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  1. so i have sent you some submissions and hope you like them here is a good old piece of wrk, at lease i hope it loaded https://www.facebook.com/christopher.house.39/photos_albums
  2. well with my Daughter off to The far north and my son off to visit family in the far south , it leave me with out the group as it where- so there well be a month interruption till we came again. but as it where I got the links form the internet for ranks and information for the information for the game, it might be a cool for some day for some one to do a wars at sea book for brp. because it the lease game ed are in most games, but sense the Movies going with the pirates of the . . . . . series then you can see their are interest. there was more thing to worries then Pirates- with storms, sea serpents and other countries privateers.
  3. Well in the world of 1799 in alternate world as it where, black plague, way back took out most males , so the need for labor pool and due issue of the church and Joan of Arc Winning against the English , the pope <french> declare Women to be equal among men, (to save Joan from social and political issue) this started the equal rights movement as it where early with legal rights followed so as to own land instead of male hair, because of Elizabethan Laws and issues to change her own Hersey as it where.
  4. the roster of the USS Contaleny 1. Calfe Stephens -16 2. Calthrop Cane -18 3. Cannon Tankard-20 4. Drake Cantston -16-Male-Dead ate by sea serpent Dec 9th 5. Carew Emerson-17 6. Temple Cantwell-15 7. Cantwright Tremmet-14 8. Trevor Troth-20 9. Trusteen Carleton-22 10. Dowden Chambers -25 11. Calvert Doyne-28 12. Dracot Fanning -17 13. Drury Taylor-28 14. Dryland Stephenson-30 15. Telling Driscoll -33 16. Drumgold Tench22 17. Duffe Tent -24 18. Duglas Tepsheth-25 19. Dun Thirold -22 20. Elizabeth Dukenfeild-22- Female 21. Dullany Thelwal19 22. Dungan Durham*19 23. Dyke Ecchlin-18 24. Edkins Finglas-20 25. Carney Edmunston-17 26. Chaloner Chamberlen-22 27. Eustace Faning -23 28. Fox Thompson-12 29. Mary Fanshaw-13- Female 30. Farnham Strongbow-15 31. Daniel Farrell -21 32. Authur Fawether-20 33. Lester Fawnt -22 34. Faye Backet-23- Female 35. Tallant Feasant-24 36. Cecill Field -24 37. Tat Fisher -16 38. Fagan Sterling -17 39. Tyndall Fitzgerald-18 40. Calvin Fitzharis -16 41. Bret Fitzherbert -29 42. Kevin Fitzjames -33 43. Thomas Fitzjohn-21 44. CaRRie Fitzleons-12-Female 45. Hommer Fitzmauris-14 46. Geton Fitzpatrick-16 47. Troy Francks -15 48. Gerrard Franke -23 49. Steward St. George-23 50. John Twist-24 51. Lawrence Stockdall-18 52. Hannah Stofford-19-Female 53. Stopfer Stoughton-30 54. Paul Stowell-21 55. Talmarch Strangwick-22 56. Twisdin Stritch -23 57. Tyrrell Fitton-24 58. Tylling Strong-19 59. John Strowd-30 60. Stuart Tylesby-33 61. Carroll Carpenter-18 62. Carrie Taffe-22-Female 63. Evers Tuit -23 64. Tully Fenton+-21 65. Turk Fielding-22 66. Fennell Fletcher -44 67. Michael Flood -48 68. Nigel Flower-15 69. Oscar Foliot-16 70. Peter Folliot-44 71. Quency Forbes-33 72. Roger Ford -19 73. Steven Forlong-25 74. Forrest Stern-22 75. Cassy Ferrall -25 76. Caryll Strowde-14 77. Cassie Fish -14-Female 78. Casshin Fernley-16 79. Cateline Eccleston-20-Female 80. Edgworth Cattlelin-22 81. Cavanan Tailor -23 82. Tailour Caulfeild-43 83. CaryTalbot-25 84. Thomas Edwards-25 85. Tink Fitzsimons-24 86. Tirrell Fitzsums -19 87. Sybil Fitzsymons-18-Female 88. Tiffin Flatsbury -18 89. Fleming Thornton-20 90. Foster Tobin-20 91. Fowell Tirry -22 92. Egan Forster-29 93. Fowler Tichborne-19 94. Elliot Townley-17 95. Esmond Toleer -18 96. Topham Ellyot -21 97. Toto Tonwly -23 98. –Seth Touthet-20 99. Fairfax Towers-24 100. Travers Evens-25 101. Luke Everard -23 102. Ethel Toxtell-31 103. Cavanagh Tucket-33 104. Caption William prince 105. 1st M : Lt Cmr Kelly Masterson 106. Second Officer Lt Daniel Gerend 107. Chief Petty officer Mike Gerend 108. helmsmen Christopher Holmes 109. William Butler 110. Tommy keth 111. Richard Donohue 112. Phillip Gates 113. Micheal Flughellon 114. Roger Tuffins 115. John Roberson 116. John Gates, 117. John Belington, 118. John millerson 119. Lium Mc Masters 120. Lloyd Yates 121. Arthur Cairns 122. Chirurgeon Clair Deboise
