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    BRP Western

    No need to make Cthulhu out of anything.
  2. soltakss

    Skill base chances. What do you prefer ?

    Actually, Einstein wasn't that good at Maths, apparently. He apparently had a Mathematician, whose name escapes me, who did a lot of the maths for him. Of course, I was told this by a mathematician at University whilst on a Pure Maths course, so I might be a little biased. He certainly had a Theoretical Physics skill of over 100%. Now, there I would disagree. I don't know the penalties in BRP for doing something difficult, but if you had a problem that was difficult (-50%) and a very skilled person could do this just about every time he tried it, then he would have a skill of 150%. It's difficult to generalise about these things without concrete examples to back them up, but I would say that a lot of experts would have skills way above 100%.
  3. soltakss

    Spellcasting tactics

    An allied spirit is in mind-link with its master, so can see through its master's eyes. So, unless the Runemaster is unconscious, the allied spirit can cast spells quite happily. It can also cast spells on its master with range touch as it is effectively touching its master at all times. Depending whether you want to allow fetches to cast spells, they have to become Visible to interact with the mundane plane, in which case they can see anything around (probably up to their POW in metres) and can be seen.
  4. soltakss

    Spellcasting tactics

    Yes, Marital Arts (Knowledge Base 00%) is used to enhance the Marital experience. Despite what the unmarried ones amongst us think, it mainly consists of things like "Put those shelves up! Take the rubbish out! Do the hoovering! Mow the lawn! Let me watch my programme!" and only very, very rarely touches on that which causes sniggering at the back.
  5. soltakss

    WOW Style Vehicles

    I was going to say that vehicles have vitals - tyres, brake cables, hydraulics, fuel tanks etc - so specials/impales have their place. But you've covered that. Presumably, criticals can still ignore armour. What about indirect damage done to occupants of vehicles? If a shell penetrates armour, will the excess damage go and hurt the occupants? If so, is it on a 1:1 basis or should we use a scaling factor?
  6. soltakss

    How to include the wiki more?

    If you made it viewable as a Forum, but only editable as a Wiki, then that would be ideal. Viewable as a Forum means it is easy to view and has topics organised together. Editable as a Wiki means that people won't just post responses willy-nilly and it will stay focussed as a usable resource. When BRP comes out officially, the Wiki should take off.
  7. soltakss

    Who's gonna buy one the preview copies?

    "Amazing Adventures in Different Worlds" - now that takes me back a long, long time. Maybe Different Worlds can come back as a fanzine .... No, I won't be buying this one, although I like the cover. Money is tight at the moment and I can't see the point of spending 20 pounds on a book that I'm going to spend 20 pounds on later on anyway.
  8. soltakss

    Mil-scifi. Feedback on char-gen wanted

    I don't really see the point of EDU in such games. All it seems to do is to give points that can be allocated to other skills. That, and having a base Characteristic for a Knowledge Roll (EDUx5%) to see if your character knows about something. A Points-based Character Generation System doesn't really need any extra ways of generating points, so you can skip EDU for that. You don't need a general catch-all skill to see if you know something - you can use various Lores/Knowledge skills to reflect knowledge - RQ had General Knowledge, for instance. Also, EDU is not necessarily related to skills. Someone who went to University and studied Classics/Archaeology would have a high EDU but wouldn't know the first thing about techie skills, so you can't even use EDU as a catch-all as it is going to be specific to an area or general field. So, no EDU for me.
  9. soltakss

    elf/dwarf presence in swords & sorcery

    I don't mind elves and dwarves. Even Orcs have their place as a fantasy species. You have to fit them in, though, and it does depend on the setting. Discworld dwarves are interesting for a bit, their elves are really great (cruel, unfeeling, haughty Lords and Ladies). If you can have trolls then why not elves and dwarves?
  10. soltakss

    Spellcasting tactics

    Think fast? :confused: My lot couldn't think fast if their lives depended on it. Even with Statements of Intent, when it comes to their SR, they: 1. Have to work out their attack chance again, even though it was the same as last round 2. Take 5 minutes to decide which combat tactic they are using (ignore armour, strike a location, disarm etc) 3. Rework their attack chance, depending on the tactic chosen 4. Spend 2 minutes finding their dice 5. Spend 2 minutes shaking the dice 6. Spend 2 minutes working out their special chance EVEN THOUGH THEY ROLLED 70 7. Spend 2 minutes finding damage dice and shaking the dice 8. Spend 2 minutes painstakingly adding up the damage We get through, on average, one combat per session. :mad:
  11. soltakss

    WFRP Style Fate points in BRP?

