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    Cat People Race?

    The Human Race, The Vulcan Race, the Minbari Race, the Aslan Race and so on.
  2. I thought about that, but it is a bit of a waste. Great to use their own magic against them though.
  3. soltakss

    What the heck... Check that out!

    I am easily excited and soltakss is very easy to spell. The long version is Soltak StormSpear, which spellcheckers really struggle with. Thanks for the thread. Rune Pools being available to everyone is a new and improved thing. Runes themselves are newish for RuneQuest.
  4. soltakss

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Have a look at the Six Flying Dragons TV Series. It is set in medieval Korea and has a lot of Confucian philosophy and mysticism. One thing it looks at it how Chinese Characters/Ideograms are built up, what happens when you combine several into one and what is the hidden meaning behind them.
  5. soltakss

    Where to start in Glorantha

    Are you trying to scare me?  Welcome to the Forums! We can argue about/discuss/disagree on pretty much anything. Do Lunars wear sandals or boots when visiting their grandmother? Which are better, bows or slings? What colour are Zorak Zoran's eyes? What colour are Uleria's Panties?
  6. soltakss

    Sartar Clan Book Suggestion

    With both the clan rules from Dorastor Land of Doom, those in Red Cow and the rules for Sacred Time in the RQG Rulebook, there are a lot of rules for Clans. What would be useful would be something to tie them all together, whether something official or a fan-page somewhere.
  7. We used to keep prisoners for ransom drugged, as we had Sleep Potions. We sometimes used Extension with Spirit Magic to keep them docile for long periods of time (Back when Extension worked with Spirit Magic, in case it doesn't now). Once we gained Slave Bracelets, we used them on powerful foes.
  8. Scenario 1: Captor: "Right, I've captured you and am going to collect your ransom. Do I have your word of honour that you are not going to try to escape?" Prisoner: "Sure, no problem" Captor: "OK, I'm going now, be back in a bit". Prisoner: "Ha, after 10 minutes I'm going to use Bladesharp on this rock and cut y bonds, then escape" Prisoner duly escapes and tells the ransomers not to bother with the ransom. Captor: "Ransomers, my Prisoner has a ransom and said that I could collect it, but escaped before I could do so. Could you remove his ransom and tell everyone?" Ransomers: "Sure, that undermines the whole concept of Ransom, consider it done" Scenario 2: Captor: "Right, I've captured you and am going to collect your ransom. Do I have your word of honour that you are not going to try to escape?" Prisoner: "Nope" Captor: "Are you sure, because otherwise I'm going to have to kill you" Prisoner: "Nope, I'm going to escape" Captor: "Now, come on, don't be silly, you have a ransom for a reason" Prisoner: "Tough, you are not going to get any of, urrrgh!" Scenario 3: Captor: "Look, I have captured you and was going to ransom you, but you stiffed me last time" Prisoner: "That was last time, I'm a good boy now. I doubled my ransom and paid the ransomers off so I could have a ransom" Captor: "Are you sure? You'd better be telling the truth!" Prisoner: "Yes, sure, here look at my ransom scroll". Captor: Right, ok, be good until I get back" Prisoner: "Idiot! Time to escape again" Later ... Captor: "OK, he did it again and skipped ransom" Ransomers: "Right, we'll have him and spread word that he isn't getting any more ransoms" Scenario 4: Captor: "Look, I have captured you again, but you stiffed me twice" Prisoner: "Boy, did I get a beating last time, those ransomers are tough. It's all sorted now." Captor: "I just don't believe you" Prisoner: "Honest, my ransom is now 10,000L, urrrgh! OK, so they don't all play out like that and a lot of people will take the prisoner to the ransomers to collect the ransom. However, the Ransom System is there for a reason and anyone abusing it by claiming that a ransom can be paid and then escaping so as not to have the ransom paid undermines the system. This would be frowned upon and the Ransomers have a lot of clout with powerful folk. In RQ2, when we got 1,000L cash, the first thing we did was to go to the Ransomers and pay a 1,000L Ransom. We had to pay an extra 10% to the Ransomers as a fee, but it was worth it. When we became Rune Level, we upped it to 10,000L.
  9. soltakss

    RQ with Less Theism

    Sure, you could play like that and it would work. I prefer my PCs and PCs in my campaigns, to join cults, as they get a richer experience, in my opinion. But, the Animist who does not tie to a cult, the Sorcerer who remains aloof from any sects and the Outsider who hasn't initiated to a cult are all valid and interesting PC options.
  10. soltakss

