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  1. RQ Classic Trollpak has the following: Spider Bite does 1D6 base damage, Transform Head from Gorakiki Beetle and Gorakiki Locust does 2D6 base damage. Midget Slashers: Bite of 3D6 Sea Trolls: Bite of 1D6 + DB RQ2 Rulebook doesn't have a Bite attack for Trollkin, Dark Trolls, Cave Trolls, Great Trolls or Mistress Race Trolls and does not have a generic Bite damage. I seem to remember it being written down as 1D3, somewhere, but can't remember where. RQ3 Glorantha Bestiary has Sea Trolls with a Bite of 1D10 + DB. The Gloranthan Bestiary has Sea Trolls with a Bite of 2D8+DB, which I think is a misprint, 1D8 sounds more reasonable.
  2. soltakss

    Gods of stone

    The Spike has been named the linchpin of the World Machine earlier. I suppose "central shaft" is yet another term describing the Cosmic Mountain. To me, this reads as a single event. The Spike is shattered at its base, Stone dies. Zzabur sends the Great Blast, the Spike shatters. Chaos invades the Cosmic Mountain, which implodes, and most of it gets swallowed by the Void. At the very least a congruence of events. That would imply that High King Elf was in the Spike when it was destroyed, but he is seen elsewhere afterwards. For me, his attack on the Mostali and the Spike being destroyed are probably two distinct events.
  3. It's coming, but very slowly. The campaign was effectively Secrets of the Oasis Folk, Secrets of the River Voices and maybe Secrets of the Hero Wars. I am determined to finish something before starting on something else, but hate doing layout and that kind of thing, so the shiny things are very attractive at the moment. Secrets of Dorastor: Nearly finished Layout, needs some more artwork and the cover page, then it is finished, maybe June Secrets of HeroQuesting: Text finished, waiting for me to do the layout, insert artwork and get the cover page Secrets of HeroQuesting (HeroQuests): Text finished, waiting for me to do the layout, insert artwork and get the cover page Secrets of the Oasis Folk: Yet to start writing Secrets of the River Voices: Yet to start writing Secrets of the Hero Wars: Yet to start writing The Planet is there, overhead, all you need to do is to Command it down. Summon (Planet) brings it from the realm where it is, so you could be summoning it from the Sky.
  4. I am not sure why you would discount this, as HeroQuests are used to do exactly what you are asking. A Sub Cult or Cult, in my opinion, always needs a Myth. B, for me. Conveniently finding a myth means HeroQuesting to prove that they have that myth. This does happen fairly often. You simply "remember" a "forgotten" aspect of the cult. So, everyone says "Oh yeah, we forgot about that myth, but now it totally makes sense". Yes, this happens through HeroQuesting. You go off and create the Myth of Chalana Arroy helping orphans, or rather you create a Myth of the Organisation's Founder helping orphans and then "give" that ability to Chalana Arroy. There are a lot of "forgotten" myths that are just waiting to be rediscovered. Don't forget that Glorantha was broken in the Gods War and had to be stitched up again. Many myths were forgotten or broken, so they are no longer available. All you need to do is to find a myth fragment and remember it, then you have the myth and can teach it. Yes and No. There is really no difference between a rediscovered forgotten Myth and a newly invented Myth. They are effectively the same. It is very difficult to tell what is an original Myth and what has been amended through HeroQuesting. That is what the Back to Righteousness Movement of the God Learners tried to do. They stripped back Myths and Beliefs to try to work out what was an original Myth and what had been added. Nothing whatsoever. That is what HeroQuesting does, it bends Myths to create new ones. It can work both ways. A Myth can snap into place due to the actions of others, or a new Myth can be created through HeroQuesting. I think that by discounting HeroQuesting and changes caused by HeroQuesting nonsense, you are making it very difficult for yourself. HeroQuesting is the method to create new Myths and to rediscover old ones.
  5. Nice. I like the yellow ribbons in their hair, that is very Yelmalian. 😀
  6. I think I watched that when I worked in Ireland. It was released in 1997, so fits me being there in 1998. I remember it as being fun and had some basis in fact, due to the archaeological discoveries of the time.
  7. It is definitely not a beginner's guide to HeroQuesting. It does, however, have a lot of interesting ideas. Yes, some rules are for RQ, some for HW/HQ and some for pretend systems that don't exist. However, if you ignore all that, there are lots that are really useful. For example. the section that compares the strengths of deities could be adapted to HQ or RQ very easily. The HeroQuests are generally workable as well.
  8. Or, at the very least, a Humakti and a Vingan
  9. Sheng is the mirror of the Red Emperor Arkat is the mirror of Gbaji/Nysalor Argrath is the Mirror of the Moon It is quite reasonable to equate the Red Goddess/Emperor and Gbaji, making Arkat, Sheng Seleris and Argrath as essentially enemies of the same being.
  10. And here we see Gonn Orta taking advantage of his huge STR and associated Manipulation Bonus to use his Throw 800% skill to throw a Moon Boat far, far away.
  11. I personally can't see any reasonable reading that makes Argrath's ritual of the net an "Oops!" moment rather than a deliberate act, but to each their own. My, clearly unreasonable, reading is that it was a deliberate act by Agrarth's Trickster. Argrath performed the LBQ twice and the second time he wrapped all the deities in Arachne Solaris' Net and they were killed. Argrath is probably powerful enough to free them, to break the Net, or whatever, but he doesn't.
  12. I have run the Hero Wars twice in RQ. The first time, one of the PCs took a dislike to Argrath as a jumped-up rival, so consigned him to a Lunar Hell and did the same to Harrek, in case he retaliated. The second time, the PCs basically did everything that Argrath was supposed to do, but as a natural by-product of the game. It let Garrath Sharpsword sitting in an inn, drowning his sorrows over what might have been, if it wasn't for those pesky River Voices. You don't have to follow the "Look, it's Argrath who is going to destroy the Lunar Empire" plot.
  13. Arcane Lore is very good, for both HeroQuesting and as a way of comparing deities. However, it is a bewildering mishmash of different rules and approaches. So, if you are interested in HeroQuesting then it is a must, but if you want a set of workable HeroQuesting Rules then you might be disappointed.
  14. Agreed. Whale Rider, 10,000BC and the Pathfinder films are all HeroQuests.
  15. Also, http://www.soltakss.com/pavis01a.html for the Timeline using the actual dates from Griselda stories and http://www.soltakss.com/pavis01b.html for using amended dates for Griselda stories, to make them fit slightly better. http://www.soltakss.com/timeline.html is a general hero wars Timeline.
  16. The Caladra & Aurelion cult mine diamonds, earthblood and firebone. They are connected to Mostal but Aurelion is the Earth God involved, I think.
  17. Enjoyed the Stirrups in Glorantha threadjack. Anyone want to discuss why slings are better than bows, or why bows are better than slings? How about the need/not for stirrups when using horse archery?
  18. Most have been mentioned. Pathfinder (Both original and USA remake) Whale Rider 10,000BC 13th Warrior Conan the Barbarian Apocalypto
  19. No, Orlanth did it as well. The Scarf of Mist is effectively Orlanth taking a concubine from the water tribe, for example. Historically, it happened quite often. Genghis Khan's first wife was stolen by a rival and he had to steal her back again. In the Middle ages, heiresses were often abducted and married against their will.
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