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    Detailed Maps of Sartar

    Glorantha Horde: We don't have any detailed maps of Sartar Mr Glorantha: Here's a detailed map of Sartar Glorantha Horde: It's not clear enough
  2. soltakss

    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    Don't worry about it. Some people have far too much time on their hands, fortunately for us.
  3. soltakss

    Temple Defenses

    I think that the Temple Wyter should have access to all spells available, including Associate Cult Spells. Both. Each Shrine in the Temple should have its own Wyter, which has access to a Rune Pool depending on the strength of the worship. So, a shrine to Chalana Arroy in an Orlanth Temple should have its own Wyter that operates independently. It won't be very strong, as Orlanthi are not normally members of the Chalana Arroy cult, so might just count as a Shrine with 1 Rune Point. I'd have each Shrine as having its own Wyter that defends that Shrine, with the main temple Wyter defending everyone, including the Shrines. Some Temples will have larger Shrines that provide more Rune Points. So, a Shrine to Storm Bull in an Orlanth Adventurous Temple near a Chaos Nest, such as in Bull Pen, might itself count as a Minor Temple and may well itself contain Shrines to Storm Bull Heroes or SubCults.
  4. soltakss

    Temple Defenses

    I should read the rules again and more carefully.
  5. soltakss

    Earthshaker Plow Team

    Yes, broo ploughmen are not advisable, unless in Dorastor.
  6. That's why you cannot hold powerful PCs or NPCs. If you think that having Runemagic is bad, then having HeroQuesting magic is far, far worse.
  7. soltakss

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    We can only hope. It just be the prettiest and best-laid out of SRDs. Personally, I like my SRDs as plain old documents that I can copy text from, not beautifully presented supplements that are difficult to use as sources.
  8. soltakss

    HQG takes the back seat to RQG

    The beauty of HeroQuest is that is can use the RQG Gods and Goddesses book as it is quite easily. Any of the cult descriptions and mythology can be used as fluff. Spells can be used as Breakouts to the Deity and Feats can be just the powerful spells or something from HeroQuesting stuff. So,, for Orlanth, from the RQG Rulebook, we have the following Runespells: Orlanth Adventurous: Dark Walk, Earth Shield, Flight, Leap, Lightning, Mist Cloud, Shield, Wind Words Orlanth Thunderous: Cloud Call, Cloud Clear, Dismiss Air Elemental (any size), Summon Air Elemental (any size), Thunderbolt Orlanth Rex: Command Priests, Command Worshipers, Detect Honor Vinga: Dark Walk, Earth Shield, Fearless, Flight, Leap, Lightning, Mist Cloud, Shield, Wind Words Associate Cults provide the following spells to various Aspects of Orlanth: All: Analyze Magic, Charisma, Command Sheep, Heal Body, Lock, Tame Bull Adventurous/Vinga: Face Chaos, Identify Scent, Restore Health, Snow, Teleportation Thunderous: Bear’s Strength, Guided Teleportation, Restore Health Storm Voices: Bless Thunderstone, Rain Wind Lords: Bless Woad. So, you can just have these as default abilities of the cult, so someone with Orlanth Adventurous 19 can cast any of those spells at 19, or you could have them as specific Breakouts, indicating a speciality with the spells, or knowledge of the spell.
  9. soltakss

    RQ vs D&D

    When I GM, I allow any applicable Trait to be used, but I think the Revolution rules say one, or maybe two. Each Trait adds +30 to the skill, but I play +10 because of the multiple Traits. So, in my Revolution games, you could have Science as a skill with Astrophysics, Quantum Gravity, Mathematics and Black Holes as Traits and you could also have Quantum Maths as a Stunt under Mathematics and Rotating Bodies as a Stunt under Black Holes. Revolution has Stunts, which are particular specialisations of Traits, so someone could have Parachuting as a Trait for Agility but have High Altitude Low Opening (HALO), Sub Orbital Low Opening (SOLO) and Wing Suit as Stunts, which I play give a +30/+10 Bonus to the skill when performing those actions. Really, the idea of Traits and Stunts is far more important than slavishly following how they work in the rules. Personally, I have a more narrative interpretation than Paolo and treat them almost like Breakouts in HeroQuest.
  10. soltakss

