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  1. They don't, as far as I know. Lhankor Mhy will teach people to read and write if they pay enough. Unless, of course, it says somewhere that they don't, in which case I am wrong, again. If the Lhankor Mhy member is forbidden to share some secret information and does so, then the Spirits of Retribution will come a-calling. I can't remember what the Spirit of Retribution is, but it probably affects knowledge in some way. Nope, it is very easy to index a Lankhor Mhy library and this has been done many times in the past. The trouble is, every Lhankhor Mhy cultist has his/her own way of indexing. Brankist Farlow, a Sword Sage in our RQ2 campaign, sorted the library by putting all the scrolls together, in order of thickness of the scroll case, all the books together in order of height, all the metal plates together in order of weight and so on. Then he simply numbered each category, from lowest to highest and wrote down what the item was. So, Scroll 28 might be a History of the Sword Sages of Boldhome but Plate 5 might be the Love Letter of Sartar to the Feathered Horse Queen. "What happens when you add items?" you ask, "Surely they would go in the middle of the lists", not at all, because they would be put in the Library Appendices, with a new Appendix for each item that did not fit. Sometimes, he would put one book inside another, just so it fitted correctly at the end. Difficulties occur when two Lhankor Mhy cultists try to index a library at the same time, because they will eventually have to index those parts indexed by the other. This can result in perpetual re-indexing, confusing indexes, appeals to the High Sage, duels or even poisons being deployed on a soon-to-be-indexed book. Sometimes, one section of the library will be indexed in one way and another section in another way. This often happens when Sages die and leave their personal libraries to the Temple. Many libraries have flocks of sheep and cattle that can be used to make parchment and vellum. Some poor initiates are given the task of herding these and often become expert in the behaviour and mythology of the animals. Where they don't they buy them in, or are provided them in payment for services rendered. Most Lhankor Mhy libraries don't use a lot of paper, I think, although papyrus might be available along the Zola Fel or other rivers. Of course, nothing to stop paper being made from pulped wood, with a deal with the local Aldryami. Lhankor Mhy cultists include Alchemists and they generally make inks and so on themselves. They are quite self-sufficient. As for how they grow libraries, I think they do it in many different ways. Sages leave collections to the library. Adventurers come to the library and offer various books for sale and are grateful for the meagre amounts offered. Adventurers often ask for a book to be translated and Lhankor Mhy cultists will also copy the book while it is being translated, keeping a copy themselves. Lhankor Mhy cultists accept books, scrolls and so on as payment for services rendered. Sword Sages go out and investigate crypts and so on, bringing back any books they find. I don't think it does. Inventing it would be problematic, for the reasons given in Discworld. If you have a magical book and print it with movable type, then the letters become magical, if you then reuse the letters, you jumble up the magic and that would cause really bad problems. Also, what is the point of having mass-produced books? Everyone would be able to read them and Lhankor Mhy would lose its stranglehold on knowledge. No, better off having hordes of Sages carefully copying books. Of course, as Lhankor Mhy cultists have to obey the law. However, only Lhankor Mhy cult law applies within their temples. They don't like giving non-members access to their temples, for example, so fugitives seeking sanctuary cannot be arrested by locals. Leaders outside the temples don't generally have any say over what goes on inside the temple, although Marran the Burner of Books might be listened to carefully. Where a group of Lhankor Mhy cultists want to expand a temple or set up a new one, they need to speak to the local leaders and generally broker a good deal that allows them to provide services to the leaders or the locals. You have to be a member of Lhankhor Mhy to access certain areas, only initiates can access further areas, Priests can only access secret areas, High Priests can only access things stored in highly restricted areas and so on. In theory, the Spirits of Retribution could be used against anyone accessing knowledge that they are not privy to, but I think that is unlikely. The best defence a Lhankor Mhy library has against the unauthorised access of information if the seemingly random way the books are stored. If you don't have an index of the Inner Sanctum then you don;t know what is hidden there. If you get into the inner sanctum and find piles of old books, it might take a while to find the one you are looking for, especially if they are mislabelled. Absolutely not. Lhankor Mhy does not necessarily encourage Illumination of its members, as that makes them immune to the Spirits of Retribution. However, it doesn't ban illuminates either. God Learner Secrets are not the downfall of the God Learners. Their downfall was their pride, their hubris and the fact that they took things way too far and opened the world up to chaos. Knowledge is just knowledge and anything dangerous can just be stored away in secret sections of the library where those experienced enough to study them can be found. None of the above. Your biggest obstacles are: Not enough time to read books Too many books to study Books written in too many languages to learn and study Books hidden away in badly organised sections of libraries Other Sages keeping books away from you, especially if they are your rivals Being kept at a desk and having to copy books rather than being allowed to become a Sword Sage, heroically rediscovering lost knowledge The hidebound and old-fashioned traditions of older priests Having to eat, sleep and go to the toilet, instead of spending all your time reading books Distractions from studying, some sages have been known to get married, which takes them away from studying for hours at a time, for example Some books or scrolls are so old that simply opening them will destroy them, you know they contain secret knowledge but can't get to them
