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  1. Rick isn't that old.
  2. Maybe you could have toned it down a bit as well. It comes across as aggressive and unpleasant.
  3. That is while they are not discorporate. When they discorporate, they can see the spirit world but not the mundane world.
  4. Yes. Good question. I guess the shaman could work out roughly where they were from the type of spirits around, then cast visibility at an appropriate point. Maybe a spirit Travel roll would be needed to get to about the right spot. That is easy. Discorporate, become Visible, walk through the wall, attack the enemy.
  5. I should be writing about Tada and his folk in Secrets of the Oasis Folk, but that might be a while coming.
  6. Cults can be a useful stepping stone, though. You can do what Arkat did and join different cults to learn their secrets, then blend them into something new.
  7. The Mundane World and Spirit World are separate, as they were separated during God Time, when Daka Fal separated the living from the dead. Most spirits cannot interact with the Mundane World, except in certain circumstances. That is why we are not bombarded with spirits wherever we go. To break through to the Mundane World, spirits need an ability, normally using a Visibility spell or effect. Without that, they are confined to the Spirit World. Ghosts and Wraiths are special cases, as they are usually bound to a certain place or object and can become Visible at will. Many temples have spirit places that hold cult spirits. These cannot always break through but can be easily summoned. Some areas have Spirit Places (RQG p 375) where the barrier between the Mundane and Spirit Worlds is thin, or where they overlap. Spirits here can become Visible at will, as they are effectively on both planes. This allows Adventurers to visit them and to bind spirits, or to contact spirits and ask them questions. Discorporate beings are entirely in the spirit world, even Shamans. They can see other spirits and interact with them, but are not in the Mundane World. A Shaman who wants to spy should use Visibility to interact with the Mundane World, then the Shaman appears as a ghost. Once Visible, the Shaman can be seen and can be targeted by spells. Of course, a shaman with a good Hide, or with special hiding magic, could become a reasonable spy.
  8. And we eagerly await your recollections and stories of what it was like in the beginning. Please post as many of those as you can. To a certain extent, it doesn't matter. Unless you are gearing up to do something on the Cradle, what benefit does it give you to know it is coming? Even then it is just an event in the future. I just run scenarios as they come and try to put them into some sort of timeline. It is always flexible and fits around what the Players/Adventurers are doing.
  9. That's why I house rule that Cult special spirit Magic is not commonly available to Shamans. I did ask the question in the Rules Clarification thread but have not had a response.
  10. I just can't play Pendragon for the very same reasons, also medieval knights in Dark Age Britain just doesn't work for me. It's a shame, as it looks like a really fun game.
  11. My completely unusable but probably fairly accurate star map, centred on Sol, can be found at http://www.soltakss.com/starmaps/Map_000.html#000001. For some reason, it works better in Internet Explorer than Chrome. Each dot is a Jump-1, regardless of the scale of Jump-1. The size is such that it can take a ship with Jump-4 several jumps to reach a lot of stars, but years to reach the outlying stars, which feels about right to me. It uses the Huygens catalogue and I have an Excel spreadsheet with all 99k stars, their positions and links to the maps. It is nearly 13Mb in size, but that is small nowadays.
  12. I would get the Adventurers to sign up to an agreement that binds them together. This could be a blood pact, putting their marks on a clay tablet, signing a formal agreement or something similar. You could even sacrifice 1 POW to the agreement to create a wyter for the party. That way, they are bound as an entity and Morale works for them.
  13. I voted for Divine Magic, as I like Cults, but to me Common Magic and Divine Magic go together very well.
  14. On page 260, it says: and which strongly imply that a Shaman adds the fetch's POW to the Shaman's for both defensive and offensive purposes.
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