    Boosting Rune Magic

    Sure ...
  11. soltakss

    Boosting Rune Magic

    It did for Fearshock and Madness attacks for Lunes. In RQ2, there was a 5% chance of having something really bad happen, but in RQ3 it happened if you rolled a Critical on the Resistance Table. So, a POW 21 Shade against a POW 1 PC has a 150% chance of success, so Criticals on 07 and kills him stone dead.
  12. soltakss

    HQ Tropicana

    This kind of thing is ridiculously easy to do with HeroQuest. The hardest part is working out the Keywords and Breakouts, until you realise that they really aren't important and go with the flow. Looking good, but I would write them like this, as it is compact and easier, for me, to follow: Raul Garcia : Retired Vice Cop 1M (Negotiation+1, Alcoholic +1), San Jose 13 (Friends in low places +1), Tough Guy 17 (Devilishly Handsome +1), Mountain of Debt 1M (Flaw) Billy Smith: Ex Navy Seal 1M (Surveillance +1, Sniper +1, Cat Like Reflexes +1), American 17 (Well-Mannered +1, Storage Unit Filled With Guns +1), Extremely Wealthy Sugar Mama 13 (Patron), Short Fuse 17 (Flaw), My Brothers Keeper 1M (Flaw)
  13. soltakss

    Species Max

    It's sloppy, as it includes both RQ2 and RQ3 Species Maxes in the rules. the Bestiary implies that the RQ2ish method is correct, so I'd use that one across the board and ignore the Max+Min rollable ones.
  14. soltakss

    Panache Cult with Rune Magic

    You really need the Death Escape, from Game of Thrones, "When Death comes for you, say 'Not today, thank you' ".
  15. soltakss

    Big D20s

    We've got some in our RQ game and we used them for HQ and they make a surprising difference. Way back when, in our RQ2 days, we went on a HeroQuest, the rewards of which were a "Bigger Damage Bonus". It was a meat-grinder, mincer of a HeroQuest, but we all made it through to the end. With a huge grin on his face, the GM pulled out D6s which were about the same size as the D20s mentioned above, and gave them out, saying "If you roll your Damage Bonus with these, you can reroll 1s. How we didn't choke him to death by sticking them down his throat, I don't know.
  16. soltakss

    Boosting Rune Magic

    Ooh, thank you for pointing that out. I hadn't noticed that the Resistance Table stopped capping out at 95, but has chances above 95. That is a big, big improvement. In which case, the spell is not poorly written and works just fine. Either +5 POW or +25 chance, both work just as well on the modified Resistance Table. I wonder what other vast improvements they have slipped in without me noticing.
  17. soltakss

    Rules for prosthetics and sleeping in armor

    It should reduce Movement Rate as well, unless the PC belongs to Yanafal Tarnils and has special curved blades as legs.
  18. soltakss

    Gochie's Character Sheets

    That kind of thing is perfect for me. I hate whitespace, wasted space, artistic character sheets that are poorly organised and so on.
  19. In Sartar, Mon is the Enemy, due to the Lunars, so there won't be many general spells tied to the Moon.
  20. soltakss

    Sunbright and Shield

    It is for me.
  21. soltakss

    RUNEQUEST is available for purchase NOW!

    Since Chaosium seems to be hoovering up games at the moment, perhaps you could just buy Hasbro?
  22. soltakss

    Chalanan Heroquest

    Good examples of how this could work have already been given. There are lots of ways this could work, I prefer uncovering a secret that allows peace to be brought. Also, the HeroQuestor could find some secret thing that allows them to blackmail the participants into peace. One of the things that the HeroQuest game has taught me is the Power of Narration. I don't always need a mechanic to do something, I can just tell the GM why something should work and the GM can say "Sure, that works", ""Nope, that doesn't work", or "Sure, that works, but ...".
  23. soltakss

    Boosting Rune Magic

    It is poorly stated, as always. If I have POW 18 and cast Blinding 3 at a POW 6 opponent, I already have a 95% chance of succeeding. Does my chance increase by +50, giving me a 145% chance of succeeding or does my effective POW increase to 28, giving me a 95% chance of succeeding? Another poor description of a spell.
  24. soltakss

    Wergild amongst Orlanthi peole

    I'd argue that participants in a Humakti Duel don't need to pay weregild, as the death was an honourable one under Humakt's rules. Of course, if the duel is to first blood and one died, that might be different, or if either party cheated, or if the loser's family is very powerful, or if the winner is disliked by the clan, or ...