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  1. I don't think I will get the Spanish version (I already got the English books, but who knows, I got RQ6 softcover, RQ6 hardcover, and Mythras, I might be getting the same rules a fourth time 😋), but this is good news. I hope it helps spread the good word among Spanish fans of Mythras. By the way, how many languages has Mythras been translated to?
  2. Thank you for the info! Sometimes, comments like this are way more informative, and tell you more about a game, than certain reviews.
  3. I don't see the point in splitting the RQ forum. On the contrary, I would suggest that several subforums (or all of them!) should be eliminated. When a subforum gets few posts, it feels lifeless and abandoned.
  4. I just checked the corebooks, and you're right, these spells don't appear in MRQ2, or Legend.
  5. Ooops, I had forgotten about this thread I opened almost one year ago. I would like to say thank you to everybody who contributed to this thread. Finally I got a copy of RQ Land of the Samurai, but no Price of Honour.
  6. Were RQ Land of the Samurai and its campaign Price of Honour any good? Did anyone here use them? How do they compare to RQ3 Land of Ninja? I have a chance to get a copy of both supplements, and I would like to hear some opinions.
  7. It surely depends on which country you're in. I received my copy in January, two months ago, but I live in Spain, which is very close to Italy.
  8. A few minutes ago, the postman rang the bell, my physical copy of Rd100 had arrived. Thank you!
  9. Has anyone received their physical copy of Revolution d100? I'm eager to have it here and read it thoroughly.
  10. When Chaosium stated that their new RuneQuest (RQ7) would be Glorantha-only, I thought they would stop supporting any Mythic Earth setting. I'm glad to see I was wrong, and that we will enjoy a new edition of Mythic Iceland.
  11. Thank you for the pics! The partnership between the Design Mechanism and Aeon Games is a great thing for us European fans.
  12. Sorry Michael, what discount are you talking about? Was there a discount?
  13. Thank you Paolo, 8€ is not bad, I just preordered. I am downloading the PDF right now, and looking forward to my physical copy.
  14. Can I ask how much it is? I don't live in Germany, but shipping to Spain will be similar, I guess...
  15. Claudius

    Aeon Games

    Thank you for your answers, I will definitely check Aeon Games site. Their offer of free shipping to all Europe is great. I will wait patiently (or rather impatiently) until I can order books from them.
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