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    Four Phases in a Melee Round (Resolution of Missiles)

    We went on Strike Ranks, with movement taking up some Strike Ranks. It makes sort-of sense to move everyone at the same time when using figures on a battle-map, just so you can see where everyone is, but moving by strike Ranks is easier when casting spells/firing missiles.
  2. soltakss

    Larry DiTillio, RIP

    RIP The Sword of Hollywood. I remember seeing his name on He Man and also Babylon 5, but first knew of him from Different Worlds.
  3. soltakss

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    Hawkmoon is probably one of the best Eternal Champion series not to have read the books for, so you should be OK. At its core, it is post-apocalypse Europe, but if you treat it as "Gran-Bretan Nutters vs everyone else" then that works.
  4. soltakss

    White Bull Spirit Cult

    In our recent Argonauts Campaign, the White Bull was a spirit that was rarely seen. Anyone who sees the White Bull can sacrifice a point of POW to follow the White Bull. Anyone who follows the White Bull finds that their mount turns white when in the company of other followers of White Bull. Each Praxian Nation has a Sacred Society of the White Bull, but this is a Secret Society and is not commonly mentioned. Some followers of the White Bull won't even know about their White Bull Society, unless they meet another follower. What the PCs did in my campaign, and what Argarth did in Glorantha, was to realise that the White Bull had followers in all Praxian Nations, so it allowed them/him to unite Praxians in a way never before seen. In our campaign, the PCs found that some Pentians followed the White Stallion and that the White Stallion and White Bull followers' mounts turned white in each other's presence, which helped re-establish a Pure Horse Tribe in Prax. Clearly that is non-canonical. One of the PCs was embarrassed because he rode a zebra and a white zebra looks very similar to a white horse, so he always pointed out the white on white stripes. I gave it the Harmony and Beast Runes. As for magic, I didn't give it any, it is more of a Brotherhood than anything else, a way for Riders to come together. In the pan-Praxian sense, it is a Brotherhood across the Nations, helping the Praxian nations to unite. See, that doesn't gel with me, as the stuff I read indicated that Argrath united the White Bull Societies of the Bison and Sable Riders. However, I cannot find sources or quotes for that. Hmmm, I can see that Argrath uses the White Bull Brotherhood for his own ends, which is fine. However, I still like the idea of the White Bull Societies existing before Argrath.
  5. I am currently working on Merrie England: Age of Crusade. Trying to embrace new technology, I am using Google Docs, but it really struggles with large documents, so I have had to break some areas out into a number of documents, which is not ideal. Progress so far: Introduction - Complete Adventurers - Complete but might be tweaked The Crusades - Complete Gazetteer - Complete Religion and Magic - Complete but might be tweaked Magical Science - Complete Major Religions - In Progress Medieval Warfare - Complete Knights and Chivalry - Complete Personalities - Yet to Start Angels and Demons - Complete Magical Beings - Complete but might be tweaked Campaigns - Yet to Start
  6. It is meant to flatten out the damage bonus. However, there is an option somewhere that converts Nd2 to more traditional D100 dice.
  7. soltakss

    Gloranthan Animal Migrations

    Of course there are wild horses in Pent. In my Glorantha, Pentians have herds of domestic horses, which they breed, but they also break/tame wild horses. In fact, it is a rite of passage to tame a wild horse.
  8. soltakss

    List of dead characters

    Thanks. That isn't the one I saw but does just as good a job.
  9. soltakss

    Runequest video game

    We told the people on the RQG preview list the news first. Here's our official announcement: https://www.chaosium.com/blogblack-shamrock-to-bring-beloved-fantasy-roleplaying-adventure-runequest-to-life-with-allnew-video-game/ Sounds good to me, but it's a pity I don't play video/computer games. 🙄 I hope it turns out really good and is exciting, playable and keep a lot of what we love about Glorantha. However, what are the chances that people complain because a building in one scene doesn't fit Sartar, that a Dark Troll doesn't look right or that there are too many/not enough Ducks?
  10. Sure, of course it is reasonable. A warhorse will fight in combat, a cavalry horse will allow you to fight in combat but other horses might need a Horsemanship roll to go against a bear. Using a lance against a bear is a perfectly good tactic, so why not? I am not really familiar with Pendragon combat to comment on the damage etc, but what you did sounds OK to me.
  11. There is no reason why it can't be both a male and female name. Look at names such as Jordan in the real world.
  12. soltakss

    Earth Elementals

    There is a Gnome to Gargoyle spell, so that implies that gnomes do not look like gargoyles. In my game, a gnome doesn't look like anything. It is just the ground, or the earth in the ground and opens up as a pit when it wants to. It is just a blob of earth. One of our PCs once summoned a small gnome, ordered it to grip a stone pillar, then pulled the pillar out of the ground, just to see what the gnome looked like. I think he washed the earth off with a jet of water as well, but that just washed the gnome away.
  13. soltakss

    Sanctify Duration?

