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  1. rude, Tricksters are not broo The Mad Sultanate are not broo. They were formed when a Lunar Army say the Crimson Bat for the first time, I believe, and went mad. They live in Dorastor, with the Mad Sultan leading them. Just don't give them Remove (body part), otherwise you'll get stealth breeding.
  2. soltakss


    In some ways, it is just Orlanth Adventurous for women, a way to have female adventurers. However, we had female members of Orlanth way before Vinga appeared, so I am not sure that is a good enough reason to have the cult. It is specifically aimed at those women who take the Adventurous path as a form of revenge, so dying hair red and leaving the household behind is a classic way of initiating into Vinga. Some people have given Vinga Gifts and Geases, like Humakt or Yelmalio, but I am not sure that fits. It will be in the Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha, but I doubt whether it will have a full writeup, as it is seen very much as a variant of Orlanth. If Humakti can get pregnant then why not Vingans? Naimless was a female Humakti and she gave birth during a battle. I get that they leave their normal female duties by dying their hair red, so they become like Orlanth not like Ernalda. However, Orlanth Adventurous is fertile, as he fathers children on many goddesses and nymphs, so why shouldn't Vinga be fertile? Of course, if you want to go with the dying of the hair preventing pregnancy, that works as well. It also gets around what happens when Adventuresses get pregnant.
  3. The beauty of Eurmal is that he is both benign and malign, friendly and hateful, nice and nasty. He steals fire and gives it to the people, but he also makes the fire burn people and burns their houses down. He doesn't teach them any magic to stop that. We had a scenario in our RQ2 days, when the GM set up a HeroQuest to "Learn the Secret of Fire". Now, curly was known for his horrendously dangerous scenarios and this was no different. When we completed the HeroQuest, we were told the Secret of Fire, Curly had a huge grin on his face, as he leaned in towards us and whispered "It's hot and it burns things". Whoopdedo. So, we told everyone we could, when he was the GM, of the Secret of Fire, to his increasing annoyance. That is the kind of thing I can see Eurmal doing.
  4. If I saw a Rune Spell that only lasts for 1 Melee Round, why would I cast it? Even Spirit Magic lasts more than that. As a Hsunchen, I would expect a Transform spell to last for several rounds, at least. What would I do with a transformation that lasted a Melee Round?
  5. Yes, don't you? Where?
  6. 1 Melee round for a Rune Spell means that it is not worth getting. It needs to be the same as other Rune Spells in that regard. Why not have a base of 15 minutes and allow Extension to extend the Duration? Unless, of course, i have completely misunderstood what you are trying to say, which is entirely possible.
  7. Yes, all you need to do to get there is swim down, go through the Wave Stop without making it crash and then you are in a Great Temple to Eurmal, filled with 10,000 Tricksters and their descendants, who have lived there for centuries, eating each other, or creating banquets for each other and generally doing what Tricksters do, without constraint. On second thoughts, maybe it's best to leave them alone. One of the Events in the Hero Wars, for me, is when someone does this and breaks the wave, releasing the Tricksters. What would happen when 10,000 Tricksters are let loose on the world at the same time?
  8. You are allowed to say "Nya, nya, nya, told you so!"
  9. Yes, that works. The Cacodemon cultists probably uses False Form to trick and infiltrate the Storm Bull Temple. If be brings a herd of cattle to sacrifice then why wouldn't he be treated well? That might work, but the Priests might wonder why the donor hasn't come along, perhaps he's too snooty and stuck up, perhaps he's busy, perhaps he's not what he seems. A lot of Kings and Queens have donated money in the Real World's past to places they have never been.
  10. But are easy to work with. Probably. I'm not going to work out how many pigs they need to sacrifice, or how many cows. I just care about the money, baby. Absolutely. Why wouldn't that work?
  11. Yes, that's how it works. What you could do is to houserule so that Transform Self transforms you into the creature by itself, then you can use the other Transform spells to enhance the transformed creature. That makes them a lot more playable. Werefolk such as Wolf Brothers, Bearwalkers, Tusk Brothers and Tiger Sons can all transform whenever they want, as they effective have the magic built in as an ability. They can't normally transform just body parts, so it's all of nothing, instead of just transforming the head or limbs. I think the Wild day restriction is just for Telmori, as it doesn't make sense for anyone else. In fact, it doesn't make sense for Telmori either, so I'd just drop the restriction.
  12. It all depends on how you see Deities in the setting. In the Stormbringer game, the rule was that PCs always had first hit against a deity, then the Deity killed them. Obviously, Corum wasn't a PC. In a game set in Mythic Greece or Mythic Norseland, the Deities could be killed and sometimes were, but they would be hard to kill and can heal. I think that either Nectar or Ambrosia from the Greek Myths cured injuries, but cannot remember. The Golden Apples of the Sun in Norse myth might have done the same. If the game uses more of an Abrahamic-style religion, then perhaps the Deities just cannot be killed. I wouldn't have a single set of rules for every setting, but would vary it. The idea of making them really tough is a good one. You could have them only being harmed by magical weapons or by certain materials. Baldur was blessed by everything except mistletoe, so could be hurt by a dart made from it, although that is a special case it might apply to certain deities.
  13. Have you watched The Boys, a SuperHero TV show? Homelander's eye beams are effectively a Disintegration spell.
  14. What's your ranking now?
  15. One of the things I love about the new way that Glorantha is described is how PCs are closely tied to their Bloodline/Clan/Tribe/Whatever, as it gives a sense of belonging, a reason for doing things and sets boundaries. One of the things I hate about the new way that Glorantha is described is how PCs are always closely tied to their Bloodline/Clan/Tribe/Whatever, as it restricts them and forces them down a certain path. I really like the Rootless Adventurer idea, able to travel around and get into adventures. You don't see Orlanth Adventurous sticking around Stormstead all the time, no he's off gallivanting, duffing up trolls, stealing from Mostal and liberating nymphs. I blame that Ernalda, she comes along, ties him down and he forgets all his mates and sticks around Stormstead, just being a big wet cloud.
  16. Thanks, they have mentioned it for both, but it was originally in the GM Sourcebook. Also, pedantic corrections are what we do best.
  17. They also said that they want to be where Call of Cthulhu is now, with a release every 2 months, and think they can achieve this by mid-next year. In the meantime, the Jonstown Compendium should have lots of goodies.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. What? They dropped that? inconceivable! Hee, hee, hee, hee! We hide our secret plan in the open, where nobody can see it.
  20. Probably. Hon Eel spent a long time studying Solar Mythology before competing with the Reverend Mother of Horses (?) to produce the strongest sun Deity and also spent time learning the secrets of the Earth before appearing in the innermost Earth Mysteries when she assaulted Tarsh, so she has a history of intense mythical study before embarking on a project. That would probably have included Ana Gor and similar Earth Mysteries.
  21. Normally, yes, but the Lunars have trashed Winter and driven it back, to improve the climate. In any case, you can grow a lot of crops in Russia. They make great rye bread as well! 😀
  22. I am very wary of making comments such as that. People do worship entities such as the Earth Witch as a Rune Cult, if they get enough worshippers together. It might start as a spirit Cult but end up as a permanent Rune Cult. There's an Oakfed Shrine in one of the RQ Classic Supplements, maybe the Puzzle Canal, I can't remember. It had a ball of fire, or something, that zapped anyone who tried to enter. Also, Temples to Lodril have shrines to Oakfed, as Lodril's son.
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