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  1. This is always a difficult question. A new PC might be a lay member or might be a seasoned veteran. Am experienced Gloranthan Player might be playing a 16 year old PC and a Player new to Glorantha might be playing an experienced Gloranthan Adventurer. What I normally do is assume a basic level of knowledge, covering certain areas. Anything else you have to make an applicable Lore roll to know. So, a 16 year old Sartarite Adventurer would know that Boldhome is the capital of Sartar, that Jonstown and Wilmkirk are towns in Sartar, maybe even that Whitewall is a friendly city near Sartar and that Pavis has a lot of Sartarites in Prax, but wouldn't know about settlements along the Zola Fel. An experienced Adventurer may well have been to Pavis and know a lot about it.
  2. soltakss

    Harpy Dung

    Yes, it's just another type of missile. The Multimissiles wouldn't carry the chaotic effects of Harpy Dung, in my opinion, but you would still be slimed, at least temporarily.
  3. I saw Aslan from Traveller stated out for BRP once.
  4. I'd say that the Assistant Shaman could have a personal relationship with Idrema and get some magic for him/herself. Creating a Spirit Cult might be a job for a full Shaman, though, so he might have to come back again. However, in RQG, some Shamanic Powers are modular, so you can have one power and not another, so it is possible that an Assistant Shaman might have the power to start a Spirit Cult without being a full Shaman.
  5. Yes and No. As with anything Glorantha, Yes and No is a good answer. The God Time is one event, with everything happening simultaneously outside of Time itself. However, there are clearly things that are linear and have causality. Many of the Myths are Linear and A happens because B happened and causes C to happen. That's fine and dandy, it makes things nice and clear and easy to use. The difficulty, or fun, happens when you look at several myths that interact. So, one myth might have A causes B causes C and another myth might have D causes E causes F, but there could be a myth where F happens in A and E relates to something that happened in C. I can't think of any examples, off the top of my head, but I know there are example out there. Sometimes, a deity can be referenced before the deity is born, for example. Absolutely, yes, you can get creative with apparent paradoxes. That kind of thing can work, as each Myth is seen differently through the eyes of the participants and onlookers. So, looking at the Lightbringer Quest, it can be seen as: Orlanth: Whoops, I broke things big time and I need to fix it Chalana Arroy: The world needs healing and I want to be the one to heal it Lhankor Mhy: I need to bring back my True Love, the Mistress of Light and Knowledge, and this Orlanth chappie seems to know what he's doing Issaries: They need a guide, I am a guide, they need to find a Safe Path, I can find a Safe Path, perhaps we can do some trading Flesh Man: Wow, the world is a really confusing place, now that Grandfather Mortal has gone, perhaps these nice people can help me make sense of everything Eurmal: I'm bored, what can I do that's interesting, I know, I went to Hell to bring back Death, perhaps I can go again and bring back something interesting, this lot are going to Hell, so I might as well join them Ginna Jar: Who knows, I am mysterious and nobody knows what I am Looking at the LBQ from different persepectives shows that each deity had their own reasons for completing the HeroQuest. In the same way, Uleria might have wanted to bring all life together and could have persuaded the LightBringers to carry out their Quest. In the same way that Elmal was the Warrior who Guarded the Stead, Ernalda was the Queen to stayed at home and Doburdan was The Warrior who knobbed the Queen while Orlanth was Away.
  6. soltakss

    HP in RQG

    This goes back to the RQ2 system, where HPs are based on CON, with a bit from SIZ and a bit from POW. RQ3 had a simpler half of SIZ+CON, which was easy to calculate nut had big creatures with lots of hit points. I suppose it all depends on what you want out of the game. Do you want to be able to fell a giant with a sling shot? If so, then RQG Hit Points would work. Do you think that a giant should be really hard to kill and should soak up damage? If so, then RQ3 Hit Points would work.
  7. Mostal was associated with the Stasis rune, I think. Mostali use a form of sorcery. Lhankor Mhy had the Stasis rune in RQ2 and the Law rune in RQ3.
  8. Reading about Arkat a while ago, I came across something that said that he joined Humakt and Orlanth and gave the Orlanth cult his Brithini and Malkioni regalia for safekeeping. Now, to me, these sound like Artefacts and probably give access to Sorcery. Orlanth wouldn't want these, particularly, so could have given them to the Lhankor Mhy cult for safekeeping. That might be one way for Lhankor Mhy cultists to access sorcery. Alternatively, Lhankor Mhy might have come from the West and might have known sorcery right from the start.
  9. Troll Mauls have a low SR and high damage, combined with Trolls' generally higher SIZ and they can attack really early in the round and deal massive damage. Lances have a low SR and attack with the charging beast's SIZ, so again do a fair amount of damage quickly. We play that participating in a HeroQuest gives you a POW gain roll, as does participating in a High Holy day worship ceremony. Agree with all the other points. They are what makes RQ such a good game for me. I'd add that membership in a Cult defines you are a PC and gives you a sense of belonging and lifestyle rules to follow.
  10. soltakss

