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    DIRGEzine Kickstarter is live

  2. Or they could use the False Form (?) Cacodemon spell, or its equivalent.
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    Coders on the Cradle

    A dark goddess of sacrifice, suffering and rebirth, she has an inverted pyramid that goes into the Underworld. Relatively new, by which she has only been around for 20 or 30 years, so I don;t know much about her.
  4. soltakss

    The Earth Tribe

    Oh, absolutely. The Land Goddesses are very important in their own lands. Esrola is almost as important as Ernalda in Esrolia, for example. However, the Six Goddesses have become important across Genertela and have eclipsed the Land Goddesses or the Crop Goddesses, to a large extent. Aurelion is the son of Esrola, or Gata, I can't remember, but I think it's Esrola. He is the Fertile Volcanic Earth from which all manner of plants can spring. I can't remember if Asrelia had any sons, but I am sure she did. Ty Kora Tek probably didn't, or, if she did, they'd be associated with the Underworld. Babeester Gor probably doesn't have children, but she might, she has changed from being a virgin goddess to one who has mates, in the same way that Maran Gor changed from having mates to not having mates, it is confusing.
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    The Enlo Curse

    For trolls from far away, they would have had a shock, as they would give birth to trollkin. After a while, they would HeroQuest to find out why and would find the answer, as they would be faced with Gbaji. Also, trolls who share the Curse of Kin are all part of Kyger Litor, so they all communicate with her. Mistress race Trolls everywhere are connected directly to Kyger Litor and would be able to find out. I really don't think there are any trolls who suffer from the Curse of Kin and don't know what caused it, I really don't. After all, it happened over a thousand years ago and Arkat conquered a good portion of central and western Genertela, with trading links to other parts, for example the Kingdom of Ignorance and the Snow Trolls. Word gets about. If some trolls had a different version of the Curse of Kin, it would involve some Light/Fire Being who burned Kyger Litor/Korasting.
  6. soltakss

    Do you use miniatures?

    One of our RQ2 players made his own miniatures, as he found out how to make moulds and could fill them with lead alloys. They started off as blobs but ended up reasonably good. However, he swore by the dipping technique, whereby he dipped them all in one colour paint, then let them dry out, dipped the legs in another colour and the helmets in another colour and so on. He sometimes hand painted shields, in one colour, or painted a rune on at the end, but they were mostly dipped. We have used numbered tiddlywink counters, monster figures from some old boardgame, unpainted lead miniatures, painted lead miniatures and paper cutouts, all did the job quite nicely.
  7. soltakss

    Outlaw or Underground Cults in the Lunar Empire

    Storm Bull is forbidden everywhere in the Lunar Empire, except for Bilini, I believe. Orlanth is forbidden everywhere, but bandits and thieves would worship him. Urain is forbidden, as he is worse than Storm Bull in a very bad mood. The Spolites have a lot of forbidden Darkness cults, but they have not been described. Monster Man is a forbidden cult, as it is the Rising Rebellion of the peasants of Dara Happa. The Cult of the Invisible Spear is a Lodril subcult that peasants use to learn spear combat in secret. Krarsht and Thanatar are very forbidden cults but have their place. Thief cults are generally forbidden, as are assassin cults. However, the rulers may well call on their services when required.
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    Looking for practical combat tactics for GMs

