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  1. Not in my Glorantha. In my Glorantha they are like the Cenobites in Hellraiser, Necromantic Sorcerers who live in a portion of Hell pushed into the normal world. There's is a world of the living dead, of chambers of hanging corpses that the magicians can possess and animate, where they can stitch the corpses together to make new things. But, my Glorantha varies.
  2. D100 games have always had a lot of playable humanoid races. However, most of the examples are out of print. The current Glorantha Bestiary, for RQ, has some races that you could use. Drive Through RPG might have some Bestiaries for RQ, Call of Cthulhu, Mythras, Legend or any of the D100 games. They should all be fairly compatible with BRP, or give you ideas. One of the good things about D100 games is that you can pretty much use any intelligent race as a PC, simply by using the normal character generation rules and amending anything that looks a bit odd.
  3. For me, the people of the Wastelands practise a brutal form of hospitality. they will offer food and drink to anyone who asks for it, for they do not know when they will themselves require food or drink. They will not imprison, enslave or kill guests, unless the guests attack them first. However, they will happily let the guests go and them chase them down afterwards, depending on the circumstances. Agimori, however, never take slaves, so would only hunt to punish those who break their hospitality. Oasis Folk will offer food to all who come to their Oasis. However, their food tends to be variations on a theme. If you don't like dates, for example, then you will be disappointed on a date Oasis, as they will offer you a variety of dates, stuffed dates, roasted dates, date wine and date surprise (Yes, it's a date). When I worked on an archaeological dig, the chap in charge told a story of hiking around Greece when he was 18, looking at the various sites. He often had no money and relied on the hospitality of the locals. Once he met an old couple who gave him a bed to sleep in and a meal, basically a plate of mutton stew and lentils, he finished it and they put another plate in front of him, which he could barely finish, then they out another plate in front of him. Panicking slightly, he realised that they would not stop until he was full, so he ate some, thanked them and then said he could eat no more. Apparently they looked so relieved, for they must have thought that he would eat all their food.
  4. In my Glorantha, Humakti can be resurrected. If they are killed in battle and ask for Divine Intervention as their life slips away, then Humakt will grant it and being them back to life, as they never actually died. However, is a Humakti is found recently slain and another Humakti uses Divine Intervention to bring them back then the request will be denied, as Humakt does not resurrect. However, if the deceased Humakti is resurrected then nobody really minds. Of course, fanatical Humakti might kill the resurrecting healer and then kill themselves in a fit of religious pique, but good riddance.
  5. The concept is way older than that, there are many tales of a sorcerer's apprentice doing things. I see an apprentice sorcerer working similarly to an apprentice shaman. So what? I have never used sorcery in my games and we only had one sorcerer PC in any campaigns that I have run or played in, so it is pretty irrelevant to me. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that a lot of people won't like how Malkioni are treated in forthcoming supplements. That guess is, of course, not based on any knowledge at all, but on a hunch that the sources of inspiration of the Malkioni is not in the Swords and Sorcery-style lonely Sorcerer with a couple of apprentices in a remote tower, but on some ancient real-world philosophies.
  6. Because without Breath and Air you are merely an empty shell. Before Umath, all were just empty shells. all the ancient Gods and all the people were just hollow shells going about their business. when Umath appeared and took his first breath, he energised everyone and gave them air with which to breathe. All the ancient Gods were invigorated and could achieve so much more.
  7. It is ridiculously easy to use the Jonstown Compendium template to create reasonable-looking supplements. There is no reason why an author couldn't get other people to write articles or short sections and put them together to form a supplement. I had work from Tal Meta, Nikk Effingham and Leon Kirshtein for the temple of heads, for example. Austin Conrad asked me to write something for Treasures of Glorantha. So an ensemble of authors works.
  8. It's a damned fine Pogues album as well.
  9. It might have been, I was pretty close anyway.
  10. This is the first one of Davide's supplements that I didn't like. The cover is a nightmare, it doesn't fit on the page properly and the boxed looks as though it has been plonked on the page. Another 30 seconds of fiddling in Word would have fixed that. And he uses Call of Cthulhu monsters in Glorantha. To me, that is just wrong. I have strong feeling on Call of Cthulhu, although it would be a cracking pulp or detective game, the Mythos just leaves me cold and I detest Call of Cthulhu monsters in Glorantha. So, not a fan of this one, by any means.
  11. I couldn't have done it without your myths. When a myth makes me cry when I read it and again when I write the HeroQuest, I know it's a good one.
  12. I just rolled up a Healer that could have qualified for High Healer status, if she had taken Heal 6 and took 5 Rune Points. Obviously, the bar for High Healer is lower than for other cults, but you can roll up a PC that is near God-Talker, Rune Lord or Rune Priest status.
  13. In one of our campaigns, a PC became the adopted son of the Red Emperor, but they didn't really change a lot. In another campaign, Mello Yello interrupted a ritual where Great Sister performed Utuma on the Red Emperor, transferred the wound to himself and died, but was immediately reborn as the Golden Dragon Emperor, at which point the Utuma wound flared up again on the Red Emperor and he died, mainly of embarrassment. The campaign stopped after that as the Players did not know how they could top that.
  14. I love them. By the way, I haven't forgotten your images for my supplement, that is on hold for a while until a finish off some more things.
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