    My players love them. It's all a matter of taste, I suppose.
  12. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    It just goes to show there are far nerdier people out there than me, I'm glad to say.
  13. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    Have a look at Federation Starships and Alpha Fleet Simulations Group's Federation Starship Directory for Star Trek ships and Federation starships - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki for mind-boggling detail. http://www.st-minutiae.com/misc/comparison/comparison_huge.png for a comparison of different spaceships from different settings. B5TECH.COM - The Babylon 5 Tech-Manual. for Babylon 5 stats, again in mind-boggling detail. Battlestar Galactica: Technical Manual for Battlestar Galactica statistics. So, there are websites that give length, mass, drive and weaponry information for a whole host of SciFi ships. Now, all we need to do is to collate them into a single spreadsheet, decide on relative sizes, allocate SIZ to them, then work out other stats. Easy, really.
  14. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    Some Cruisers from the excellent Star wars DatabankStar Wars: Databank | Starship Archive: Star wars Federation Cruiser Size: 1,088 meters long Manufacturer: Free Dac Volunteers, Pammant Docks Type: Carrier/destroyer (Providence-class) Weapon: 14 quad turbolaser turrets; 34 dual laser cannons; 2 ion cannons; 12 point-defence ion cannons; 102 proton torpedo tubes Affiliation: Trade Federation; Confederacy of Independent Systems Imperial Star Destroyer Size: 1,600 meters long Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Type: Cruiser Affiliation: Empire Associations: Daala, Admiral; Imperial Navy Troopers; Isard, Ysanne; Needa, Captain Lorth; Pellaeon, Gilad; Ren-Cha, Gir Kybo; Screed, Admiral; Thrawn, Grand Admiral Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser: Size: 600 meters long Manufacturer: Rendili StarDrive Type: Dreadnaught heavy cruiser Weapon: 10 turbolaser cannons, 20 quad turbolaser cannons, 10 turbolaser batteries Affiliation: Galactic Empire Associations: Bel Iblis, Garm Republic Cruiser: Homeworld: Coruscant Size: 115 meters long Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation Type: Cruiser Weapon: None Affiliation: Jedi, Galactic Republic Republic Attack Cruiser: Size: 1,137 meters long Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Type: Cruiser (Venator-class Star Destroyer) Weapon: 8 heavy turbolasers; 2 medium dual turbolasers; 52 laser cannons; 4 proton torpedo launchers; 6 tractor beam projectors Affiliation: Galactic Republic; Galactic Empire Associations: Republic attack cruiser Super Star Destroyer: Homeworld: Fondor Size: 19,000 meters Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Type: Star Dreadnought Weapon: Over 5,000 turbolasers and ion cannons. Affiliation: Empire Associations: Imperial Navy Troopers; Isard, Ysanne; Ozzel, Admiral Kendal; Piett, Admiral; Vader, Darth Dreadnaught: Size: 600 meters long Manufacturer: Rendili StarDrive Type: Dreadnaught heavy cruiser Weapon: 10 turbolaser cannons, 20 quad turbolaser cannons, 10 turbolaser batteries Affiliation: Galactic Empire Associations: Bel Iblis, Garm; Dreadnaught heavy cruiser Correlian Gunship: Size: 120 meters long Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation Type: Mid-sized anti-starfighter starship Weapon: 6 quad laser cannons; 8 double turbolaser cannons; 4 concussion missile tubes Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Dornean Gunship: Size: 90 meters Manufacturer: Dornean Braha'ket Fleetworks Conglomerate Type: Anti-starfighter gunship Weapon: 8 double turbolaser canons; 8 concussion missile launchers Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Trade Federation Battleship: Size: 3170 meters diameter Manufacturer: Hoersch- Kessel Drive Type: battleship (converted freighter) Weapon: Turbolaser cannons Affiliation: Trade Federation Associations: battle droid; Gunray, Nute; Haako, Rune Trade Federation Gunship: Size: 1,088 meters long Manufacturer: Free Dac Volunteers, Pammant Docks Type: Carrier/destroyer (Providence-class) Weapon: 14 quad turbolaser turrets; 34 dual laser cannons; 2 ion cannons; 12 point-defense ion cannons; 102 proton torpedo tubes Affiliation: Trade Federation; Confederacy of Independent Systems Mon Calamari Star Cruiser: Homeworld: Mon Calamari Size: 1,200 meters long Type: Capital ship cruiser Weapon: Laser cannons, turbolasers, tractor beams Affiliation: Rebel Alliance Associations: Ackbar, Admiral; Mon Calamari
  15. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    True. Once you have decided on a scale or framework, then it is easy to slot different types of ship in. You just have to decide where a particular ship fits into the scheme of things. If you have a set of relative values for each SciFi Setting, you can slot other ships in according to their relative ranks. That's the problem with having numbers for starships. 4.5 Megatonnes is a hell of a spaceship and is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to build, except in a SciFi game/film/series/novel. Each class of spaceship will be different - the Star Tek ships have different classes to Star Wars Imperial Cruisers or Mimbari Cruisers or whatever. Agreed. While it would be useful to know if Mr Strong can lift and throw a Starfighter, it would be less useful to know that he couldn't lift a Battlestar. Mile-long starships are probably just too big to be picked up by anything.
  16. soltakss