  5. Game log 9/22/13 Sunday 9:16 pm Willis Va Game master Christopher Lee House Renaissance openquest d100 Location port of new Orleans November 24th Monday USS Contaleny <fictitious name Vessel> 7th commissioned by The First Sec of the United states Navy Benjamin Stoddert, disembarked from the port of new Orleans with full Crew Capt Willem” Bill” Prince Gulf patrol for the coast of the United states of America, into the Gulf of Mexico. Nov 31 1799: It is fine weather , with strong breeze from the west , we are heading to the Keys , on sick call is Hommer Fitzmauris age 14 with a splitter that gone putrid, Dyke Ecchlin with vomiting of blood and other vial torments. when the Crewmen Twisdin Stritch spotted an un- marked Ship, heading south. We are going to try to hail her and see the make of her Crew and Captain. The young crew man William Butler hosted the Colors. The helms men Christopher Holms set the ship near the drink and lose all speed as the un-mark ship gets away under I am sure near 14 knots. I well reprimand the helmsmen later. The Crew is left to tend the wash and swab. And I well continue to look out for the un-marked ship. It has been brought to my attention that some members of the Crew have brought aboard some homebrew swell, so I have reduced rum rations till the swell is turned in to the ships Churgeon Deboise. Seven days later a Dec 7th brief storm crosses our path three men are injured, storm duration five hours Four bottle of homebrew where turned into the doctor, tomorrow I well return the rations to standard cup and throw the bottle overboard! Dec 9th encountered an adult sea serpent , it eat poor Crewmen Drake Cantston age 16, crew repelled serpent while Crewmen W. Butler shot it in the Eye with issued Carbine rifle. I awarded W. Butler extra rum ration tonight for his markmenship. <ship stats> The Brigantine was a type of ship used in large numbers, both as a Merchant vessel and as a Naval Ship. It carried 16 guns and was rigged for speed, having both Top gallant sails and royals. These ships were used by Navies of the World for scouting and reconnaissance duties. They were used to track down ships of an enemy. Many of the Brigs of the late 18th century could carry sweeps for maneuvering in still weather. In 1814 the British Navy had 71 brigs of various types carrying 10 to 16 guns. Length 110 ft. Beam 28 ft. Depth 16 ft. Crew 100 to 120 Mov : 12+ hp: 33 Cannon 4D8 80m 10 mins 8 40 4 x16 crew 124 men and women <see crew rooster?
  6. wow it is real late to post to this so I well any way---- I am setting my adventures for Renaissance in 1799 the first year or so of the Office American Navy - you know a sea book or Navel book would be real handy for folks that have no ideal about then and now! Navy and the difference of what it was to be an officer and a gentleman. What it also was of a professional and an amateur. As in case the Barrister and a solicitor. any one know what I mean?
  7. WELL THE LAXIVON , is the extended Kingdom of the Serpent people and their return to earth with the Dark Moon, Herold the extreme decline of the human species on earth, this fits into the big gap in The time line between present to 5000 years. the use of the the behind the scenes activity see Dark Moon Chronicles ;and I am just writing out one element in a Novel that covers four thousand years. 20??-40?? but thank you for reading and look else where for more on the Dark Moon Chronicles.
  8. Before the Starrez Wars there are Other Isle lands know to exist with in the ethereal one is Called Nord or Asgard it has a highly advanced Northern Human or Saxon culture that utilizes Sorcery to a degree of science. that worship the Gods of old Earth; like Woden, and others but not as a pantheon. but as Separate Cults. One of the most interesting things ever found by Sadazar is the Dark Moon. It is 250 miles Diameter three time the size of Sadazar but it very mass and solid dark material seems to tear the ethereal as well as other realities and space. it simultaneously exist in all realities at once because it has torn though all of them at once. this was a very dangerous item because it very power seem to allow for conjuration of mere large scale consistence - fortunately for Sadazar and its multi spaces denizens there was never a sub conscience Consistence - but if this Moon or planetoids ever approached a pure one dominion sentient species world that species very sub conscience conciseness of reality , such as a common Fear, or mytho would be literally Conjured into existence upon that world. so the starrez lords fear its mass destructive powers had the Laxivon attempt to destroy it. instead they sent it to an inhabited world to use it to conquer! this Dark Planetoid allowed the Laxivon to escape the starrez lord dominion over them.
