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  1. Sounds as though you had a good session and everyone enjoyed it.

    For some reason, I couldn't quote things, so had to cheat.


    3 hours ago, klecser said:

    1) What do you think about the Shadowcat situation above? Do Shadowcats "follow orders" like familiars? Whether they can or not, how would you have avoided an effective "no" under that situation?

    It depends on what the Player thinks the Shadowcat is, really.

    If it is a trained beast that can go off on its own on forays, then I'd say that a successful Beast Rune roll would be OK for it to do that. However, I'd limit what it could do to its INT in basic commands.

    If it is just a pet, then a critical Beast Rune roll would probably be needed.

    If it is a familiar, or awakened Shadow cat, then it is effectively an NPC and can be sent off on its own.

    As for the issue raised in the writeup, about becoming Sakkar-fodder, you could do it in several ways, if the Shadow cat encounters a Sakkar:

    1. Have the Sakkar eat the Shadow Cat without the PC knowing what had happened
    2. Have the Sakkar chase the Shadow Cat into a hole/up a tree, for the PC to have to go and find the Shadow Cat, hopefully when the Sakkar is not around
    3. Have the Sakkar chase the Shadow Cat as it runs back to the PC, followed by a Sakkar
    4. Have the Shadow Cat avoid being noticed by the Sakkar and return to tell the PC where the Sakkar is
    5. Have the Shadow Cat ambush the Sakkar, jumping on it and clawing it to death from surprise

    I would avoid 1 and 5, but any of 2-4 should be reasonable.


    3 hours ago, klecser said:

    2) Is an elemental's damage physical or magical damage? In other words, does Armor apply? I wasn't sure in the moment, so I made it physical, with the hope being that Yanioth would roll a 4, 5, or 6 on its damage to overcome armor. She rolled a five, and it was appropriately epic, but I'm wondering if I played it correctly. It just seems odd to me that you'd drop four rune points to control an elemental, roll a two for damage result when it engulfs, and have the elemental do no damage to a foe with armor. Seems a potentially huge waste of a large rune point investment.

    From RQ2 memory, as I haven't memorised RQG Elementals:

    • Earth Elementals deal physical damage, so armour protects. Typically, they open up a pit and grab the opponent, smashing it as the pit closes.
    • Fire Elementals deal magical damage, although it is physical fire it attacks General Hit Points. In RQ2 Armour didn't protect, but spells did (Shield/Protection)
    • Water Elementals attack by drowning, so forcing their way into your mouth/nose and into your lungs, so armour wouldn't protect
    • Air Elementals pick you up and toss you, so you receive physical falling damage, so armour protects (Maybe you have to make a Luck Roll, I can't remember)
    • Darkness Elementals attacked with a claw in RQ2, so armour protected from that, they also dealt cold damage and armour didn;t protect from that, but their main attack is Fearshock.


    3 hours ago, klecser said:

    3) I wasn't sure how creatures with natural weapons "parry," so I just used their claw statistic. Correct?

    That's what I would do.

    3 hours ago, klecser said:

    4) Any skill not in any NPCs list happens at base value, correct? The biggest aide that was missing was a list of skill base values, and I will have that for the next session.

    There are several ways of handling this:

    1. The NPC hasn't got the skill listed, so hasn't got the skill, so uses the basic chance
    2. The NPC has a general skill (Fighter 50% or Scout 60%) and you just use that default value for non-listed and appropriate skills
    3. The NPC has a general skill (Fighter 50%, Scout 60%) and you just use the appropriate default value for non-listed skills

    I prefer approach 3, personally, so I could have an NPC with Wizard 60%, Fighter 50% and Hunter 70%.



  2. On 2/24/2018 at 12:00 PM, Conrad said:

    It would be interesting to see if you could use some of the stuff from the Mythras Classic Fantasy version with OQ to run a game. :)

    You can run any scenario from any RQ-like game with any other RQ-like game with varying levels of difficulty.