    BRP Preview Images

    I've never seen a good character sheet in any roleplaying game rulebook. I know that people will say "Look at so-and-so or such-and-such a game" and point out some examples. But, I've never seen them.
  17. Are you aware of the RQ Alternate Earth site? Not much happening at the moment, but it might kick back to life at any time. alternateearthrq : Alternate Earth and Alternate Earth RQ Have you written anything up? I'd love to hear about anything related to Ancient Earth .....
  18. soltakss

    Hit points, locations, damage, etc.

    Oh, yes, that's probably right. See, as I paraphrased "Yah! Boo! Sucks to you!". So, where's the official one with hit locations, then? >:->
  19. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    Generally, if you have rules for spaceship design, then you are focussing on the SciFi element of the game. The rules may be generic, but other rules will be setting/genre specific and may well contradict rules in the BRP rulebook. So, I wouldn't worry too much on how spaceship design affects a Supers game. Also, I'd tend to split out aircraft design from spaceship design. Sure, have rules for aircraft and ships, but don't mix them with spaceship design.
  20. soltakss

    BRP Preview Images

    We went there in the Playtest Group. I pointed out that the basic character sheet didn't contain Hit Locations. Jason pointed out that Hit Locations were an Optional Rule and so shouldn't be in a generic sheet. I pointed out that EDU was an Optional Rule and shouldn't be in a generic character sheet. Jason said "Yah! Boo! Sucks to you!". Or something like that, anyway. Obviously, I paraphrase But, any character sheet that has EDU and no Hit Locations screams COC to me (and not in a good sense).
  21. You'd probably like Stupor Mundi, then. It's for RQM but could be used with BRP with no problem at all.
  22. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    I wouldn't necessarily be too slavish about +8 SIZ doubles mass. If you have super-massive ships then you have to work out mass, engine thrust and so on. I'd keep things relative and rough. Well, yes and no. If you have power drain through equipment use then you need to track it. You either have enough power to do something or you don't. Perhaps, but how would you model a situation where the generators are dead and you only have enough Life Support for 4 hours (Standard Star Trek Episode Number ???)? That's why I think you need some kind of power requirement for Life Support, it causes you to make life or death choices. Do I cut the power to Life Support so that I can charge the batteries enough to make a Hyper-Jump even though it means some of our crew members could die? That makes sense as well. I think we'd need to hack out some rules, then build some spaceships and see how the rules go. You know, almost like a playtest I've never played Star Fleet Battles, but it sounds like the kind of thing you might need to do. That's how Star Trek always did it, anyway. Star Wars doesn't really track power but does track system damage. [sIZ Table] Whatever the scale is, it needs to be consistent and needs to look reasonable. Also, we need to be able to put together some sample spaceships from other games/films/TV series to see how they work. That way, if we need a ship like a Battlestar then we can get a template, if we need something like a Sun Hawk then we have those stats. Has anyone got rules for Babylon 5/Star Trek/Star Wars ship stats? It doesn't really matter what the system is, things should be easy to convert as long as we have relative values. What kind of FTL/Interstellar travel do we have examples of? Hyper-Jump - Jump between two points in normal space