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  1. Yes. Balastor's Axe is one such weapon. Nosebiter is another weapon, wielded by Trollkin who are named Nosebiter's Feet.
  2. The thing about forests is that they mean different things. In medieval England, and parts of medieval Europe, a Forest was a n area of land set aside for hunting. It normally contained trees, but also contained clearings, grasslands, shrubs, wasteland and so on. Peasants could live in the Forests, using fallen trees and collecting fruits and nuts, they could keep pigs which fed on acorns.some people even fenced off parts of the forest and had villages there. Other areas had massive forests that are large wooded areas. I think the Black Forest was more like this than a hunting forest, but am not sure. Places such as Russia have vast endless forests, the Taiga, that cover many thousands of square miles. However, even they are not continuous woodlands and have farmland, grassland and other areas dotted around inside them. In England, we have Spinneys, which are small woods, probably with only a few hundred trees in, or Copses which are even smaller. They would be too small to show on a map of a large area, but might show on a map of a village. Rivers would have trees growing along their banks. Areas around woodland might contain bushes and shrubs, the outback in Australia isn't known as Bush for nothing.
  3. I'd allow a female PC to awaken her star Heart the same as for men, it sounds like a very Vingan thing to do. Whether you could have both star Heart and secret Words depends on your game. I'd allow it, if the woman awakened one and then the other through gameplay. So, a female PC could have heard Ernalda's secret Words, then turned to Vinga's Path and then awakens her Star Heart as a Vingan. Alternatively, she could be a Vingan and awaken her Star Heart, then leave Vinga's Path, once her vengeance has been satisfied, returning to Ernalda and then awaken her Secret Words. In my last Gloranthan campaign, one of the tasks set by the Feathered Horse Queen was to make her a present with their own hands. she had previously confided to Mello Yello that she liked woven things, so he made her a shawl and built in some magical powers into it, or rather the other PCs did. It was the best gift, in her eyes, and Mello Yello won that particular round of the Marriage Contest. He won the whole Contest in the end, becoming the King of Dragon Pass, but that was the most memorable of his tasks. To make something interesting, you make it important. you get the PCs to invest time and energy into it. You get them to increase skills and use magic to make it better.
  4. The Votanki are more Mesolithic than Neolithic, as they are mobile Hunter-Gatherers who gravitate around ritual hearths/camps. The Citadel Votanki herd pigs, but I doubt they are Neolithic, as the Citadel Dwellers are typically Bronze Age. why don't the types of culture bleed together and bring the Votanki up to a different technological base? Who knows. My thoughts have been that something actively stops them. The Elves were burned out of their forests in the First Age. Firshala, is trapped in her prison because of that and I think she was the Burner. Arkat was friendly with the Aldryami, so it might have been Zorak Zorani who burned them, or perhaps humans, who knows? In any case, there are Aldryami in the Elder Wilds, but few in Balazar. Aldrya is important in the Elf Forests of the Elder Wilds, in the same way that Kyger Litor is important to the trolls in the hills and mountains of the Elder Wilds. The Elf Sea was named for the water Aldryami who lived there, but they are long dead. In my Glorantha, Balazar's goddess is Rigitania, the Earth Nymph. She is a daughter of Genert, as per one of the many sources I read, maybe something in an old Wyrms Footnotes. So, she is the analogue of the Lady of the Wilds, another daughter of Genert. in my Glorantha, the daughters of Genert reached into a bag and pulled out some tokens, some had grains on and they became Grain Goddesses, others had beasts on and they became the sources of those wild beasts. Rigitania pulled out a beast token and the game animals of Balazar and the Elder Wilds come from her. When a hunter performs the Peaceful Cut, it sends the spirit of the dead beast back to her for rebirth. That is why Balazr is light on agriculture and has a lot of hunting of game.