  9. I was reading theads The Pegasos Society post http://basicroleplaying.com/showthread.php/3565-The-Pegasos-Society and post an ideal then I said to my self , hey Lee< I always referee to my middle name when talking to my self so as not to get confused with who is leading the conversation> why not start something your on the thread about other mythos world and works, then plugg your work in the Dark Moon Chronicle, who Chris I said, that might just work out. so here it is what world have you all out there created or that are already in print that is other worlds , now ifd we want to include dimensions we know there a whole book on the Dreamlands. in the Dark Moon chronicles there are several ages compounded on each other till the dead line of 5000 A.D. The Tsan-Chan Empire dominates the Earth see Cthulhu time line,BELOW xxx http://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/Cthulhu_Mythos_Timeline http://www.throneworld.com/wiki/index.php?title=Cthulhu_Mythos_Chronology http://www.epberglund.com/RGttCM/chrono07.htm One of the Prevalent elements in my Novel is the existence of a sub space called Ethereal, it is the in between of space and time , officially its that thing out side of space and time that is used as a highway as sort to get from one reality or place in space to another with out traveling the space in between, but instead traveling the ethereal witch is faster and more compacted. in the Ethereal is the Debris of many realities and worlds just floating around like island in the stream, some are really big with ruins on them and whole sections of Civilization one of these is Sadazar the City of Gates or Gate City. on this mountain as it where of an Isle is a civilization of sort of scavengers, humanoids for the most part , some are just mortals who as long as they stay in The Ethereal they well not age, some are real immortals and some are even Gods in all the omnipotence you can imagine. These Guy are not exactly in paradise because the major property of ethereal is it rushes in where their is a Vacuum, as it where if you do not eat or sleep you well start to vanish because as you waste away the ethereal energies well rush in to fill the void, thus some day if you do not eat you well fade away. second these are not the only Denizens of the ethereal there are elder Gods old ones and major force of primordial-Ness just oozing out of every thing some of these thing are consistently trying to Devour The City world. these Guys exist because they have one thing no other civilization has the secret to the Starrez Crystals crystals that if used by a mortal can control time and space, if it don't destroy you in t he process, cure used a engine to manipulate the crystals. this is called a tough engine, it is place into Vessels who fly the ethereal high ways and by ways into other realitys - this Vehicle is called a Brajuris. the city has thousands of Guilds they fight for positions and power on the Congress , they also supplies The City with every thing from food to lamp post and building material. one thing that don't have to be supplied is water, it flows from an aqueducts though out the city produced by an acient machine at the bottom of the most ancient of towers . the Tower was and has always been here. in the early days it was solid as rock granit shaped like giant minaret, then later tunneled through and hollowed out and floors added, The Tower is the very center of the guilds and thier lunch are for Brajuris Vessels. it is a mile wide and five miles high. From under the tower is a giant machine that makes water into pools that over flow into Canals then into rivers and lakes and then over the side of the isle in some part, into some places it turns wheels and is re-channeled back through lower part of the Mountain of the isle and out the bottom eventually in small streams . by the way know one know how to make a starezz crystal they are worth HUNDREDS of pounds of Oriork or Mithril, a thousand Cores of Unattainium. see Starrex < Crystal entry>
  10. this is good stuff, maybe it would be kind of cool to do planets of the mythos some day. possible worlds that CoC characters could find themselves on though a investigation. what if thier are other portals laying around that lead to other worlds? or even an actual vessel of the Mythos races, such as something the serpent people might use. Other world - of the Cthulhu Mythos " maybe I think there could be a better name? but its a good Ideal and it could have five to eight world in it t hat are as good as what our friend here is cooked up then hey- it would make a great book - any one else ?