through Hyperspace, instant travel, limited range/aiming. Hyper-Point - Opens up a Jump Point into Hyperspace and allows the ship to travel through Hyperspace faster than normal. This needs a Jump Point back to normal space. This has durational travel, with a cost for each jump and navigational skills, perhaps each ship has to be of a certain SIZ/Power to create a Hyper-Point. (Babylon 5) Hyper-Gate - Fixed Hyper-Points that allow for travel between these fixed gates. This gives durational travel, but the ship doesn't need to create a Jump Point. (Babylon 5, Buck Rogers) Warp Speed - Warps space and allows for Faster Than Light travel. Each Warp is a multiple, or perhaps a power of normal light speed. (As Star Trek) Worm Hole - Opens up a worm hole between 2 points in normal space. Allows travel between the two ends of the worm hole. (Farscape, Star Trek Next Generation) I'm sure I've forgotten many types. You should all go out and get Pirates! Ya-har! It is really goodf and captures the feel of the setting. It's not very Mongoosey either. Ship Design has templates for Barge, Barque, Brigantine, Canoe, Corvette, Fishing Boat, Fluyt, Frigate, Galleon, Indiaman, Raft, Rowboat, Schooner, Small Trader, Sloop, Snow and Warship. Each ship has hull, Structure Points, Seaworthiness, Length, Draft, Capacity, Crew (Minimum/Average/Maximum), Speed, Weapons and Skill (Shiphandling/Boating). Ship Qualities can be Agile, Battleshy, Clumsy, Cursed, Defiant, Distinctive, Fragile, Foul, Good, Ill, Lucky, Nimble, Reliable, Slow, Sluggish, Stealthy, Sturdy, ZSweet, Swift or Unreliable. Each one gives a bonus or penalty to certain skills/attributes. So, Fragile gives -1 Hull, but Foul gives +10% to all Crew Resilience Checks (+10% to CONx5% Rols in BRP). Ships can have Modifications, such as Aft Guns, Bulwarks, Copper Bottom, Chase Guns, Full Repairs, Hidden Cargo Space, Lighten Hull, More Cannons, More Cargo Space, More Sail or Reinforced Hull. These changfe the characteristics of the ship. Temporary Measure include Bail out the Bilges, Batten Down the Hatches, False Colours and Partial Repairs and each gives a temporary bonus or has a temporary effect. There are rules for crew quality, crew numbers, random events, plunder, crew combat, ship to ship combat, sighting and chasing ships and more. It's all very modular and seems easy to use. I reckon it wouldn't take more than half an hour or so to come up with a workable ship using these rules. That's the kind of thing I'd like to see in a BRP Spaceship design - modular and easy to use. Not very technical and modelling exactlky how a spaceship works (after all, we don't know how proper spaceships work). Is it worth summarising them for those of us who don't have them? I got a lot of fre stuff from Drivethrurpg, but haven't gone through them yet, some of them may have ship design rules.
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    Brainstorming spaceship design

    If you use a battleboard, you need to make it 3D and that's a pain, you need multiple 2D grids and hexboards don't really work in 3D. I'd go for the second, unless you want the "Well, you try and use your Forward Blasters but you are just out of range and they fizzle out" approach. For energy weapons, range is pretty irrelevant anyway, I'd give them damage that reduces with range as the beams become unfocussed. If you're the kind of person who uses hexboards in combat then hexboards will be useful for spaceship combat.
  24. soltakss

    Brainstorming spaceship design

    .gbx files are Game Boxes from Cyberboard. Go to the Cyberboard website CyberBoard or the download site CyberBoardfor an excellent program to model board games. I draw all my maps in Cyberboard now.