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  1. How would they know? Divination cannot predict the future, in fact is is specifically unable to predict the future.
  2. It was a joke. Sorry if that needs to be explained. Should I put smileys on posts so you understand?
  3. In case anyone takes offence at this, I meant nice as in "You both have a huge amount of Gloranthan knowledge and can be very detailed in your arguments, so it's good to see such discussions".
  4. Peter, I am sorry if you think that I have made up lies about you. That has never been my intention. I am confused as to what lies you think I have made up about you. If you could point them out them I can clarify them or withdraw anything that is not accurate. Differences of opinion or disagreeing with what people have said is not, as far as I know, lying, but I suppose it is a matter of perspective.
  5. Oh he did, but extremely badly.
  6. Nah, Delecti isn't a vampire and inhabits a corpse, so doesn't need to breathe. The Upland Marsh might not survive, through. His vampires need to get out of there quickly, perhaps by getting into boats. All the other undead should be fine and the Zombie Killer Whale would have a wonderful time.
  7. In my Dorastor, the Giant King of Neverdead is a 16m tall Giant Vampire. In one scenario, he disguised himself as a tree, basically by holding some snapped off branches and sticking a could of bushes down the back of his armour, as he Fumbled his Stealth roll.
  8. For me, Sense Assassin senses when an assassination attempt is about to be made. It doesn't allow a Humakti to sense that someone is an Assassin in a different environment, So, Columbo the Humakti couldn't wander along a line of people and sense which one is an assassin. It is part of Humakt as a Bodyguard, for me.
  9. It is defintely not one of the Young Elementals, as the Young Elemental of Storm was not created, which is one of the reasons why the Lunars don't have dominion over Storm. in my last campaign, one of the ways of defeating the Lunars would have been to HeroQuest back to the Void that the Red Goddess found, go there and find the Young Elemental of Storm, or to create it from the Young Elementals of Earth/Fire. That would have given them a way into the Lunar Ways, through the new Young Elemental, but controlling it through orlanth/Storm rather than the Lunars. The campaign ended before I could use the idea, though.
  10. No, in RQ2 having an Allied Spirit meant that you could attune two Crystals. There are examples in the RuneMasters supplement, I believe. We played that a Fetch could also attune a Powered Crystal, as it is a separate part of a Shaman's soul.
  11. It was meant to be an extreme example. First, Unicorns have a binary relationship with Virgins, only Virgins (or revirginised Yelornans) can ride them Secondly, what happens when you involuntarily break a geas? You are celibate and are forced, or trciked into sex? You may not eat eggs but are forced to eat an egg? You may not eat the flesh of a bird but someone gives you dried meat and says it is beef. In a Gloranthan context, real world religions have no real bearing, except as examples to compare and contrast. Some Glorantha cults have celibacy geases, nothing to do with the Christian Church. I did not mean to cause offence and am aware of the sensitive nature, which is why I used a Spoiler. Apologies if this caused anyone offence.
  12. Fine for the night, as there will be orgies of debauchery and violence, people sat at home with their families or visiting temples. When the Sun rises in the morning, a lot of people will feel very silly, but the Yelmalians would be proud that their prayers and actions brought the sun back. Orlanthi would say that Orlanth always brings the sun back every day.
  13. Nothing in 13th Age Glorantha or the 13th Age Rules really looks like a Shaman. Hell Mothers are the closest thing, with their control over Spirits, but it isn't really the same.
  14. This is always a difficult question. A new PC might be a lay member or might be a seasoned veteran. Am experienced Gloranthan Player might be playing a 16 year old PC and a Player new to Glorantha might be playing an experienced Gloranthan Adventurer. What I normally do is assume a basic level of knowledge, covering certain areas. Anything else you have to make an applicable Lore roll to know. So, a 16 year old Sartarite Adventurer would know that Boldhome is the capital of Sartar, that Jonstown and Wilmkirk are towns in Sartar, maybe even that Whitewall is a friendly city near Sartar and that Pavis has a lot of Sartarites in Prax, but wouldn't know about settlements along the Zola Fel. An experienced Adventurer may well have been to Pavis and know a lot about it.
  15. soltakss

    Harpy Dung

    Yes, it's just another type of missile. The Multimissiles wouldn't carry the chaotic effects of Harpy Dung, in my opinion, but you would still be slimed, at least temporarily.
  16. I saw Aslan from Traveller stated out for BRP once.
  17. I'd say that the Assistant Shaman could have a personal relationship with Idrema and get some magic for him/herself. Creating a Spirit Cult might be a job for a full Shaman, though, so he might have to come back again. However, in RQG, some Shamanic Powers are modular, so you can have one power and not another, so it is possible that an Assistant Shaman might have the power to start a Spirit Cult without being a full Shaman.
  18. Yes and No. As with anything Glorantha, Yes and No is a good answer. The God Time is one event, with everything happening simultaneously outside of Time itself. However, there are clearly things that are linear and have causality. Many of the Myths are Linear and A happens because B happened and causes C to happen. That's fine and dandy, it makes things nice and clear and easy to use. The difficulty, or fun, happens when you look at several myths that interact. So, one myth might have A causes B causes C and another myth might have D causes E causes F, but there could be a myth where F happens in A and E relates to something that happened in C. I can't think of any examples, off the top of my head, but I know there are example out there. Sometimes, a deity can be referenced before the deity is born, for example. Absolutely, yes, you can get creative with apparent paradoxes. That kind of thing can work, as each Myth is seen differently through the eyes of the participants and onlookers. So, looking at the Lightbringer Quest, it can be seen as: Orlanth: Whoops, I broke thins big time and I need to fix it Chalana Arroy: The world needs healing and I want to be the one to heal it Lhankor Mhy: I need to bring back my True Love, the Mistress of Light and Knowledge, and this Orlanth chappie seems to know what he's doing Issaries: They need a guide, I am a guide, they need to find a Safe Path, I can find a Safe Path, perhaps we can do some trading Flesh Man: Wow, the world is a really confusing place, now that Grandfather Mortal has gone, perhaps these nice people can help me make sense of everything Eurmal: I'm bored, what can I do that's interesting, I know, I went to Hell to bring back Death, perhaps I can go again and bring back something interesting, this lot are going to Hell, so I might as well join them Ginna Jar: Who knows, I am mysterious and nobody knows what I am Looking at the LBQ from different persepectives shows that each deity had their own reasons for completing the HeroQuest. In the same way, Uleria might have wanted to bring all life together and could have persuaded the LightBringers to carry out their Quest. In the same way that Elmal was the Warrior who Guarded the Stead, Ernalda was the Queen to stayed at home and Doburdan was The Warrior who knobbed the Queen while Orlanth was Away.
  19. soltakss

    HP in RQG

    This goes back to the RQ2 system, where HPs are based on CON, with a bit from SIZ and a bit from POW. RQ3 had a simpler half of SIZ+CON, which was easy to calculate nut had big creatures with lots of hit points. I suppose it all depends on what you want out of the game. Do you want to be able to fell a giant with a sling shot? If so, then RQG Hit Points would work. Do you think that a giant should be really hard to kill and should soak up damage? If so, then RQ3 Hit Points would work.
  20. Mostal was associated with the Stasis rune, I think. Mostali use a form of sorcery. Lhankor Mhy had the Stasis rune in RQ2 and the Law rune in RQ3.
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