  11. i also run a Family Game based on the Dark Moon setting; My Wife Anne , My son Tanner, And my Daughter Caellan all play in the setting. Also Paul and Elizabeth play in the game as well. The story so far During War of the Wings Caellan< she is 19> get a visit during a camp fire story season from a tall lengthy beauty of Male youth with long blond hair and in perfect period garb of Harlequin, who resits poetry of a prophetic nature, later that night during a full moon she find her camp being ransacked by to Elvish children who steal her Bow arrows and drinking horn, when they spot her they flee and Caellan dose give chase. . . . . . (good chase music right about now), and the Elivsh children who look no older then seven or eight start shooting at her and barely snag her Dress at the shoulder , but she still is hurt that when she accidentally spot the Horned hunter, that when the Elvish children drop the horn and bow and arrow when they too see the horned hunter. Caellan grabs her stuff says neither a curse nor a blessing and hides , from the hunter who smells Caellan and start hunting for her, Caellan is a Fair archer takes aim and fires a arrow and scores a Critic and get the hunter in the lungs under the ribs with an arrow , as he lay dyeing Caellan come to the hunter and nether curse or bless him and take from the hunter his silver bow, the hunter tell Caellan to end him where he will not suffer, and she take her Dagger and slits his Throat, < do remember this guy looks like a giant of a man with antler horns and bronze skin with hound eyes and a pointy face and buck ears, Caellan hunters and is a pagan who or the Northern shaman religion in real life she kind of hard> I still made her make a sanity check- because of the Dream like issue with the Fae. she passed! she stumbles back to the camp where every one is looking for her and collapse's into her Bed. end part one August 31
  12. Hello my name Is Christopher Lee House, and I am the author for the novel The Dark Moon Chronicles. I am looking for someone to write this into an RPG setting. I know, the question of the hour is "Why not do it myself?" Well, first I am too close to the work, and second I am writing the novel. I want this written with the game mechanic in mind. Originally, I was going to split the Dark Moon up into several books but my editor pointed out the story was better when it was all completed in real time, with the cross over and all included. My characters and the setting work well with magic and sorcery and technology. Now, as a writer I know how this can be done, but it dawned on me - would it not fare better if my book and the rpg setting were both released close to one another? The novel is a cross over piece with lots of fantastic alternate world and realities. I my self play BRP and CoC , and Dungeons and Dragons 1-3rd editions, all of which feeds my writing. I would like to see if your group would be interesting in working with me on this project. I will send over all my back notes and the story as it develops, and you can send me over what info you have developed, as well as any other questions (especially ones I may not have thought of) that are important for an RPG. I look at this rather like TSR did with the first Dragonlance novels. I have six months left to write, then proof, then rewrite and then layout. This would give you plenty of time (if you are interested) to develop the setting lines for the world as I have. We could both be successful with this joint venture. What is Dark Moon you may ask? Here is the synopsis Dark Moon Chronicles is the struggle of the Human race as it battles forces from beyond time and space. Over the four thousand years, a cast of hundreds provide their views and their place in a story that will change the human race and the cosmos. We learn that in our present, a secret organization called Grave Quest orchestrates an underground game that initiates young people - and others - into the occult world. Some disappear and others join the organization, and other just die. Who is behind the Grand Skull Keepers and the game of Grave Quest? What is the Dark Moon that keeps appearing in all the literature? NASA, DHS, N.S.A. and several extra-ordinary people want to know more about this Dark Moon as they hunt down secrets of Grave Quest. NASA knows they are soon to be the host to a large spherical object heading toward the earth in a near miss orbital cycle. As the object grows closer, science and technology begins to malfunction; strange and bizarre things are taking place all over the earth. This is Grave Quest. Two hundred years into the future, humans struggled in a war with alien invaders, having nothing more then steam-age weapons and frontier-style tactics. When the war is over, who will rule the earth? this is the Bad Lands setting Close encounters and alien abductions have been the mythos of modern day earth for more then fifty years the truth is even stranger. Flying ships and other strange vessels visit the earth for raid, trade and loot, only to find out that a city out side of time and space is fighting a never ending war against those from Beyond. This city and it's denizens need resources for their guilds and their vessels scavenge for across the cosmos. this is Called Sadazar Gate City. Two thousand years into earths history, the war against the alien sorceries are lost and humans are near extinction, and heroic figures begin to emerge, leading human species to rise a second time. This world more fantastic then any dreamed of, a world that is greatly changed. It's denizens are satyrs, centaurs and minotaurs - and that's the most benign of them! This is Avolaughn: the second rise of Man all these have characters crossing over to and from as the story spread over the four thousands years gap in the Cthuhlu Mythos of earth future. This is the Dark Moon Chronicles and the question is how will the human species survival into the next four thousand years? Contact info area_51_games@yahoo.com area_51_games@live.com annehouse@gmail.com Christopher Lee House and Anne House 134 Lemon ln Willis Va 24380 419-438-6686/540-789-5019 after five pm please do to work from home line
