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  1. It happens. Some people get really deep into Glorantha Lore and know all the minutiae. I used to be one, but then Glorantha became too big, so I stopped trying. My tip - Ignore the things you don't know about. It's like the Lightbringer Quest. Everyone knows about that, Orlanth goes off with his Homies and goes to Hell to bring back the Sun and make everything better again. You can split it up into a number of Stations and most people who are deep into Glorantha know the Stations. But, each Station has Stations of their own, as each Station can be considered to be a HeroQuest by itself. Not everyone knows all the Stations of the Stations of the LBQ. Even worse, each Station of a Station can also be considered a HeroQuest and will have Stations of their own. Now, not many people will know about those. Some of the Stations will only be known by certain clans, bloodlines or HeroQuestors. So, do you really need to know that The Rock Soup was a Station on the Westfaring HeroQuest? No, and very few people will even have heard about it, as it is an Eurnal cult secret. Are you in any way a worse fan of Glorantha because you haven't heard about it? Of course not. Could you run the LBQ without it? Of course you can. So, knowing all about Verithurus, Kimantor, Kimantorings, Porthomeka and so on is all very well, but it is by no means essential to knowing about Glorantha. You just know a lot about a little bit of Glorantha. Some people, however, know an awful lot about certain areas of Glorantha and some know an awful lot about a lot of areas of Glorantha, which is impressive.
  2. You should ask my wife, she'll list plenty, spending too much time on the Internet for my Crazy Hobby being just one of them.
  3. This, a hundred times. In my opinion, official Character Sheets that come with games are, generally, a waste of time. They have too much white space, too many fussy graphics and don't group things in sensible ways. It is much better to do something in Excel, or your Spreadsheet software of choice, but Excel is clearly best for this. That way, you can highlight what counts for more in your game, move things about and get a clearer and better character sheet.
  4. Outside of the Rakori and Brithini, are there any True Sorcerers? I.e. people who just use Sorcery and not Spirit or Rune Magic? I can see it for the Brithini, as that is all they can cast, due to their caste restrictions. Similarly for the Rakori, who have done a Back to Basics revision, similar to what the God Learners did. But, for other types of Sorcerers? I am not sure. Arkati use other types of magic, almost by definition of Arkat's journey. The Seshnegi used to have some form of non-Sorcerous worship, the Serpent Kings are descendants of Seshna and their worship was allowed. The Jrusteli definitely allowed multiple types of magic, despite the original intent of the God Learners. My feeling is that Hrestoli also do, but I have nothing to back that up with.
  5. My own opinion is that I wouldn't like it becoming another TheRPGSite, as that would spoil it. Similarly, I wouldn't like it to become another RPG.NET, as that is far too much the other way. RPG Pub was mentioned on the other thread. That is also a friendly site, but has a huge anti-MOB bias, for some reason that I do not understand, to the extent that he doesn't post there and we poor mortals have to defend Chaosium on the very rare occasions where that is necessary. I like the vibe over at RPG Pub, but always thought it was like what BRP Central used to be. For me, BRP Central has its own flavour and personality and I would like to keep that, just without the toxic stuff that has crept in.
  6. Ever since it started, BRP Central has been a very friendly site, good-natured with humour throughout and a very, very light touch for Moderation. This is probably because it started off as a reaction to a certain someone being banned from another site for raising issues, so the new site didn't have that kind of heavy-handed moderation. As Chaosium have started using this as their official web presence, we have had a lot more members, which is a good thing. However, it has also brought bad behaviour that we have seen on other sites, which, by and large, we didn't used to have on BRP Central. I am not sure if it is because this is an official Chaosium site or because it has more members/traffic. What do people think? Is it worth exploring whether BRP central should be more like this site or that site in nature? What about not being like certain sites in nature? Or, should be explore what we think BRP Central should be about? Apart from being an excellent site for the discussion of BRP and BRP-like games, of course.
  7. What kind of site do we want at BRP Central? Personally, I don't want it morphing into another The RPG Site, which is what seems to be happening. I would prefer a friendly site where everyone can feel free to post and nobody is so intimidated by the nature or style of posting that they feel they cannot post. If I wanted a site like that, I would go to The RPG Site, which I often do.
  8. I haven't heard about that, but it should be straightforward unless Tekumel has some weird rules that don;t translate. When converting other systems to HeroQuest, I just take the Spells/Abilities and use their names as Breakouts for Keywords and that's about it.