  2. I think the Orlanthi cultivate woad and use it for their dyes. Also, some might use henna, but that is a lot darker.
  3. No, what it means is that your PC performs some Sacred Time rite and joins in on her own. She might not get any benefit from it, but she has supported in her own way. Performing such a rite might just be a case of telling the Sacred Time stories, imagining a previous Sacred Time or even performing a little re-enactment of her own. Performing the Summoning of Chaos might even be a way to escape the Praxians, if it summons up a broo that attacks their camp to get to you.
  4. Page 146 has the rules text supporting the above explanations. Funnily enough, we have never used POW vs POW as resistance, we always have NPCs being the Active party and actively overcoming POW. When someone is under the effect of a spell, we use the Resistance Table to see if they can throw off the effect, for example someone stuck in a Giant Spider's Web can try using STR to overcome the Web's Glue, but that is an active thing. Does anyone actually say "The Lunar is casting a spell at you, roll on the Resistance Table to see if you resist"?
  5. The beauty of the cult of Nysalor is that it is adaptable. Want a god of the mob, of the people, where all you have is a bunch of tricksters spreading Illumination everywhere and not caring about the consequences? That's Nysalor. Want an esoteric subcult of Yelm where secret knowledge is passed down to the worthy? That's Nysalor. Want someone to Illuminate the Red Goddess and pass knowledge down among her followers? That's Nysalor. Lunar Illumination is essentially Nysaloran Illumination with a lot of extra philosophy and, perhaps, an extra step taking them to a further stage.
  6. I think that something like Classic Fantasy could handle 5e and 13th Age conversions quite easily, as it is not really either. However, most players of 5e, 13th Age, Pathfinder and similar games have little interest in playing those games in a D100 environment.
  7. Are Ogres descended from Cacodemon? They worship him and accepted a part of his power to strengthen then I didn't think they were his descendants. I suppose some might have incarnated Fiends to breed with female Ogres, to strengthen individual family lines and seem to remember that happening in a scenario somewhere, but didn't think that Ogres descended from Cacodemon.
  8. I would say yes, the same for Passions. At the end of the day, a Stat vs Stat on the Resistance Table is just a skill roll, it ends up with a percentage chance of success. If you can narrate why the Passion/Rune can augment the chance then the normal rules for augmenting can apply. So, some using CHA vs INT to seduce an opponent might allow the resister to use their Chaste Passion to reduce the chance of success, someone using their SIZ vs Squeeze to get through a hole to avoid a pursuing broo might use their Fear Broo passion to improve their chance, a Shade might use its Darkness Rune to augment its Fearshock effect, giving it a better chance of overcoming POW.
  9. So was I. I don't think that is the case. All those humans can breed with each other, they look the same and are only slightly different. Tusk Riders, now I can accept they are different.
  10. Indeed, the Orlanth/Solar Riddling Contest is just the asking of riddles and doesn't lead to Illumination. However, some Yelmalians are Illuminated, as Nysalor is an accepted part of the Solar culture, and can sneak Nysalor Riddles into Riddling Contests. This is seen as a BAD THING and they are normally uncovered and dispatched. It is also very rare, as more Illuminates don't learn Nysalor Riddles, learning Riddles implies a deeper knowledge and worship of Nysalor and is done by those who actively spread Nysalor Illumination. Orlanthi, with the exception of Soltak Stormspear above, don't tend to use Nysalor Riddles in their Riddling Contests as they see it as spreading of Chaos. How little they understand ...