  13. by the way this is what I have written as of 3:55 pm to day the first draft so be warned but for some of you this might be interesting The birds over head sound the cries of children. The day is gone and all is left is the oily residue of the night and its shinny lights called stars. There is the emptiness we call our lives we hear the Call of something distant and peaceful, is it our own death that calls us, to bed in its wings of shadow, to lay in its robes of night. We fear the end, we hear the almost siren call of the eternal. It all happens so quickly the sudden burst of youth and the speeding trails of miss spent adventure and gifts. There in the still quiet lays the angry air, the heated breath of our mortality. Denison was a little railroad town that once for a fleeting decade tasted Greatness and now - many, many decades later – it still longed for it again, like a drunk after their bottle. It had been a weird few weeks, what with the Disappearance of several young adults last week and then no one had made it real clear what exactly had happen to Charles Carr one of the missing young adults , Belinda, who is Charles Mother reported him and his roommate Brad missing week ago. Then Daniel Monarch went missing too. Daniel Monarch Who worked for The law Firm of Christophe and Martin last summer while in Chicago, had gone missing that very same evening along with Tosha Hertz and Robert smith. Howard L Christophe has little more knowledge of the subject not only was Howard a lawyer he was what some would call a sorcerer. Howard had known Daniel as little on the short side for the average teen with sandy brown hair and blue eyes he was classified as a official cutie by the Girls attending Denison High school, but Daniel had one Critical flaw he was a straight A student and a player of Dungeoneers and Dragon slayers. Howard also knew that There was a spiral note book found on the scene in Charles own hand writing telling some bizarre nightmare tale, of him and his friends Brad Hill, Daniel Monarch Tosha Hertz, and Robert smith. It seemed they all played a Game called Gravequest. Mr. Howard L Christophe Flew all the way from New Orleans to consult with his partner Mr. Martin who where acting on behalf of the Carr Family as there Lawyers. This game Called Grave Quest was now banned here at the high school and at the local College. Was there something sinister about Gravequest? Why were all the Players disappearing? Howard Lewis Christophe and his partner Chris Martian where going out of their way , to help their clients of the missing youth, both practiced law in other states, Howard in new Orleans Louisiana and Chris Martian in Chicago Illinois. It is said that they where a father and son team and where very strange and mysterious about their methods. Howard was a man in his late sixties with peper hair and a three piece suit, with the kind of face that was a road map ot his life. A hard and troubled life it must have been too. Chris was a young and exuberant man in his late thirties with dark hair and brown eyes, thin as a bean pole and where a vest and coat suit, but never ever was found except in court to wear the coat. A space was rented out to the lawyers on main street where the old Drugstore and soda fountain use to be, all that was done to the place was a large sheet of butcher paper place over the long tall glass and tables and chairs moved in the old drug store.. I guess the lawyers didn’t much like the ideal of people standing at the glass staring at them, as if they where a new show on the tube or some with questioning eyes asking what now? In the Drug store now empty except for a few filoe boxes and three tables made into desk and a few old office chairs possible bought from a second store or goodwill. Butcherpaper on the tall window pains, and two men and a young adult female from the local are working as phone receptionist filer and official goffer. The Young girl is Penny Weston just graduated from Denison high with typing skills and pleasant phone voice, her dream she says is to go to Toulane in New Orleans and get a degree in Liberal arts. The two men are Howard Christophe and Chris Martian, lawyers here to help with families of youth who have gone missing. They are also here to help find the youth and protect them if something sinsister or criminal has been involved, they are doing this all pro bono , that means free no charge. Why you ask would successful lawyers would work for free? Well that is another story that well possible be told later. For now chris and Howard who is in his Sixities and Chris who is in his thirties set across from one another at larges table drinking Tea and chris who is drinking a soda, are talking. So says Howard have you read the spiral yet, that was found at Charles Carr’s apartment? Yes I just finished it last night, I had Penny make copies of it so the police can have the original back. I well say the police here in Denison are way more coroperative then I am use to from an state agency. Said Chris as he sips his soda. Yes replies Howard they are very forth coming with their investigation, I think there a little desperate and rattled by the whole Grave quest thing. I wonder if there are others who are playing this game in town. Chris starches and rubs his eyes and says if there is they are keeping their heads down and not saying a word to the police. But the spiral book that Charles