    Oh, it's dull as anything. We used to have someone who did exactly this in RQ3 and his ally would cast 3 Multimissile 6 spells per round, so he'd roll 21 rolls. The GM would let him roll away and count the criticals or impales, as the real arrow can impale, while the rest of combat happened, rather than waiting for the roll/damage, in fact the GM would say "It has got 20 points of armour", or whatever, beforehand, just to avoid the chance of rolling maximum damage. The player concerned could not just roll d100 and record the result, no, he had to pick up the d100, blow on it, do a fake roll, stop, laugh, then roll it, EACH AND EVERY TIME. I am not sure about RQ3, but the reference is on p214 of RQG "Shooting at Moving Targets Movement of a target directly toward or away from a missile weapon-using attacker has no effect on the probability of hitting it. . A target moving at an angle from the archer reduces the archer’s chance of hitting by 1/2. . A target specified to be evading as it moves reduces the archer’s probability by 1/2. . An evading target may only move half their normal movement and may do nothing else but move and evade. These effects are cumulative.". What normally happens is that two groups of people size each other up a bit, then decide to go into combat. Sometimes casting spells is done in the sizing up part, sometimes when combat starts, it is not unknown for the casting of spells to cause combat. If the parties have Allied Spirits, then the allied spirits could cast spells in secret, so the people could go into combat tooled up. Otherwise, you typically cast 2 spells per round, if you have time, so you might take out a sword and shield (2 actions, 1 round), cast Bladesharp and Protection (2 actions, 1 round) then close to combat. Sometimes, you cast the spells while closing to combat. Sometimes, if you have an ambush situation, you can cast your spells and then attack an unprepared group of NPCs. In a duel, you normally cast all spells before the duel starts. Yes, that can happen. We have had situations where a party of NPCs have cast Befuddle and Demoralise and have all succeeded, which devastates the PCs. Tactics vary between "All cast spells at the big guy" to "cast spells at everyone and see if they overcome". If one side has numerical advantage and has attack spells, then they can cast multiple spells at one or more PCs as well as targeting everyone. A party with Allied Spirits can normally cast multiple spells at one or more PCs. RQG is slightly different to previous versions of RQ, as everyone who is an initiate gets a Rune Pool. In previous versions, Rune Priests had an advantage as they could use powerful reusable Runemagic spells. in RQG, everyone has access to reusable Runemagic, so the benefit is reduced. In previous versions of RQ, Rune Lords could increase their skills beyond 100%, but in RQG anyone can. So, in RQG, being a Rune Level is not as important a benefit as in previous versions. However, Rune Levels are Rune Lords or Rune Priests, maybe including Shamans as well. They get benefits that help in combat, so Rune Lords get access to Rune Metals, often Iron, which tend to be better in combat. They also get access to Allied Spirits, which increases the spells they can cast. A Rune Level with an Allied Spirit who knows Healing or Heal Wound is at an advantage compared with an opponent who does not, as they can be healed when unconscious. Have a look at Runemasters, they have some excellent examples of Rune Level characters for RQ2 that could be used for RQG very easily. Now, that is far too general a question. A Rune Level NPC would have good equipment, good spells, an Allied Spirit and probably some kind of magic items, healing potions and Magic Point Storage. The variation is in the cults followed. So, a Rune Lord of Orlanth would be good with weapons, a Rune Lord of Humakt would be good with swords, a Rune Lord of Zorak Zoran would have clubs and might go Berserk, a Rune Lord of Krarcht would be sneaky, a Rune Lord of Cacodemon might be able to Vomit Acid over you and a Rune Lord of Thanatar might have access to spells from other cults. Rune Lords have high skills and probably iron weapons. Rune Priests have access to specialised Runespells. Both have access to Allied Spirits and have large Rune Pools. Both probably have a lot of Spirit Magic spells. If they have high CHA, they might also have Bound Spirits, so can cast more spells.
  9. soltakss

    Looking for practical combat tactics for GMs

    Thanks. I haven't gone through RQG in detail to see if these examples still hold up. It is close enough to RQ2 that they should work, but there might be cases where the rules have been subtly changed. Everyone casts spells at the same Strike Rank at one opponent. We played that Countermagic acted against the total points of spells that hit it, not against individual spells, so 5 Disrupts would blow down a Countermagic 3. With Multispell, you can do your own spell barrages. The problem is that it would take a long time to go through every rule/spell in RQG and compare it with the equivalent in RQ2/RQ3. It could be done, but would take ages. I am not sure if it would be worth the effort, unfortunately. It is very swingy, but can be effective. It works better with high-DEX PCs, as they can shoot at SR 1/6/11 or 2/7/12, also better if an Allied Spirit can cast Multimissile on the arrows, perhaps with a Multispell, so Multispell 2 allows you to cast 3 Multimissiles per round, Multispell 5 allows you to cast 6 per round, maybe on 2 archers. That is pretty much it. It works better with higher skills, so three archers at 100% would be better than three at 45%, as 3 archers firing 3 shots with Multimissile 4 on each get 45 chances to hit, at 100% that gives a goodly number of criticals on average. Fairly often. Most of our PCs had Cavalry Horses and a number had warhorses. They get treated as another NPC and the PC normally rolls for them. basically, the PC gets another attack if they make a Ride roll, or if the Warhorse is intelligent. Our Yelornan Elf had a Unicorn with well over 100% Horn attack, it cast Ironhand, which increased Horn, Kick and Trample, more bang for your buck. I'd use a Combat Tracker, or at least a Strike rank Tracker, for combats with multiple PCs/NPCs, including mounts. Natural Defence is a concept used by my second RQ group. They would happily charge into combat against archers, assuming that there was a good chance of not being hit in a vital location. It was in RQ2 and RQ3, so I assume it's in RQG. Basically, if you dodge around when running it makes it harder to hit. An archer who is very skilled has a better chance of impaling and impales can easily take you down if you are not magicked up. 1D8+10 punches through all normal armour. An archer with a skill of 100% with Arrow Trance attacks at 200%, so Impales on 40 and criticals on 10, so using Multimissile gives a very good chance that you are going to be taken down. Mobility or Jumping can be used to catch archers on the hop, especially if the PCs run as fast as they can. A lot of our NPC archers used Lightwall to screen themselves, especially if they were Yelmalian or Aldryami.
  10. It did if you are Dara Happan. They had a bunch of monks, I think, who spent the whole of God Time burning candles, and counting how many candles were finished. It allowed them to work out how many years passed for them. Personally, I think that time must have dragged so badly for them, unless they were really into candles.
  11. soltakss

