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  1. The way that Trolls treat Trollkin is pretty dark. In my Glorantha, Gardeners are precisely that, they do the gardening for the Aldryami. What I mean by that is that they manage the forests, they tidy, help things grow and prune. What do they prune? Those Aldryami who are bad for the forest, who do not fit or are just in the wrong place. So, they can engage in a bit of ethnic cleansing, moving Aldryami around or killing off the bad ones or the ones that don;t fit a certain part of the forest.
  2. Like giving clothing to a house elf. If you can put a sock on a woad-clad warrior then it should stop the woad. We tended to play that belts containing Crystals, matrices and so on were allowed, but they couldn't be belts that covered anything vital, so no belts 3 feet wide, for example.
  3. Guide to Glorantha p342: Hakon the Swimmer, King of the Bilini: A great warrior, Hakon was chosen king of the Bilini after his predecessor was killed by the Orlanthi holy man Ketil White Eye. Hakon has given away land to Lakrene to keep the peace with the Lunar Empire, which led to his current feud with Hahlgrim Ironsword. Guide to Glorantha p344: Hakon returned to persecuting Hahlgrim’s clan, so Hahlgrim returns to the Hold late in 7/50 (1621) to slay King Hakon. The tribal moot to choose the next king ends in violence and civil war, and Hahlgrim returns to Oxhead to become a devotee of Orlanth. In 7/52 (1623), Bolthor Brighteyes, the king of the Talastari, asks Hahlgrim to lead an army into Dorastor to confront the Chaos Horrors led by Ralzakark.
  4. It really does depend on the elemental. Someone should be able to use the Air/Storm Rune to dismiss an air Elemental. Similarly, someone with Earth Rune should be able to use it to dismiss an Air Elemental, due to the Elemental Progression Table. A worshipper of Argan Argar should be able to use Darkness to dismiss a Fire Elemental (As Argan Argar chained Lodril) So, for me, the following should apply: You can dismiss an Elemental with the Rune corresponding to that Element You can dismiss an Elemental with the Rune corresponding to the Element that defeats the Elemental's Element on the Elemental Progression Table You can dismiss an Elemental using a Rune based on the events of your Deity You can dismiss an Elemental using a Rune based on what is cool when you narrate it This is a tricky example, as the answer is not in the RQG Rulebook. The Red Goddess freed the Young Elementals of Darkness/Water/Earth and Fire/Sky, on her GodQuest. She made these available to Lunar cults, so the Seven Mothers, for example, has a Subcult of the Young Elementals, so have access to those elements. Now, some people will say "It's not in RQG so how can we use it?", but it was part of the Red Goddess and the Seven Mothers writeups in the past and I expect it to be present in Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha.
  5. It is confusing. Talastar is a tribe with a king. Bilini is a tribe with a king. The Talastarings think that Bilini should still be a part of Talastar. Bolthor Brighteyes was the king of Talastar when Hakon the Swimmer was king of the Bilini. In the "future" history of the olden days, Haglgrim kills Hakon and Bolthor, or his boys do, I forget, but doesn't become king of either Bilini or Talastar. Yes, in theory the tribal kings swear fealty to the king of the kingdom, but only if that king is strong enough to make them.
  6. Is the Globe of Authority the "Orb of Sovereignty" mentioned in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure? Yes, but probably a local copy. Each Sun Dome Temple would have its own version. Is the Globe just a pale copy of said Orb? Yes, just a copy for that Sun Dome. Is there a "real" Globe of Authority in every Sun Dome Temple? Yes Is there a source to these items/possible copies? They are ritual items, created when investing a new Sun Dome Temple. Is there a one, true "Globe of Authority" to rule them all? Yes, but it is lost, as has been mentioned. Is “Globe of Authority” related to/the same as/a copy of the “Orb of the Eye” often mentioned with the Hill of Gold? Probably, yes, I would think so. What is the relation of the Yelmalio relic to the “Orb of Authority” that is depicted on Gods Wall? The Yelmalian ones are copies. Is it true that if one had this relic, one could potentially unite the various temples under one rule? Probably, but the Temples are already united under the rule of Yelm, whihc is why they don't appreciate Yelm worshippers coming around telling them what to do. In our last Gloranthan campaign, the PCs found the regalia in the Old Sun Dome, which were older than the current ones, but not the ones used to found the Sun Dome Temple. They had to HeroQuest to find those and return them. I think this refers to the Regalia used to found the Sun Dome Temple in Prax, not the original ones held by Yelm.
