who has now qualified for Rune Lord (already Rune Priest) in an RQ1 campaign using previous experience, no one has really advanced that far. And far more advancement has been due to training.
  6. Oh, that would be way too late for me. It isn't too late for some of my players, I have one on the East Coast and several in Central Time Zone. Part of the opening may be the East Coast player not being able to sustain the schedule now that he's graduated from college...
  7. There have also been RQ games on Unseen Servant ( https://www.unseenservant.us/forum/ ). I did try running one there, but realized that running detailed combat in play by post was going to be tortuous.
  8. 2 hours, sometimes running up to 30 minutes longer. Start time is so late to make sure kids are into bed by the time I start, and that I have at least a bit of time to get out of dad mode and into GM mode.
  9. I might have room in one of my RQ first edition games on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM Pacific Time...
  10. I don't remember if a Q&A clarified things, but giants swinging big tree trunks sever whatever hit location they hit even though it's crushing damage. You really hoped it was a limb... PCs don't tend to recover from severed heads, chests, or abdomens... 🙂 I do appreciate the RQ2 clarification of severed OR maimed, but it was always clear to me that 6 points over was bad news and you needed Heal 6...
  11. I've almost never had a party without Heal 6, and it's pretty clear from the RQ1 rules (which is what I still run) that you need Heal 6 no matter what kind of weapon maimed/severed your limb. Also, you only have 1 week to get back to town and Heal Body/Regrow Limb... In my current campaign the PCs had to do that despite Heal 6. PC got nasty poison in arm. Would have died except he cut off his arm. But using Heal 6 to put the limb back on would have negated that save from the poison... Even with the way Rune Magic works in RQG, I think I would still want at least one party member to have Heal 6.
  12. Thanks, I just added that to my campaign.
  13. RQ1.5 (RQ1 plus some choice bits from RQ2 and RQ3) Almost 3 years now 1621 or so (I’m really not up on the timeline) Started in Apple Lane with Rainbow Mounds headed to Alone for training then Wyrms Ghost Ruins then Jonstown for healing then follow the roads to Torkan’s Last Fort. Then off road to Tada’s High Tumulus then to Pavis and the Big Rubble. Soon to head downriver to Dyskund Caverns. PCs from Sartar and Prax Apple Lane (RQ1), Lair of the White Wyrm (White Dwarf magazine), Pavis and Big Rubble (RQ2), map from RQ3 Trollpak, various other bits. Big use of the Trolls and Trollkin, Militia and Mercenaries, Creatures of Chaos and Foes. Started as “here’s the adventure” but more sandbox now. My Glorantha is my Glorantha. Definitely not canon. Old school adventure. Listen to others advice 🙂 mine is to grab RQ1 or RQ2, Cult of Prax and done classic adventures... I think fir newbies these days RQG and some adventures for it are the best way to go unless you really like old school.
  14. I did a good read, not all of it but what I have read is wonderful. Thanks for all of this.
  15. Looks cool, will spend time to absorb. Thanks for sharing.
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