    Mythras/Legend/RQ6 - Very Similar/Easy to use

    RQ2/RQ3 - Very Similar/Easy to use

    RQ2/3 with BRP or OpenQuest - Similar/Fairly easy to use

    Revolution is similar to Mythras/Legend/RQ6, but treats skills quite differently, so is a bit harder to fit into Mythras/Legend/RQ6, but should be easy enough to use Mythras/Legend/RQ6 for Revolution.

    After all, does it matter that a troll NPC in RQ3 has Sneak rather than Move Quietly, or a troll in Legend has Stealth, or a troll in Revolution has Stealth [Move Quietly]? As a GM, not at all.


    What I do when using supplements written for one system in another is:

    • Use Characteristics/Skills/Hit Points/Armour/Hit Locations as they are in the supplement, no need to convert, no need to recaulculate
    • Use spells as they are in the rules you are using, if the spell isn't there then use the original spell description
    • Recalculate Strike Ranks, if your systems use different types of Strike ranks, so for RQ2/3 keep them the same, Mythras/Legend/RQ6 keep them the same, but using an RQ2/3 scenario with Mythras/Legend/RQ6, recalculate them.
    • Do all recalculations on the fly, rough and ready, they don't need to be exactly right
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  3. 3 hours ago, Conrad said:

    He is the High Druid of Britain.

    Alive when Claudius landed on Britain’s shores.

    An advisor to Boudicca when she challenged the Romans.

    Alive when the Romans massacred the druids at Ynys Mon.

    Alive when Vortigern ventured north with mercenaries to destroy the Picts.

    Alive when Uther’s bastard was begat by Ygraine.

    He lives still. This is his world.

    It is made of the breath, scales and bones of the Great Red Dragon.

    It flows through him, and he is Britain.

    He has walked with gods and counselled them.

    The ancestors revere and respect his presence.

    The Saxons tremble at his name.


    He is Merlin.


    Fear Him.


    In my Age of Arthur writeup, Merlin is the brother of Fflur and helped Julius Caesar invade Prydein as he wanted his sister to marry someone more important than Caswallawn. Caesar took her back to Rome and Merlin realised that he made a mistake and helped Caswallawn bring her back. He then spent the next 500 years plotting against Rome and trying to drive them out of Prydein. In my version, he met the young Jesus when he was brought to Prydein by Joseph of Arimathea and they came to an arrangement that Jesus was a part of Prydein, but his priests should wear their hair in the druidic fashion, explaining the Celtic Church's distinct tonsure.

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  4. "It's still early." I keep telling myself. "Restructuring an entire company takes time, much less absorbing and combining two."


    Restructuring an entire company takes time, yes, but how many employees does Chaosium/Moon Design have? It isn't like General Motors and Ford are merging.

    I expect everything will turn out OK in the end and that our favourite games continue.


  5. Most memorable moments:

    1. Flying ever closer to the sea before the pilot seemed to find a runway sticking out into the bay.

    2. Fearing that I was the only one in costume.

    3. Realising that people played until 3am - (Wasn't there a rule/guideline about that? Isn't the time moving slowly backwards as we all get older? It'll be 10 o'clock soon)

    4. Meeting old friends and new ones.

    5. The Money Trick and the revelation of the Satrap of Prax, seeing the new member of the Sazdork Whackoffs and Tackle team run off with my duck and seeing my rhino broo backstabbed by a broo that had been hiding in the marshes.

    6. The sheer enthusiasm of some of the players. Truly refreshing.

    Anyway, I made my coach connection at Gatwick, despite a half-hour delay, but had to run the 100m in what seemed like 5 seconds with a rucksack and suitcase - I left my lungs couching on the tarmac, though.

    How can I persuade my wife to let me go next year?

  6. From memory, the film of A Boy and His Dog was very true to the book and didn't gloss over things. It's still a teenager trying to get laid, helped by his telepathic dog and avoiding being killed in the wastelands.

    If Rubble and Ruin is anything like this it should be good.

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