  11. Curses, my secret is revealed! No, the other one, Nysalor, definitely Nysalor. Orlanth with his eyes opened ... My ideal is something where you make multiple steps, each step is made for a very good reason but the whole takes you somewhere you really didn't want to go.
  12. Have a look at my very old ideas about SuperHeroQuest.They were written for HQ1, but that fits SuperHeroQuest better, I think.
  13. Yes, for me, SuperHeroQuest works really well. You narrate your powers, rather than having clunky power levels It scales really well, especially with HQ2-style resistance values, so you can say that lifting a car is easier than lifting an oil tanker You can have breakouts of powers for specialist powers I have run SuperHeroQuest several times and it has worked each and every time. Character Generation takes 5 minutes and produces Super Heroes that work really well.
  14. Ogres see themselves as the First Humans, or the Best Humans and see other humans as being like them but inferior. They eat other humans and treat it as cannibalism. Gern are not humans, but Agimori are definitely humans. So are Brithini, Vadeli and Waertagi. All are full humans.
  15. Genert must have a whole tribe of succubi, having mated with his mother, daughters and grandaughters. I don't know if he mated with his sisters, if he had any sisters. Wasn't Asrelia a daughter of Gata? As far as I know, Genert did not mate with any of Asrelia/Ty Kor Tek/Ernalda/Maran Gor/Voria/Babeester Gor. However, presumably Esrola was a Land Goddess and daughter of Genert, so he'd have mated with her and she seems to be connected with the Three Pairs of Earth Goddesses. In my Glorantha, the Earth Pantheon either follows Genert and his children or the Six Goddesses and their children, but very rarely both together. I see them as being rivals in most things.
  16. Not as far as I know. Storm Bull allows anyone to dedicate themselves to the fight against Chaos. In Prax, most women follow Eiritha and are not warriors, but some can follow Storm Bull and crack broo heads. The Initiation Ceremony for Storm Bull does not have a sexual element, I believe Storm Bull goes into the Pit of Animals and climbs out on the corpses of those he has trampled beneath his hooves and gored with his horns. A Woman can do that just as well as a man. You could call them Storm Cow rather than Storm Bull, but I wouldn't bother. Even the Sex Pit of Ragnaglar is not gender-oriented, anyone can be driven mad by sexual desire, male or female.
  17. Working on the Turkic Village and Siege Camp at the moment, with a number of Plot Hooks, so block pretty much cleared until the next shiny thing comes along.
  18. Soltak Stormspear was Illuminated when he met Nysalor on the Spirit Plane and gained 1D6% change of Illumination, rolling 5 and then rolling 03 a few weeks later at Sacred Time. He met Nysalor again and gained 1D6 Nysalor Riddles. As he was a Wind Lord, he delighted in asking Yelmalians his Nysalor Riddles instead of the normal Orlanthi Riddles in the Riddling Contest. Bad Soltak!
  19. Are some "solar" though? Or are some things we call "solar" now part of them? They used to be known as a Solar Empire. I certainly remember Kralorela being described as being Solar.
  20. Well, a google search for images of Ducks with Boobs has brought up almost nothing, which indicates they probably don't have them.
  21. The accidental gaining of a Chaos Feature? Meeting someone who challenges its belief system and so it decides it wants to be different? Wanting to join a cult that does not accept Chaos? Meeting another Chaot who is on the Cleansed One HeroQuest and leads by example?
  22. Normally, it's a case of "Oh look, the Students are at it again, ha, ha ha" and letting it be. However, some might take offence and cause a problem. I doubt it would be through the courts, instead some thugs would visit the students in question and tech them why it isn't a good idea to mock one's betters. Also, don't forget that Student Riots were a thing back in the day, where gangs of students from rival universities, or even colleges, fought each other and the local townsfolk with swords and clubs. Taking revenge in such a way as above could escalate, with a gang if drunken students attacking the men of the offended party, then suffering retaliation, with escalating retaliations.
  23. I've got a version of the Cleansed One HeroQuest on my website. It's quite deadly but cures all Chaos Taints/Curses, if you survive it.
  24. I really am not surprised. It's been ages since I read it.
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