  5. I would give the User a skill to be able to use it. The user could then unlock the abilities of the object as their skill grew higher. Dreams are fine. You can use it for good or ill. Telling people about someone's heroism is probably good. Causing nightmares could be good or bad, depending on why they have nightmares. It might allow you to jump into someone's dream, which would be interesting. Telepathy is fine, it just allows you to communicate over long distances. If the target has been captured, it makes some scenarios ridiculously easy. "'The princess of the Flame Kingdom has been captured and the King needs you to find her'. 'OK', uses the item, 'Flame Princess, where are you?', pauses, 'She's in the Golden forest'". It might be worth restricting it to people the user has met, or the item has contacted previously. The OP mentions one named target, which is fine until that target dies. Can another target be added? Scrying can be fine, depending on how you use it. We banned the Vision spell in our RQ2 multi-GM campaign for years, then I allowed it. Gleefully, the PCs sacrificed for it and spent an hour scoping out the complex they were exploring, "Wow, this is boring" said one of the Players and they never used it again. If you use to to check out all the rooms in a complex, it can be boring and can take the fun out of adventuring. We always had a visual component for scrying, perhaps a reflection of the scryer in a mirror, or an eye that moves around, or they see through the eyes of paintings that seem to come alive and so on.
  6. It may have changed, it may well change again in the future. One thing that Glorantha has taught me is that there are no absolutes. It could be argued that Vinga is Orlanth in many respects. It could also be argued that Vinga is Orlanth's daughter and has inherited many of his attributes. both could be trues, both could be false. For me, Vinga is an Aspect of Orlanth, in the same way that Orlanth Adventurous, Orlanth Thundrous and Orlanth Rex are Aspects of Orlanth. Vinga is Orlanth Adventuress, Orlanth the Avenger.
  7. Yes, she gets the extra Damage Bonus when attacking with a moving bison. Stationary or on foot, she gets her own Damage Bonus. The rationale is that a moving animals gets the momentum of the beast, whereas a stationary one just gets the arm strength of the rider, in a way. The rider rolls 1D10+10 for Hit Location and the unmounted person rolls 1D10 for hit location against the Rider, but 1D20 against the mount. For really tall mounts, such as someone riding a giant, the unmounted person cannot hit the rider but rolls 1D10 for the mount's Hit Location. It also applies to High Llamas, but that makes the front legs hard to hit, which is an odd consequence. You cast the spell on an arrow, then fire the arrow separately. If you have enough Strike Ranks, you can cast Multimissile and then shoot in the same round. At least, that's how it used to be, when you could do 2 things in a round (2 of Attack/Parry/Spellcast), the rule might have changed, but that's how I'd play it.
  8. When I saw that URL I thought "What have the publishers of MERP and Rolemaster done to upset RPGNet?" 🤣 Looks like a kinky Ice Hockey team, or some Arctic porn story.
  9. Yes, it is a puzzle. However, both Griffin Mountain and Griffin island have her as a very unclear figure, with societies of women getting occasional Battle/Spirit Magic at Sacred Time. According to those rules, she doesn't even grant Runemagic. In my campaign, she was the equivalent of Mahome and granted Runemagic. Similarly, the Votanki don't have metal weapons, even though they have raided the areas to the West and south for generations. I assumed that something was keeping them tied to their own culture and preventing them from accepting outside technology.
  10. I had Durbaddath as Votank's father, who Exposed him on the hillside. I can't remember why he did it, Votank either had some feature or was missing a feature. The Votanki do not accept Durbaddath as Votank's father, so he isn't part of their pantheon. However, he is Votak's father, so has some power over him.
  11. In old RQ2, we used to play that you could taste a tiny little bit of the Potion and use taste Analysis to work out what it was, without being affected by it. so, a Taste Analysis trait might work well. As for magical items, we just used them to find out what they did, if we didn't have Analyse Magic available. When my PC became an Associate Priest of Issaries and gained Analyse Magic, he was the favourite member of the party. In Revolution D100 terms, I'd just have a similar spell.