left his poems and notes and journeyed in is very methodic. I think We have an professional or a very strong secret organization here. One that is not so mundane or innocent as one would first be lead to beleave. Howard raises an eyebrow as if this too has occurred to him too. Do you think some of our other associates might find this interesting? ,asked Chris Or does this have other over tunes of more extra ordinary influences? Chris continues not waiting for Howard to answer, more in line of thought. I think we might need to ask someone here with very specific talents. Penny who was busy fileing way just across the room had come to the conclusion that Howard and Chris where very formal with each other, and if they where son and father seemed to be very distent from one another. Then again she had only just started three days ago. She knew Chris Martian from her Friends in Chicago Kaylin and Amanda who Who live in the northern section of Chicago in an old Mansion, they were currently establishing a school for of all things gifted and talented youths. She knew Chris was also very Passionate but when he got around Howard , it was the facts and nothing but the facts. Oh well that she guessed was why Chris was in Chicago and Howard in new Orleans. Penny set the papers she was filing to the photo copier and scanned them all into the digital file as well, as she did Chris stood up and asked Howard ; do you want anything I got to go talk to that talent I was mentioning. Howard stood himself and said ok but I think I want to see into other matters, so let’s cloud up the stream as it is? Chris frowned he knew Howard had a few talents himself concerning forecasting and reading, but he was not sure he wanted him dipping into them so early.that when Chris noticed penny! Chris waved Howard over, Howard wlaked stiffly over to Chris, chris gently pointed to ward penny, who was busy scanning the papers from the files. Did you as her to do that? Chris asked in In a low voice.
  14. here is Hello my name Is Christopher Lee House I am the Arthur for Dark Moon Chronicles novel. I am looking for some one to write the rpg setting, why I do not do it, one I am to close to the work. two I am writing the novel, I want to write it with an rpg setting in mind, thus I want a game mechanic in mind when I write the story and how my character well work magic and sorcery and technology. now as a writer I know how this can be done, but it dawn on me would it not fare better if my book and a rpg setting where both released close to one another? the Novel is a cross over piece with lots of fantastic alternate world and realities. I my self play BRP and CoC , and Dungeons and Dragons 1-3rd editions so It has feed my writing, I would like to see if your group would be interesting in working with me on this project? I well send over all my back notes and the story as it develops you can send me over what info you have developed and possible other question that I would not think of for an novel but important for an rpg. sort of like when tsr did the first Dragon lance novels- I have six months left to write. then proof and then rewrite and then set. so this could give you plenty of time if your interested to develop and the world as I have, a joint venture could make both of use successful. please let me know as soon as you can. By the way I originally was going to split the Dark Moon up into several books but my editor pointed out the story was better when it was all completed in real time, with the cross over and all included. what is Dark Moon you ask? Here is the synopsis Dark Moon Chronicles is the struggle of the Human race as its battles forces from beyond time and space. this battle last over four thousand years as a cast of hundred tell their view and place in a story that well change the human race and the cosmos. there is not start but we learn that in our present a secret organization called grave quest is orchestrating an underground game that initiates young people and other into the occult world, some disappear other join the organizations and other just die. who is behind the grand skull keepers and their game of Grave quest? and what is the Dark Moon that keeps appearing in all the literature ? NASA . DHS, N.S.A. and several extra ordinary people want to know as they hunt down secrets of grave quest, as those at NASA know they are soon to be the host to a large spherical object heading toward the earth in a near miss orbital cycle, but as the object grows closer science and technology start to malfunction and strange bizarre things are taking place all over the earth. while just two hundred years into the future humans struggle in a war with Alien invaders with nothing more then steam age weapons and old frontier style tactics. The war is over, who well rule the earth. while close encounters and alien abductions have been the mythos of modern day earth for more then fifty years the truth is stranger even so as flying ships and other strange vessels visit the earth for raid trade and loot, only to find out that a city out side of time and space is fighting a never ending war against those from Beyond, and they need resources that their guilds and Vessels scavenge for across the cosmos. two thousand years into earth history the war against the Aliens Sorceries are lost and humans are near extinct , when heroic figure reemerge to lead the Human species to rise a second time. The World more fantastic then any dreamed of. A world ThaT changed and so has its two billion occupants INTO satyrs and centaurs and minotaur's as well as Other species of humanoids. this is the Dark Moon Chronicles and the question is well the human SPECIES PERISH OR CONTINUE ON IN THESE NEXT FOUR THOUSAND YEARS.
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