    Temple Defenses

    Warding is always good, unless it's a Chalana Arroy Temple. What I would do is to give the Temple a Rune Pool and allow it to spend them casting any Runespell available to the cult. That way, the Temple Guardian can cast whatever spells it needs. Spells such as Warding can be cast by Priests in service of the Temple in addition to the Temple-Generated spells. An Issaries Temple will have a Great Market spell, across the whole Temple, rather than on the market outside the temple.
  11. soltakss

    Earthshaker Plow Team

    A bigger plough just rips up the earth more. You are better off just having a team of zombie oxen that can plough all day and all night, rather than a team of dinosaurs.
  12. soltakss

    HQ Tropicana

    And that, to me, is the great strength of HeroQuest, you can take PCs and write them up in a few lines.
  13. soltakss

    Upcoming Glorantha publications

    That is going to be a very short sentence, if ever written up.
  14. soltakss

    A fetching question... (ie, shamanism)

    I was thinking about the old versions of the spells, which effectively reduced the POW of the attacking spirit. The new versions of the spell just reduce damage taken, so they wouldn't help. On the subject of getting help against the Bad Man in general, Vasana's Saga says: So, maybe it is OK to get outside help, or use magic, against the Bad Man.
  15. soltakss

    Orlanthi Clan Fission

    I'll use the typical Gloranthan answer of "it depends". If you just create a clan because the old clan is too big, then, yes, they would keep a lot of the traditions. I'd say that they probably create a number of bloodlines first, then those bloodlines forma a new clan. However, if the split is because of a schism, then there might be problems. If the clan is split between two leaders, then there might be bad blood between them. If the clan splits because one side wants to support the Lunars and the other is against the Lunars, the clans would be rivals. If the clan splits because a member finds a new power and people flock to him, then the old clan might resent that, reject the power and otherwise hold a grudge. I'm watching the excellent Resurrection: Ertugrul at the moment. It's a Turkish serial about the father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire and has a lot in it about clan politics, both within the clan and with clans in areas they move to. It's well worth a watch, but has a lot of episodes, around 100 per series and has 5 series in total. So, a new clan can start off with its own regalia, which might be a copy of the old clan's regalia, or it might create new regalia through the actions of the clan leaders. There might be bad blood between the clans as the new clan might have taken some items from the clan regalia, leaving the old clan with pale copies. Sun County in Prax has something similar, where the Count's Regalia is a copy of a copy or the originals.
  16. soltakss

    A fetching question... (ie, shamanism)

    Yes, they would help. However, I have always played that a prospective Shaman should not use magic when going against the Bad Man, as it is considered cheating. Nothing to stop them doing it, though, except for it being bad form.
  17. soltakss

    Becoming a god

    I believe that this kind of thing is going to be included in the Campaign Guide, or whatever the Games Masters Guide is called nowadays. That includes rules on HeroQuesting and on gaining Heroic Powers and Abilities, with a Heroic Character Sheet showing your Heroic Part. One of those Powers should be "Being Worshipped". If not, I'll house-rule them pretty quickly. We play that one benefit HeroQuests is gaining POW and a benefit from doing a HeroQuest on the Other Side is the chance to increase Species Maximum POW (Same mechanism as a POW Gain Roll, but the increase is to Species Max instead). That allows PCs to gain POW levels above the normal 21 maximum. As for Being Worshipped, we play that someone who brings back a spell or ability from an Other Side HeroQuest can choose to keep it themselves or teach it to their Cult. If they choose to teach it to the Cult, they get to start a Herocult, or Subcult, with a shrine in their local temple where people can sacrifice at the shrine to learn the spell. In theory, such sacrifice should increase the POW of the Hero, but we never really formalised that. I'd say +1 POW per 100 worshippers, which just adds to the Hero's current POW in all situations, as a bonus. Going from a Subcult of a deity to a deity worshipped alone is either a case of performing a big HeroQuest or GodQuest to have a permanent place in the God Plane, or where you become powerful enough to have you own temples. However, this means you spend time maintaining those temples and doing godlike things, so it tends to take you out of the picture for Adventuring purposes.
  18. For use, there was a wrench going from RQ2, where Shield was a Common spell, to RQ3, where Shield was only available to some Cults. We rationalised that RQ3 had a War God template which had Shield, Yemlalio was a War God, so Yelmalio should get Shield. Other cults lost Shield, which was a big blow for players with PCs in those cults.
  19. Look at the results. If the PCs have been defeated, then they might have been captured by the ghoul, who wants to eat them later. Look at the combat, each loss of Points means something, so you can narrate how each PC fought and what happened to them. There are many different ways of doing this and the trick is to find the one that suits you. If you like running each combat as a set of Simple Contests then fine, that works for you. It's what I normally do, but I combine the PCs and NPCs and roll once.
  20. soltakss