    Mounted Combat.

    But Sword in Genertela has such pretty pictures ...
  12. Agreed on all points.
  13. soltakss

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    You forgot Mythic Russia.
  14. soltakss

    The Earth Tribe

    Genert. He fathered daughters on his sister, daughters on his daughters and daughters on his granddaughters. Earth Tribe Goddesses are generally split into two - Those Goddesses fathered by Genert and those in the Asrelia/Ty Kora Tek/Ernalda/Maran Gor/Voria/Babeester Gor line.
  15. Have a look at Pirates of Legend as well. It is very good and would fit with both Renaissance and Blood Tide.
  16. soltakss

    Tell me about your Glorantha campaigns?

    I've run three long-term Gloranthan Campaigns. The first was a RQ2 Campaign, as a multi-GM campaign, with each GM setting things in his own area. I used Prax or Dorastor, another used Pavis, another used Sartar and another used The Acid Pits. It was a freewheeling RQ2 campaign that did not have a lot of coherence but was a lot of fun. It was no canon, as we didn't have all the supplements and bought them as we went along. It lasted around 4 years. The second was a continuation of the first, with fewer players, me as the single GM and used RQ3 rather than RQ2. It was set in Dorastor and Balazae and got grossly powerful. Just as much fun as the first campaign, but was pseudo-canonical, by which I mean that I generally followed canon but had to make a lot of stuff up, as the material just wasn't there. The PCs ended up killing Argrath, as he was a rival to one of the PCs, sending Harrek to a Lunar hell, as they accidentally killed him then realised he was a friend of Argrath, one became a Thanatar Hero, another became a Mistress Race Troll, another became High King of Balazar and was adopted by the Red Emperor. It lasted around 5 years. The Third used a hybrid of RQ3 and a lot of other stuff and followed member of a Pavic Street Gang, the Firemakers, who did a few things in Pavis, went to the Wastes, had parts of their body turned into copper, became penal mercenaries for the Lunars, became policemen in Sun County, became River Voices, brought back a whole host of deities (The original River Voices, Tada, Pavis, Sartar, Tarkalor and Genert. They brought back Orlanth from the dead, even though they specifically said they didn't want to on many occasions, they purged the Crimson Bat of Chaos, rescued a True Dragon from the Crimson Bat's stomach, put the Boat Planet into the Sky, led a Death Cradle down the River of Cradles, followed by the Cradle from the scenario, made one of the PCs into King Arkat, made another into the Queen of Prax and Tada's wife and made Mello Yello Sun County Ambassador to Monkey Ruins, King of Dragon Pass and Sun Dragon Emperor of Dara Happa, which is when the players decided they couldn't top that and brought the campaign to and end. It was semi-canonical, as I had to take things from King of Sartar and various other places, extend them and invent a lot of stuff to fit around it. It lasted around 13 years.
  17. soltakss

    The Enlo Curse

    The Dark Eater consumed Gbaji, who tore himself out of Korasting's belly, damaging her Womb. This is the event that causes the Enlo Curse. Even trolls who do not know about Gbaji, and they will be very few and far between, understand that someone damaged Korasting so much that it affected her fertility. My personal opinion is that Arkat Kingtroll is a Hero to trolls everywhere, certainly all trolls in Genertela and probably those in Jrustela as well, so if they know about Arkat they know about Gbjaji and the Curse of Kin.
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    RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary reviewed by a fan

    My very general advice? Never edit a Review. If you want to add some notes at the end, clarifying things, then fair enough, but your review is your initial impressions of the game.
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    BGG Spring?