  9. That's the trouble with HeroQuesting, you make yourself a target. Also, it's much easier stealing a Trollkin's Sandals of Darkness that those of a Priestess of Kyger Litor.
  10. We had a few literate PCs in our RQ2 game, mainly because being a Rune Priest had a literacy component, so they had to learn. However, even though most of the party were not literate, it didn't matter, as we had a Lhankor Mhy Sword Sage and he would read everything we found. You only need one or two literate party members, after all.
  11. I've used XP for years, it avoids the Tick-Chase and allows PCs to specialise.
  12. Trolls have a Hell in the Sky, where bad trolls are burned for eternity, but I can't remember the reference. Joerg has detailed the Hells quite nicely, especially the fact that Hell is just the part of the Underworld where the Dead go. The Sazdorf Clan has a door that leads into Hell. The Six Stones is a place in Sartar that has a corresponding place in Hell and you can perform a ritual that takes you from one to the other. I think that Cragspider's Castle has its basement in Hell and it's Spire in the Sky, so you can travel to both places from there, if you ask her very, very nicely. In my Glorantha, Orathorn Castle is partially in Hell, so you can go to hell through there, although it is not advisable. Volcanoes are a portal into the Underworld, but you have to jump into a pool of lava to get there, probably not advisable.
  13. Stephen Marsh put together some rules on using RuneQuest on HeroQuests, as did Steve Maurer. Unfortunately, I don't have links to either. I used to link to Steve Maurer's site, but that seems to have been down for 20 years. I've got some faded printouts from some digests, somewhere, that I used as a base for HeroQuesting. That was one thing that a lot of people do. On the Hero Plane, divide skills by 5, on the God Plane divide them by 10 or 20. It means that higher-skilled PCs are more manageable and allows GMs to have higher-skilled denizens without them appearing over the top. Other things were there, for example no Divine Intervention, Magic Points don't regenerate, so you had to drink from Magic Point Pools to regain them, Runespells could not be reprayed, wounds would not heal naturally and so on, mostly due to the absence of Time. Also, Death may or may not have been found, so in some cases you die but don't die. They generally had a concept of Will, or Will Power, that allows you to mould the Hero Plane as you want it, mainly to get powers on HeroQuests, I don't use Will/Will Power in my heroQuests, as I don;t see the need for it. If you manage to track it down, then please post a link. Thank you! I have used HeroQuesting in Glorantha for probably 30 years and have developed my framework over that time. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but has worked for various groups. I've also got some HeroQuests and odds and ends at http://www.soltakss.com/indexheroquesting.html.
  14. It might be worth starting a conversation about what kind of site we want at BRP Central. Personally, I don't want it morphing into another The RPG Site, which is what seems to be happening. I would prefer a friendly site where everyone can feel free to post and nobody is so intimidated by the nature or style of posting that they feel they cannot post. If I wanted a site like that, I would go to The RPG Site, which I often do.
  15. No, not about you, in particular. However, your posting style can be very abrasive, which can be very off-putting for some people. It can also be aggressive, again this can be very off-putting. I don't think it is about any one person, however, when several people with similar styles engage in battles, that can put people off. Also, when several people pile onto a post in an aggressive manner, that can be very daunting.
  16. @Jeff - This thread is why we need a Malkioni book PDQ!
  17. I saw Masks of Pavis in my Follow my Favorites email from Drive Thru RPG recently, so though "Oh good, I can get this as a PDF at last". However, when I clicked on the link, it said this was no longer available. Does anyone have any idea why?
  18. Most of the people on the site will be supportive of this. And, for me, that is a really big problem. Some people will argue that people are snowflakes, shouldn't read certain threads or whatever, but if people want to post things and feel they cannot because they will be attacked, then there is a problem there. That is the impression I get, too. Sure, we had arguments about the tiniest bit of Gloranthan trivia, or how rules were interpreted, but they were gaming arguments, by and large. This new trend of verbally attacking people, dragging baggage from other forums and so on is unpleasant and toxic, in my opinion. If it scares people off from posting on the site, then, for me, that is a big problem.
  19. Or ask @Mike M, using the power of the internet.
  20. Was it ever creepy? One of the beefs I have with Call of Cthulhu was that, for me, it was never scary.
  21. Which has never been the case until recently. It is bad when people won't come to a Forum that Chaosium use as their official Forums because some people think it is toxic.
  22. Next Year was a standing joke for decades. It's still funny when the new products are coming out Next Year.
  23. If I don't read the thread, how would I know about all the bitching, bad language and nastiness? Nah, watching Arnie is fun ...
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