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  1. soltakss


    Derak the Dark Troll, one of our RQ2 PCs, had The Hero Stone, which was a 4 point Crystal that gave access to any reusable runespells from any cult that was Enemy (0) to Chaos on the Cult Compatibility chart. So, in RQG terms, it would be a 4 point Rune Pool to all cults enemy to Chaos. It regenerated on a weekly basis. So, you could cast Shield 4, or Berserker, or Face Chaos or whatever. Once Derak went on a HeroQuest and, as a result, the Hero Stone was infected by Chaos, so instead of just Cults Enemy to Chaos, it also allowed cults Associated (4) with Primal Chaos. By that time, we had got hold of Gods of Glorantha and Elder Secrets, so he cast Vomit Acid a few times.
  2. soltakss


    But much, much more fun!
  3. Wetnurses were very popular in the past. There's no reason for a Vingan to have to nurse her baby herself. Better to drop it off at an Ernalda temple and get a wetnurse to do that. Plenty of time for bonding when she gets back.
  4. soltakss


    Thanks David. RQ3 Fiends are like RQ2 Cacodemon. I like the idea of summoning Cacodemon itself, our PC have fought Cacodemon several times in a couple of campaigns, it always goes well. Shame about Vomit Acid, though.
  5. soltakss


    It's in Elder Secrets, sorry, my mistake. Vomit Acid should be included in every version of RQ, in my opinion.
  6. I used SuperWorld for my very short Thatcher's Britain campaign and found it didn't really suit what I was aiming for. For me, having Characteristics completely ruins a Supers game. If someone has a high POW with mind-affecting powers, they just trash any PCs, unless the PCs have a high POW themselves. Same with STR, someone can be super-strong, which gives them a large Damage Bonus which means they can smash things, that's fine, but if you say "My PC can smash through a concrete wall" then the GM must work out what damage needs to be done, work out a reasonable Damage Bonus and then work out a reasonable STR, which is likely to be very high indeed. I much prefer something like HeroQuest for Supers, as all those problems go away. You get new problems, but hey-ho!
  7. This isn't really the right thread for this discussion, but it hasn't been for a while. MRQI was OGL, RQG isn't, so there is a problem with incorporating MRQI mechanics into RQG. MRQII wasn't OGL, but Jeff doesn't think the way it is going suits Glorantha particularly well, so it's unlikely that its mechanics will appear. That's fine by me, as I can use bits from here, there and everywhere to make a better RQ for my games.
  8. Dorastor is a fun place. In our shared-GM RQ2 campaign, I often set scenarios there. In my RQ3 campaign, much of the campaign was set in Dorastor. My recent River Voices campaign had a few things in Dorastor. What I normally do in Dorastor is not make it ultra-deadly. By which, I don't mean make it just another wilderness campaign or chaos nest campaign, but instead make some bits fairly straightforward. So, the bits of Dorastor near Riskland are fairly safe. Sure, they have Broos, Scorpionmen and Ogres but that's normal for a Chaos Nest. Areas around Forts are patrolled and safe, or as safe as anywhere in Dorastor can be. Anyone holding a Ralzakark Token can be sure that if they present it to a group of Chaotics, they will be left alone, or maybe not. So, lull them into a false sense of security as to how dangerous Dorastor is. Have a few scenarios where it is just like a wilderness or chaos nest. Clear a few chaos caves out, fight some Broo, find some human-looking Ogres, that sort of thing. Then hit them with a Monstrosity of some kind. Monstrosities can be of varying kind: Chaos Monster - An random Chaos Monster that is utterly gross, imagine Cacodemon, The Crimson Bat, Cwim or something equally as dangerous. Have it come along and scare the bejaysus out of the Party and let them escape. Intelligent Chaos Foe - far more dangerous than the Chaos Monster, these are intelligent and well-organised Chaos Foes. Not the personalities, but perhaps a Rune Lord or Priest of a Chaos Cult and companions. These should be used to fighting and might be hostile to the party. Personality - Far more dangerous than an Intelligent Chaos foe, these are the named people of Dorastor, Ralzakark, the Giant King of Never Dead, Queen of the Tower of Lead, anyone out of the Dorastor or Lords of Terror supplements. These may be friendly, may be hostile but are always very dangerous. Terrain Feature - There are some bad places in Dorastor, Ghost dirt, Slime Pools, Ash Flats, Rolling Hills, Acid Lakes and so on. Be as mean and nasty as you want, after all it's Dorastor! Ragnaglar's Breath - One of my favourites. Ragnaglar's Breath rolls around Dorastor in various forms. Acid Rain, Fear Storm, Mist of Madness, Poison Cloud, List Wind, you name it you can have it. Basically, it is a wind or cloud or weather that is incredibly nasty. Each area of Dorastor is dangerous in its own way. Poisonthorn is full of nasty, non-chaotic but evil human-hating elves. Hellwood is full of Chaos-embracing elves. Both Poisonthorn and Hellwood are full of nasty, warped, hungry plants. Slimestone has the Gorpgod, a gigantic gorp that just rolls over you and absorbs you. The Tower of Lead is full of vampires and other undead. Ash Flat is full of ghosts. Some places have broos, some ogres, some Telmori, some scorpionmen. make them all dangerous and difficult. Leaving the PCs stranded in an area is fun, watching them fight their way out is much more fun.
  9. soltakss


    The Cult Compendium has a writeup of Cacodemon and I think it is more recent as it contains Vomit Acid, which is one of my most favourite spells. If not, Lords of Terror has a writeup, I think, but is out of print.
  10. Jrustela has God Learner 101, which is interesting. Glorantha the Second Age touches on HeroQuesting. Trolls A Guide to Uz also contains some information about HeroQuesting against the Trolls, according to my review.
  11. I'm not sure about that. I started playing RQ with RQ2 in 1982 and liked a lot of the MRQ material. Sure, the initial rulebook had a lot of issues, but had some good ideas and the supplements were certainly usable.
  12. Nearly 20 years after our campaign, but yes, same kind of idea.
  13. Exactly! Our Duck PC just didn't like the game, for some reason.
  14. Not for people who have just bought it through the RQ Classic Kickstarter or subsequently, or who have not yet played the scenario. What us oldies forget is that not everyone has been playing RuneQuest since the 80s, or even 70s.
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