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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the basic character creator I made in Excel for BRP several years ago. Thought I'd share.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A sheet to record what powers you've purchased in the BRP system
  3. Downloads: A new file has been added by texaspoet: BRP Supers Excel Sheet Big Update
  4. Downloads: A new file has been added by texaspoet: BRP Supers Excel Sheet This is where I'm at, if you'd like to take a look. It works for a supers game now, but I have to finish filling in some text spots. It works on the assumption of adding all of the characteristics together to determine the supers power budget. I have yet to add the failings drop down list. Cheers for now, though. I will upload the updates as I work on it. terry
  5. 895 downloads

    I like Almighty GM's BRP Sheet, and I made it a fillable pdf. Thread Discussion
  6. Downloads: A new file has been added by texaspoet: AlmightyGM's BRP Character Sheet (Fillable) I like Almighty GM's BRP Sheet, and I made it a fillable pdf.
  7. I just uploaded my Excel Sheet that we use for making basic fantasy BRP characters, with the Magic Powers. It's in the downloads section. I also put my little checklist for buying Super Powers there, as a .pdf. Cheers! Terry (texaspoet)
  8. 361 downloads

    A simple sheet for buying your super powers.
  9. There doesn't happen to be a copy of the 2008 one that I could get, is there? Also, I can dig around and see if I have artwork to contribute to this year's volume too. Terry Whisenant
  10. Hey I'd be interested in playtesting and possibly doing artwork. My latest published work was in Jim Baen's Universe magazine. Terry RW Whisenant
  11. Cool beans. I'm working on integrating all the magic systems at the moment, from the Base Book. Cheers! Terry
  12. I am working on a version with the Super Powers in it for a modern superhero campaign. Terry!
  13. Here are the two links: Excel 2007 Version Excel 97-2003 Version Cheers!
  14. Hi all, texaspoet here, I've been gaming since '78, and have played everything major. I do a lot of illustration, I make a lot of character sheets and such, and I just posted my in progress EXCEL sheet for BRP. I'm running a fantasy campaign using it atm, and am about to run a "all the power systems" supers game. watch out! anyhoo, look forward to contributing widgets and such in the future.
  15. No worries, I already see a few things I'm going to change, so maybe there will be an update sooner than I thought.
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