  12. Looks good. It looks great as it is. You don't need art on a Character sheet. In case nobody heard ... YOU DON'T NEED ART ON A CHARACTER SHEET. Just in case nobody heard ... YOU DON'T NEED ART ON A CHARACTER SHEET.
  13. For me, it isn't a problem. It's as though the Players are playing a scenario that they have already read, it gives them some clues as to what might happen, but the GM might have changed it anyway.
  14. Publish it! Quick! If only we had a way to publish PDFs about Glorantha through a tried and tested RPG Publisher, with some profits going to the publisher, some to Chaosium and some to the author. Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't it be nice if your PDF was included?
  15. To be honest, I can't remember much about him. I read about him in some of the Stafford Encyclopedia books, thought "Oh, that's nice" and then forgot about him. Sorry.
  16. Ok, here is my take on Balazar Deities, from our old RQ3 Campaign, which had one of the PCs becoming King of Greater Balazar, adopted son of the Red Emperor and Lord of the Stool. Yelmalio - As normal Yelmalio, but with pretty crappy Sun Dome temples. Balazar - Hero Ruler cult and Yelmalio Subcult, grants little magic due to him having been eaten by a Dragon in the Dragonkill. Found Child - Hunter Deity Votank - also a Hunter deity, also found as a child and raised by Hearthwoman. Personally, I think of Votank as being Foundchild, but also the Founder of the Votanki clans. He could have an ancestor-worshipping part to his cult, but I reserve that for Firshala. Hearth Mother/Hearth Woman - An analogue of Mahome, but more a case of the Old Woman or Mother of the Clans. She found Votank after he was Exposed and raised him as her own son. Her cult is quite weak, as she can only teach her worshippers a single cult spell every Sacred Time, in their special rituals. Rigtaina - The Wild Woman is a Nymph of Nature. I remember reading an old description of Genert where it said that Genert had many daughters, including Rigtaina and the Lady of the Wild. Now, we know that the Lady of the Wild is a nature goddess in Dragon Pass and Rigtaina is her equivalent in Balazar and the Elder Wilds. She is the Girl who Runs Away, symbolising fleeing prey animals, also the Girl Who is Caught, symbolising hunted prey, she is also Mother of Animals and the hunted animals go back to her when they are killed with the Peaceful cut ritual said over them. Mralota - The Pig Idol brought to the land by Balazar. The citadel Dwellers raise her pigs in farms, the Votanki Clans hunt wild boar, descended by those pigs that Balazar set free for the hunters to hunt. Her cult is about the raising of pigs, with pig health magic. Brother Dog - Foundchild's Helper, his Brother, and gives magic to help with raising, training, understand dogs and hunting with them. Firshala - A trapped Fire Nymph with Ancestor worshipping spells. She is a mystery and I had her as being the other side of ancestry, with Votank only having power over the Male Line and Firshala having power over the Female Line. She was trapped by Arkat or Gbaji or both and is hostile to Aldryami. I had her as a analogue to Oakfed, who burned the trees of the Elder Wilds down, in the same way that Oakfed burned the trees of Prax. Granny Keeneye - A chaos Spirit who inhabits the bodies of people until they become so corrupted they die, allowing her to pass onto a new body. I have her as being the manifestation of the Primal Chaos of one of the Chaos Nests of Balazar/Elder Wilds. Cacodemon - This was listed as one of the cults of the Balazar/Elder Wilds region, which is odd. I had a tribe of Ogres living in the mountains to the east of Balazar.
  17. They killed him so that he couldn't teach anyone else his special knowledge. Basically, they wanted the power to use and not fear Chaos for themselves.