    HeroQuest is a really fun game and is great at Cons. The rules take no time to explain and are easy to run with. I have run SuperHeroQuest, with a 5 minute Chargen.
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    Site Introductions

    You are definitely in the right place if you like discussing lore. I hope you enjoy it here. What is the link to your YouTube channel?
  21. Looking at it from another perspective, we have examples of Illuminated Chaos Cultists infiltrating normal cults, so why not have it the other way around?
  22. The main danger of this is that the infiltrators can go native and become the horrors that they are trying to destroy. In Dorastor, I had an Angel who had come down to Nysalor's Bright Empire to prove that she could not be corrupted by Gbaji. She became an Angelic Vampire, with power over Light and Darkness.
  23. It is actually quite important to a City God. I would generally say that you can't become an Initiate of a City God unless you are a Citizen. You can become a Lay Member, as that it is the entry point to becoming a Citizen.
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    Looking for practical combat tactics for GMs

    One problem you might face is that most people's experience of RQ combat is from previous versions. Nobody has long campaigns with a lot of combat for RQG, as RQG has not been out long enough to have generated that. A lot of what you will get is general advice, I am afraid. For me, in RQ2, we only used shields in some combat. We preferred to go into combat with two swords, as the APs were higher and it gave us the opportunity to choose to attack twice if we knew that an opponent could not attack or was indisposed. Although Soltak Stormspear used a Spear and Shield as his main attack combination, he also used two Bastard Swords in a lot of combats, especially when Berserk. Using weapons with low Strike Ranks can give you an edge. In RQ2, Impaling Weapons were king, as they did more damage and attacked faster. Attacking with Fanaticism gave you a higher attack chance, which gave you a better AntiParry if you had a high skill, so reduced the opponent's parry chance, Berserker was better, for Storm Bulls against Chaos. We used Multispell Dispel Magics to strip opponent's spells down to nothing, or down to their undies, as we called it. We used spell barrages, timed to go off on the same Strike rank, to blast through Shield spells. Use weapons appropriate to the PC. For example, in RQ2, Crushing weapons did Maximum Damage Bonus plus normal Damage Bonus on a special, so a duck with a mace might not do any extra damage if it did not have a damage bonus. Ducks used swords or spears, trolls used maces and mauls. Attack your friend's opponent rather than your own. That way, you get to parry your opponent's attack but your friend's opponent has to parry two attacks, which is harder. An opponent with not a very good attack chance could be sent Fanatical, as that reduces parry chance but doesn't really improve attack by that much. If you are fairly sure you can survive the attack, it is a good way of finishing the combat quicker. Missile weapons can be devastating in RQ, where they aren't in D&D. Use archers and crossbowmen to turn an opponent into a pin cushion. We used to use Multimissiles against heavily armoured opponents, as we were "going for the critical", the more arrows you fire the better chance of scoring a critical and ignoring armour. Riding beasts in RQ are far better than in D&D. A trained warhorse can attack and has a big damage bonus, so can bite or kick an opponent at the same time as you attack the opponent. Lances are good, as they have a very low Strike rank, so you could use a lance and your warhorse can bite or kick in the same round. It is normally better to attack a riding beast than the rider, in RQ, as people don't give their riding beast as good armour or spells as they do themselves. Chopping a horse might make the opponent fall and take damage, or lose attacks. What is the PC's armour? Does the PC have the Shimmer spell? How skilled are the archers? What is the PC's Dodge attack? Does the PC have a shield that can be used to cover hit locations? All these questions come into play when talking about particular tactics, which is why I said that most answers will be general. My assumption is that an organised party of PCs will normally defeat a similar party of NPCs and will often defeat a stronger party. If you want to be sneaky, don't rely on numbers, instead use tactics. Have NPCs with missile weapons, have NPCs using Multispell and spell barrages against the PCs, Multipselled Disruption spells were devastating, as I recall. Have the NPCs gang up on PCs, making them choose who to parry. Use Shimmer, as it makes you harder to hit. Run in jinky runs, as that halves the chance to hit. Cover hit locations with shields, as the missiles hit the shield first. Rely on your Natural Defence, i.e. hope they hit non-vital hit locations and don't kill you. Charging archers in combat is always a good idea, unless they are very skilled or are using magic. Teleporting behind them is also a good tactic. Using a Darkwall or Lightwall between them and you is a good tactic, if you want to charge them.