    RQ vs D&D

    Revolution D100 does this kind of thing well, in my opinion. You have a few very general skills and then Traits that give your specialisations. So, for example, Agility is a skill and you can have Traits of Jumping, Climbing, Dodge or Parachuting. Craft is a skill and you can have Traits of Blacksmith, Farming, Fishing and so on. In a SciFi setting, I'd have Science as a skill and that would have Traits such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For extra Specialisations, you just add Traits. So someone with Science could have Quantum Physics, Astrophysics and Mathematics, allowing them to apply all the Traits when looking at a problem involving Quantum Gravity around a Black Hole. For me, it works really well.
  21. soltakss

    Fate Points Rules

    HeroQuest and Legend have Hero Points and Mythras has Luck Points. Some people hate them, some people love them. When I introduced them in our RQ game, my players loved them, as we had just finished a HeroQuest campaign. I use them for many things: Reroll dice, own or NPCs Flip the result of a D100, so 50 becomes 05 Nudge the result of a D100, so failing by the Critical chance can be nudged to a success, so a skill of 65% has a Critical of 3, so rolling 68 can be nudged to a Success We use Revolution d100 at the moment, so we allow the choice of a Combat Effect if you spend a Hero Point in advance, so you get a Disarm no matter the roll, as long as you succeed Making something better, so you use Fast Talk to convince someone, but they are not really sure, so you spend a Hero Point to really convince them Move the result of a Hit Location D20 roll by one up or down Plot Device - You have been captured and thrown into jail, but you spend a Hero Point and the guard is an old friend from your village Taking time back - You went to see the Grey Wizard last season and in another scenario you need something that he could have given you, so you spend a Hero Point to have asked him for it Whatever - If you can justify it and it makes sense then I normally allow it
  22. soltakss

    The Starkindler: notes on Orogeria, Yelorna, and Ulurda

    For me, Yelorna is clearly a hunting goddess, with Tracking and Missile skills. The Unicorn Riders of Prax use her hunting abilities instead of Foundchild in my Glorantha.
  23. soltakss

    [RQG] Rules for Rabble and Extras?

    For me, Rabble act as normal NPCs, with Hit Locations, attack chances and so on. However, they break very easily. If you hit one of the Rabble and take a limb out of action, it takes them out of combat. If you take half of them out of the combat, the rest will turn and run. If you use scary magic then they are likely to turn and run. If you kill some and demand the surrender of the rest then they are likely to do so, especially if you can make an Intimidate, Fast Talk or Orate roll. Adventuring parties generally don't come under Rabble, neither do soldiers, thanes or nomad warriors. Bands of trollkin might, groups of broo probably don't. It all depends on what you class as Rabble.
  24. soltakss

    How long does it take a scorpionman to reach full size?

    We played that the Ritual of Rebirth has two outcomes, a clutch of eggs or a single egg. Both hatch after one season, but the clutch produces cute little baby scorpionfolk and the single egg hatches to produce a fully-grown scorpionman with all the abilities and memories of the original. The cute little baby scorpionfolk grow to maturity as normal scorpionfolk, however long that takes.
  25. soltakss


    "Older" publications, sob. I still think of these as being quite new.