  18. Of course. If a HeroQuestor brings back a magical weapon or magical power, then they have done this themselves. Hon-Eel brought back Maize from the God Plane, by seducing an Elf Godling. Hon-Eel also did a HeroQuest against a Pentian HeroQuestor, where the Pentian contacted a Pentian sun God and gave birth to a Demigod, but Hon Eel travelled to the Dawning, as one of the Watchers on the Cliff, and was touched by the first rays of sunshine from the Dawning and gave birth to Demigod twins. My recollection of the exact details is hazy, but she might have been the Reverend Mother of Mares, or something like that. The Conquering Daughter made magical crystalline roads, which nobody had ever done before. These were all new paths. The Entekosiad can be quite difficult in places, mainly due to the fact that the entire premise is actually incorrect. Anyone can HeroQuest to try and prove something. In an old RQ campaign of mine, one of the PCs HeroQuested to prove that (a) He was descended from Balazar, from father to son and (b) Balazar was actually a Yelm cultist, so (c) He could claim membership of Yelm, as he was descended from a Yelm Cultist, from father to son. If the GM had said that he was not descended from Balazar in that way, then no manner of HeroQuesting would allow him to claim that truthfully. He could have claimed it on his return from a HeroQuest and could have tried to trick the Yelm Priests, in fact claiming an incorrect descent has been a good way of gaining favour in cults or as a ruler. What might happen is that someone could HeroQuest against him and uncover the secret or the lie, using that against the ruler. Quite often, a HeroQuestor can prove something and gain magic from it, but cannot teach that magic to a subcult or Hero Cult, as the central premise is not true.
  19. As far as I can remember, this was in Cults of Terror, for RQ2, way back in the day. I.e. It has always been that way.
  20. Any tool in the fight against Chaos, even Chaos.
  21. The short answer is yes, but it would be extremely difficult. The long answer is yes, but you might not get the result you wanted. What would probably happen is that you found a subcult of Yelmalio, called the Ruler, that is also a subcult of Yelm Imperator. It would be a subcult of those members of Yelm who want to worship Yelmalio, for example. Similarly, you could get a Sky Bear subcult of Odayla and an Odayla subcult of the Sky Bear; a subcult called Ernalda the Mountain or Kero Fin the Earth Mother, each sharing aspects of the other. Cult reactions to the subcults may well vary depending on politics and past history. Sometimes, the myths refer to the same deities seen in a different way, sometimes they refer to different deities. For example, Pamaltela and Genertela were very far away and were separated by the Spike and the Foothills/Mountains around the Spike. some deities in Pamaltela would never have interacted with those of Genertela and vice versa. A lot of the deities of Genertela never ventured further. Some did, for example Lodril was active in Pamaltela.
  22. I like to use a lot of sources for RPG fun. You would be surprised. I might come across as a fresh-faced teenager with boundless enthusiasm, but in real life I am older than the Old Men Who Play RuneQuest. The thing about Solomon is that he was a monotheist, all well and good, he even converts the Queen of Sheba to monotheism, but he also accepts the worship of idols and has several wives who, I believe, are pagans. Some people blame the Queen of Sheba for his relapse into allowing paganism to be worshipped.
  23. Yes, they were separate deities who the God Learners either joined or rediscovered the myths of them joining. Personally, I never thought of the deities' genders being changed, I just accepted them as male earth and female fire. I thought that was a reaction to the God Learners, breaking the link between Twin Priest Dynasties, making them acceptable to normal folk, rather than being tainted with God Learnerism. Don't worry, I take notice. The harmony aspect of the cult is probably its most important part, although I never noticed the tension between their Harmony and Lodril's disorder before. Also, Twins are sacred to the cult, no matter their gender. Twins can be both male, both female, male and female or whatever, it doesn't really matter. Whilst, they could be worshipped separately, with each twin granting its own magic, they are usually worshipped together, with worshippers getting both kinds of magic.
  24. Absolutely, yes. you could randomise it with dice, or the GM could set up N tokens, 1 to N, allocating a different number to each. the Players would choose a token and that gives the order. You could do it by having different colours on one side of coins, by having different lengths of matches/strings and so on. For gamers, using dice is easier, but the other ways work just as well.
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