  7. OK so that means I apparently understand less about Heroquesting than I thought I did (and believe me that is saying something; I am now wondering if I actually have a negative amount of knowledge). Not at all. HeroQuesting is tricky, with no real right or wrong answers, despite what anyone tells you. That is exactly how I play it. You don't change what's in place, but you could create a new religion that is vastly more popular. That's what Monrogh did, he created a version of Yelmalio that was vastly more attractive to Elmali than Elmal, so they mostly flocked to his new versoin of the cult. Again, yes, agreed that it should be possible but difficult. What Nysalor did was to wound Korasting and create a new form of trolls. he did not change all existing trolls to Trollkin, but he did curse the trolls so that they gave birth to stunted trollkin. Essentially, he affected "all" trolls, as "all" trolls come from Korasting. He did not affect Mistress Race Trolls (too powerful) nor Hot Trolls (Not tied to Korasting) but did affect Dark Trolls and Cave Trolls. So, yes, it still comes under your banner of things you understand. Not at all, I think you have grasped it really well. Although Joerg has explained subsequently, I think that he meant that the Orlanth-Ernalda bond is extremely strong and so is very difficult to break. It is possible, but would need a HeroQuest of epic proportions with a lot of support from Orlanthi. changing a cult by force from the outside is very difficult, changing it from the inside with support is easier. So, all you would need to do is to get all the Orlanthi to support you and do the HeroQuest. Simples. Of course, if you don't do it for all Orlanthi, you could get a single Clan to support you, or a Bloodline, or members of a single Temple. That way, you can establish the Myth and then repeat the HeroQuest again and again, spreading it further.
  8. soltakss


    My reply would be "yes, but a lot slower". Also, people take care of their magic items, cleaning, polishing and oiling them, which protects against corrosion. Personally, I don't bother with that kind of thing in my games. I just assume that Adventurers take care of their equipment to prevent things like corrosion. Items found in ruins may or may not be corroded, entirely at the GM's whim, in my games.
  9. To learn a spell from a Temple - This World. To steal a spell from another Temple for yourself - This World. To steal a spell from another Temple and make it available to your followers - Heroplane. To make a new spell - Heroplane.
  10. What you tend to see, certainly in films and TV Shows, is people moving and then briefly stopping to shoot and then moving again. It is only really heroes who can run and shoot at the same time. In Legend terns, I'd have it as a Legendary Ability, in RuneQuest terms I'd have it as a special ability, "Move and Shoot" that enables people to fire missile weapons while moving with no penalty.
  11. I would agree with this. Also, having an idea of what you want to do before rolling helps. Rolling the dice and then looking through a sheet to see what you can do slows things down. Knowing that if you using Trip Opponent would help and then seeing if your roll allows it really speeds things up. Thanks, that is very useful.
  12. If you wanted to learn a Spirit Magic spell, you could do a HeroQuest ritual, which is effectively a ritualised This World HeroQuest. What this would entail is to re-enact the "Gaining of the Spell" HeroQuest. So, a Humakti learning Bladesharp would do a different HeroQuest than an Orlanthi learning Bladesharp or a Babeester Gori learning Bladesharp,l but the process would be the same. If you wanted to gain a new Spirit Magic spell for your cult, you might do a HeroQuest to take that spell and make it available to your cult. I see that as possibly being a raid on another cult centre or a reenactment of the Gaining of the Spell on the God Plane. Once you do that, you then create a new Myth of "My cult gets this spell" and anyone can perform that HeroQuest again as a ritual, as above. If you wanted to create a brand new Spirit Magic Spell, you would need to perform a God Time heroQuest to do so. now, this might just be a ritual HeroQuest, but it would mean getting the Spell from somewhere, or shaping something into a Spirit Magic spell. Once you have done this, you have your "Gaining of the Spirit Spell" HeroQuest that others could then do. All being well, this and many other things about HeroQuesting, will appear in the Jonstown Compendium.
  13. He is a talking mule, talking implies INT.
  14. What? It's not even a page and nobody is disagreeing at length, so you got off lightly.
  15. Yeah, but that might come under the same thing as wearing padding under normal armour. How much does padding protect you from the cold? Or rather, do gloves worn under gauntlets keep your hands warm? As I said, I haven't worn armour, but have worn clothes. A pair of jeans will protect you from cool or cold conditions, but where it gets really cold, for example -20C or below, one pair of jeans isn't enough and you need something else underneath. So, padding by itself might protect in cool conditions, but you need another layer of clothing for very cold conditions.
  16. Lokamayadon stopped adults initiating into Orlanth, that's a good way of killing the cult.
  17. I'd remove the point about Yelm not being Emperor of the Gods, because that is out of synch with Orlanth being Ernalda's lover, that definitely happened after Yelm became Emperor. I know that God Time events are often out of synch wanyway, but it doesn't add anything to the myth so would be better taken out.
  18. It depends on the cold weather clothing. You could wear a thick cloak and armour without a problem. A bit hat that covers your helm, apart from the face, should be OK. Gloves might be a problem, but large mittens over gauntlets should be fine. Even fur trews might be OK. I have never worn armour, so it is hard to tell. Although, the image of hardened warriors putting long scarves on because their mummy or wife tells them not to go out in the cold without one is too good to miss.
  19. Illumination has its benefits
  20. Somewhere there is a myth about how Yelm visited the earth, looked up to see a flock of ducks flying overhead and was blinded by their filth, so cursed them.
  21. I ran the full LBQ using HeroQuest as a campaign. It was really fun. Hopefully, I'll write it up for the Jonstown Compendium, but it might be next year, as it traditional.
  22. It's easy to stop the worship of Orlanth. Lokamayadon did in in the First Age, the Empire of the Wyrms Friends did it in the Second Age and the Lunar Empire are doing it in the Third Age. What's the worst that could happen?
  23. Excellent news. It seemed odd that it wasn't, but I suppose that's Licensing.
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