    I treat it like Warding. You cast the spell around some sacred artefact, or using an idol or whatever, and the spell stays in effect while the focus is intact. Moving the idol, or desecrating the place probably stops the effect of the Sanctify. In RQ3, Temples had Temple Defences, generated as a side-effect of worship. I always played that the first spell the Temple had was Sanctify, to make it a sacred place. RQG has something similar, so I'd say that when a Temple is enabled, it gets Sanctify as the first spell of Temple Defences.
  14. soltakss

    Tithing and Magic items

    When we played high-level RQ2, we were all Rune Lords, Rune Priests, or Rune Lord-Priests/Rune Priest-Lords, so we were the heads of the cults. Some of us even became High Priests. So, we had a convention that we gave magical items to the Cult and were immediately given them back on a permanent loan. So, they belonged to the cult but we could use them as if they were our own. It helped that we could reasonably expect to challenge any cultists who disagreed with our approach. 200% Bastard Sword tends to help in disagreements.
  15. soltakss

    Humakt's Gift of Weapon Blessing

    Posting here is fine. Sure, why not? I would count each time as a separate Gift, though, with another Geas. According to the writeup, it says "If the same geas is rolled twice, roll again.", but not the same Gift. Some Gifts make no sense if you roll them twice. For example rolling 6 gives you the Sense Assassin skill and rolling 8 gives you a Detect Undead ability. What I would do is make them both Skills, so you get Sense Assassin or Sense Undead, then if you roll them again you get Detect Assassin or Detect Undead. 1-5 and 7 can be stacked without a problem, 12 is fine if you want very fast MP regain and 9-11 are fine stacked, but some people prefer to go up in increments, x2 for 1st, x3 for 2nd, x4 for 3rd and so on rather than x2/x4/x8. Yes. However, he also gets the Geas multiple times. I play that a Humakti can take another Gift/Geas at a worship ceremony. However, if you view Humakti as knight-like then they could be doing some kind of vigil on the Humakt Temple, or could just swear an oath to Humakt.
  16. soltakss

    Puns we know and love

    Who can forget the Marital Arts skill that appeared on one of the Character Sheets?
  17. soltakss

    Explaining Mastery...

    Some people might prefer to play HQ1 and have more experienced PCs. When I have run SuperHeroQuest, for example, some Super Powers started with 2 Masteries.
  18. soltakss

    Boat travel time

    Rivers are difficult, as a fast-flowing river makes travel downstream faster than upstream.
  19. soltakss

    Cult for a Centuar PC

    Shergar Sunhoof, Centaur Extraordinaire, joined the Yelmalio cult for several reasons: He didn't want to be a Hunter or join Orlanth RQ2 didn't have anything for Arachne Solara or Animism and he didn't want to be a Shaman Yelmalio specifically allowed Beastmen to join The fact that he could charge with a lance and that counted as a spear for Rune Lord status, or that he could use a specialised form of Kuschile Horse Archery, was neither here nor there. Before he became a Rune Lord, he would name-drop Uncle Ironhoof in conversation, then gained the Geas "Speak only Truth to everyone", so decided that name-dropping was not cool and stopped. He ended up being the High Priest of a travelling Yelmalio Temple and War Chief of a Yelmalian Centaur Warband in northern Prax.
  20. soltakss

    Puns we know and love

    Genertela - When said with a "J" sound not a "G", explains Genert's reproductive aspect Svenstown, Wilms Chruch and Zorak Zoran were named after players in the Chaosium House Campaign, I believe On a side note, we have pretty much banned some words in our games, as one of the players is guaranteed to come up with a stock response. There are more but I can't remember them until they come up. Elvish - A bloke down the chip-shop swears he's Elvis Bard - Hey, you're barred
  21. soltakss

    Outlaw or Underground Cults in the Lunar Empire

    Anything that agrees with Jeff.
  22. soltakss

    The Seven Mothers' Lightbringer Quest

    Jakaleel as negotiator and navigator in the Underworld makes a lot of sense, being a Hell-Witch. I prefer these allocations. I cannot find a PDF version of Lives of Sedenya on my PC, but I am sure that gave some clues about how the Seven Mothers Quest worked.
  23. Mainly the second, at least for Merrie England. It has Magicians, Elves and Dragons, but not as commonplace creatures. I have used legends, Fairy Tales and Folk Ballads as background sources.
  24. soltakss

    Moon Rock

    I have it like red pumice, but with a faint soft glow. Quite light, quite crumbly, but various shades of red. After all, it was made by someone gathering all the earth up, squeezing it a bit and them floating it into the air.