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  1. These are much clearer here than on my phone using Facebook, Nick, although I suppose I could have checked the Facebook posts on my laptop.
  2. Extended Contests don't really work for me, so I rarely use them, except for a climatic event. But, if you use them and the Adventurer is engaged in a contest and some orcs come running around the corner, it all depends on how you see this: The Orcs come screaming around the corner and the Adventurer looks over at them, shrugs and casually tosses off a Fireball at them. Just roll for the effect of the Fireball against multiple opponents, or treat the Orcs as a single target, see what happens and narrate if any of them survive based on the result of the contest. The extended contest c
  3. An Eurmal cultists worried about the consequences of their actions shouldn't really be an Eurmal cultist, or is already in chains.
  4. That is pretty much how Revolution does it, with slots for powers.
  5. I have a few times. The PCs can: Run a parallel but intersecting HeroQuest, where they have stations that intersect with the HeroQuest to be interrupted Run the opposing HeroQuest in full, i.e. they play the part of the opponents on the other HeroQuest on their whole journey Dip into a Station, again acting as the opponents, but only for that single Station Do something else entirely In the example given, Kangharl is performing a HeroQuest which puts the lover into the target, as the Red Goddess. The Adventurers could oppose that by looking at the Stations on t
  6. That is what I was thinking of, thanks. I have it as a thin document by Greg Stafford 2006, but was not aware that it was available as an online document.
  7. There is also some prep work in the Boatrising Scenario, where some of the NPCs hop off to talk to dragonic creatures in Orlanth's Ring. The PCs in my last Gloranthan campaign did this themselves and awakened their Inner Dragon, gaining a Dragon Rune and some cool powers that they developed later on, resulting in them transforming into True Dragons and fighting the Chaos Dragon from Secrets of Dorastor, then Mello Yello becoming the Golden Dragon and transferring the Great sister's Utuma ritual to himself, causing the Golden Dragon to die and be reborn as the Sun Dragon Emperor and the R
  8. You should write this up for the Jonstown Compendium
  9. I think it was in one of the short Stafford Library supplements, but can't remember the name. It did not describe the whole myth, but gave a lot more than we had before.
  10. Well, I have now set up some Macros in my Monday night game. D100 and some for NPC names. Also have added a Hit Location Chart and basic Characters. Slowly getting there.
  11. Well, no, Classic Fantasy allows you to run D&D-style characters and classes using the Mythras rules. Mythras does have some Fantasy supplements. Check The design Mechanism out on Drivethrurpg.
  12. I think that Argrath has reawakend some of the secrets of the EWF and has become a bit of a dragon mystic. After all, he uses the EWF War Banner,. has the dragontooth Warriors and helped awaken the Brown Dragon, although some say that it was Kallyr. I am sure he uses more later on, even though this might not be documented. He probably left out Orlanth the Dragon, as that would probably be a step too far. He probably asked them for permission and got it, so it is nor forbidden for him.
  13. Probably because the rules didn't allow it. Now, if you can whack away with a sword it makes sense for everyone to gang up on the spirit. I would have it also damage the person engaged in Spirit Combat as well, just to prove a point.
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