    Dragon's Blood

    Drinking Dragon Blood might allow you to gain a small measure of the power of the Dragon. Bathing in Dragon Blood might give you natural Armour Points, with tough skin, or some permanent Shimmer effect, or something similar. Dried Dragon Blood might form Powered Crystals, perhaps with some Draconic bent. Bottling up Dragon Blood might allow you to have a link to the Dragon, perhaps even to control it, but good luck with that.
  11. I wouldn't read too much into that. I have found your posts to be insightful and interesting. It is good to hear from new players, to get their thoughts and insights about the game. There are things that old players just ignore, handwave or change and we are so used to doing it that we forget that new players might struggle with some of the rules that we ignore. So, please carry on posting and ignore the likes/sad faces and so on.
  12. Two people put a sad face on the post. I don't think that is any reflection on your post. I'll like it to balance it out.
  13. I don't have any links, but the excellent Etrugrul:Resurrection has music that could be from Gloranthan worship ceremonies. The first series had Sufi chants and music from worship/magic ceremonies. Later series have shamanic ceremonies with drums and chants that could be Praxian or Pentian.
  14. Elves are generally friendly to Yelmalio, so the Elf could belong to Yelmalio, or be seeking help from a Yelmalian. I don't think that Elves particularly don't like human towns. Sure, some people say that they don;t like stone, or straight lines or whatever, but I've never thought that. They might be unhappy bout the amount of trees used without using Food Song, though. For me, if a Player can come up with a valid rationale, then it's fine by me. In our RQ2 campaign, we had troll, dwarf, elf, morokanth, duck, centaur and minotaur PCs, they normally banded together among storm or light lines, so the trolls adventured with storm bulls and Orlanthi and the elf adventured with light cultists. If you want a rationale: Trolls like killing chaos, elves and dwarves, if you are doing that then they'll happily join you. Elves protect the forest, like killing dwarves and trolls, like Yelmalio and may be rootless adventuring elves Dwarves might be from Pavis, in which case they are very special dwarves, or they might be Openhandist or have been sent on a mission Ducks are just people, so they might be fleeing the Lunar Empire, fighting Undead, be simple adventurers or be bandits trying to go straight Baboons are pretty much adventurers, when outside their family units, looking for fame and fortune Tusk Riders are thugs, heavies, Tuskers for Hire, they could be mercenaries looking for payment, or could just be tired of the mercenary life looking for adventure Wind Children are a bit difficult, they could have the same motivation as anyone else, looking for fame, fortune, adventure or revenge Minotaurs are chaos-fighting thugs, always happy to fight Centaurs away from their herds are just adventurers Newtlings that are bachelors are sent away from the Nests to become adventurers, gain experience, skills and magic, to strengthen them when they return to the Nests to mate These are just typical values. There is no reason for them not to have better armour if they can get them. PCs generally get the best armour they can. There may be reasons for having light armour. Ducks swim well, so they might have light armour as plate isn't designed for swimming. Were-Creatures might have to change shape, so light armour is better for doing that. Wind children need to fly, so might not have armour on their wings.
  15. Not really. You could use Treasure Factors, as mentioned previously, to give a very rough idea of how powerful or dangerous a foe is. My own guidelines are: Tough Armour - The more armour a foe has, the harder it is to defeat. This applies exponentially, so a foe with 4 point armour is not a lot tougher than one with 2 point armour, but a foe with 8 point plus armour is a lot harder to defeat than one with 4 point armour. High Damage - This really takes PCs down. Someone with a 3D6 or higher damage bonus will be really dangerous, as most average hits penetrate armour. A D10 weapon is slightly better than a D8 one, but not overly so, however, a D10 is a lot better than a D6. Multiple Attacks - This can be a killer, especially when combined with a high damage. A big cat with claw/claw/bite can be deadly. A Scorpion Man with weapon + Sting can be deadly. A Walktapus with several tentacles can be deadly. Special Attacks - Any foe with a special attack is dangerous. This can be poison, harmonise, love trance, breath weapon, gaze attacks or whatever. These are hard to counter and make the foe more dangerous. Special Abilities - These can make a foe dangerous. A foe who regenerates is hard to kill. A foe with an allied spirit can cast healing or other spells in combat. A shaman with spirits can be very dangerous. Magic - The more magic a foe has, the more dangerous the foe is likely to be. This counts double for combat-related magic. Numbers - Facing more foes is always more dangerous. I'd rather face one big bad boss than a number of foes. Hit Points - Not really an issue, as even really tough creatures have a fairly low hit points per location value. Once you penetrate armour, perhaps with a critical, if you can do 12 points of damage then you can take most things down.
  16. No, I've never played that. In my RQ, the spell range is the range up to which the spell can be cast. If the target then moves out of range, the spell continues. There may be some exceptions, if a spell is Active then it is possible that it must stay within range of the caster to be maintained, for example.
  17. Lokarnos used to have Hie Wagon, which allows a wagon or other wheeled vehicle to move faster. Mobility has been mentioned, but I am not sure about how RQG handles Endurance, so it might tire you out unless you have spells to counter that. Some cults have specialist magic that can help, Guided Teleportation has been mentioned. Frog Woman has Jump that takes a party of people in an extended Teleport that takes 24 hours to complete. River Horse has something similar that takes you to the Headwaters of any river, so can be used for fast travel, but I can't remember the spell name. Magic Roads are another way of doing this. You perform a minor HeroQuest to move quickly to another fixed point. Orlanth's Ram has been mentioned, but in my Glorantha I also have the Rainbow Bridge, which allows you to call down a Rainbow, so you can travel up and along it, to come down at another place. Some Chaos Nests have ways of magically transporting you, but you might not want that. Boats are good, especially along a river, you can use Undines to help power them, moving them faster. Ships with sails can also use Sylphs to fill the sails with wind, allowing them to move faster. Using undines and sylphs gives you a very fast ship. Winged creatures allow you to fly, sylphs have been mentioned, but Giant Hawks, Griffins and so on can be used. Pegasi are extinct, but could be brought back by a HeroQuest. Lunars use Moon Boats, Wyvern Riders and, in emergencies, the Crimson Bat, although the Crimson Bat is quite slow. Enterprising PCs might be able to fly on Dragons.
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