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  1. i also run a Family Game based on the Dark Moon setting; My Wife Anne , My son Tanner, And my Daughter Caellan all play in the setting. Also Paul and Elizabeth play in the game as well. The story so far During War of the Wings Caellan< she is 19> get a visit during a camp fire story season from a tall lengthy beauty of Male youth with long blond hair and in perfect period garb of Harlequin, who resits poetry of a prophetic nature, later that night during a full moon she find her camp being ransacked by to Elvish children who steal her Bow arrows and drinking horn, when they spo
  2. Hello my name Is Christopher Lee House, and I am the author for the novel The Dark Moon Chronicles. I am looking for someone to write this into an RPG setting. I know, the question of the hour is "Why not do it myself?" Well, first I am too close to the work, and second I am writing the novel. I want this written with the game mechanic in mind. Originally, I was going to split the Dark Moon up into several books but my editor pointed out the story was better when it was all completed in real time, with the cross over and all included. My characters and the setting work well with magic an
  3. by the way this is what I have written as of 3:55 pm to day the first draft so be warned but for some of you this might be interesting The birds over head sound the cries of children. The day is gone and all is left is the oily residue of the night and its shinny lights called stars. There is the emptiness we call our lives we hear the Call of something distant and peaceful, is it our own death that calls us, to bed in its wings of shadow, to lay in its robes of night. We fear the end, we hear the almost siren call of the eternal. It all happens so quickly the sudden burst of youth and
  4. here is Hello my name Is Christopher Lee House I am the Arthur for Dark Moon Chronicles novel. I am looking for some one to write the rpg setting, why I do not do it, one I am to close to the work. two I am writing the novel, I want to write it with an rpg setting in mind, thus I want a game mechanic in mind when I write the story and how my character well work magic and sorcery and technology. now as a writer I know how this can be done, but it dawn on me would it not fare better if my book and a rpg setting where both released close to one another? the Novel is a cross over piece
  5. THE SIMPLE VERSION or the pitched version is Grave Quest is a horror thriller setting set up as a secret organization which lead people though the occult world looking for true monsters and initiating pople into occult fighters, then it ether incorporates them into the organization or pass them onto specific type that send over to three other settings. Badlands is the near future of a post catastrophic setting of earth after invasion by the Laxion - an off shoot of the Serpent people < but thier not serpents their more like dino people> because of the advance science ,sorcery. of the
  6. Dark moon Chronicles- setting and info here I well post my writings- some very rough of the Dark Moon setting - Chronology and story as well as setting information- The Dark Moon Chronicles are an alternate present and future of the end time as it where but more so about humanities struggle to carrie on. some part are cross overs - with heavy game flavor of normal but adventures coming from our present time to help save the race of Man kine of Menikine as there called in one setting. I have set it up else where on other blog but I well repost it so you do not have to look for it. Dark
  7. Dark Moon Chronicles. so again I am ready to write, I am doing up the Darkmoon Chronicles amuti genera setting its all horror fantasy but it has several tiers. Gravequest: secret organization fight the future of the dark moon and its agents and cults as it draws near. Baddlands gunsmoke and steam fantasy : the arrival of the dark moon has ushered in a global fight against Laxivon empire and Humans, who have nothing but steam tech to fight the Sorcerors of the old ones. Avalaughn the raise of man: Man has been conquered for a thousand years- but some Gods well not let man die out and h
  8. a 1000 years after the Laxivon Giant Saurian Race invade Our world from a Portal of the Dark Moon, Men are few and fare between , the human species has been split up into three sub species, Darithil: short stout miners and engineers, great physical laborers breed for long hours of work, Thonisz very and Tall lanky with long features breed to serve the Giant Laxivons in their homes labs and operate their sorceress devices. and the Pakoonie small frail things made to raise live stock and grow food, vegetarians with a Crazy deposition for nuts and Wanderlust after 50 years, of all the species P
  9. what happen to morgan press ? I like second age of Atlantis? did they die , or did they get smushed or loss it like so many did when distributers repped though small press games >?>:->
  10. that right i just picked up the old version of THieves world and it had several game system in it one was runequest, but it need to be brought up to date! I one day see BRP as the real standerd Role play system its just to easy to use. THere are some really good world out thier with some poor or weak game systems that well need a good home now that d20logo is like fading! I mean talking about let shoot our selves in the foot type of moves. but hay no one said that the guys at hasbro where actually fuctioning with all card in the ceck! <I have an ideal, let Alienate half of ou
  11. I see this as an operatunity for several old Game to be revived into basic roleplaying system. Just a few games out thier that would rock in the BRP system Justifiers Star Fronters AFTERMATH Other suns Villians and Vigilaties Space opera Traveller a revised and expanded superworld Gamma World Boothill Adventures in Fantasy Top Secret Man, Myth and magic THieves World Conan second age of Atlantis just to name a few!
  12. Baddlands Somewhere! Sometime! Other then here and now! There is a land that only a few witness though Nightmares and horrific Hallucinations. In the twisted waste lands of another Space and time there is the final civilization. This empty barren place is home to the last free territory of the World Order. A one world government that came into power after the Great world wars of the 20th century. Many Generations later after the last Great war used Nukes instead of bullets and bombs, the world order took control of the remaining cities and supplies and declared martial Law. The Wor
  13. I have so much I want to do with the basic roleplaying game that I have not the time to flush them all out! some of my ideals Gravequest: this one is a have too, so as to publish it at Chaosium! Age of Conan Outlaw bikers of the badlands Sadazar Gate city Avolawn: the second rise of man Space opera FGU CONVERTED TO BRP oh the horror! :eek:
  14. I need to be a member of that sight and its recruiting is closed I do not suppose any one else has this as a PDF, OR SOME SUCH link to get it>
  15. let see take all your old gamers and all the game they have played and that me! I keep looking for the perfect rpg, and keep coming back to Coc/brp. none are as flexible as BRPS<OOPS > WELL that what I AM USE TO CALLING IT! I have run everything from gangsters and druglord in BRP to post apoc fantasy! I have been useing UNisystem witch is really a good game but, some reason it don't click for me as much as BRP, i do not know why? at gencons Ifrom 2000-2004 I ran allfelsh must be eaten Manison Run- Two or three years ago I used CoC to do my manson run and it ran as well if not it seeme
  16. 625 downloads

    this is a ideal I had when I decided to make age of Conan with BRP. sENSE MONGOOSE well not use Runequest or BRP to make Conan a more enjoyable game I decided to do it my self, but I wanted a little more humph to the game so I made Techniques, so fare they are all combat, but I well get to the Non Combat Techniques, please give me some feed back, if you have better ideals I am all ears.or eyes as the case may be!
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