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  1. This has always been an issue with various versions of RuneQuest. For roughly human-sized humanoids, if you use a rule of thumb that 1 SIZ = 1 Stone (14 lbs or roughly 6kg) then that is a good approximation. For larger creatures, doubling the height multiplies the weight by 8, so creatures get very large SIZ values, or larger points of SIZ cover a broader range of weights.
  2. The Hero could be anyone, really. The examples you gave are good ones, so it would be OK to use those, or similar ones. When the Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha I and II come out, you will have a lot of heroes to choose from. That will contain 100 cults, not quite your 5,000, but probably a good start. Generally, I would ask some questions when choosing a Hero for the Heirloom: Is this a Cultural Hero of my culture? If so, choose a hero related to your cult or culture. Is this a Clan hero? if so, choose your Clan Founder, one of the Founder's children or another important person in your Clan's history. Is this a Hero from a different Culture? If so, choose the culture and choose a hero from that culture.you might need to invent a reason why you have this heirloom.
  3. I was confused mid-series, until I realised that some of the scenes were flashbacks to several years ago. Overall, I enjoyed the Witcher, solid modern-style Fantasy.
  4. I think you have to belong to the Yelm Cult to take the Ten Tests and Yeml is restricted to males. Of course, if a woman took the Ten Tests and passed, then she would automatically, by default, be a member of the Yelm Cult and would be qualified to be Emperor. That's the beauty of HeroQuesting, by completing the HeroQuest successfully you prove your place in the world.
  5. That's their problem - No Rhinos in Australia.
  6. Unless you are giving your knowledge to the deity, perhaps by sharing it as a Hero Subcult.
  7. When I click on my Unread Items link, the items are shown in Expanded View, with multiple lines per item. When I click on Condensed, it says it is now Condensed, but still shows the Expanded view. I am using Chrome (Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on Windows 10.
  8. Heal 3 doubled to Heal 6 by the Crystal is enough to reattach a limb. Similarly, Heal Wound (or is it Heal Area, I can never remember) allows you to use MPs to heal a wound, so 3 MPs would be doubled to 6 to reattach a limb. Soltak Stormspear had a flawed Healing Crystal that costs the full Magic points but added 1D4 extra Healing, I think it was a 7 point Crystal, so he could do a 14+1D4 Heal. That sounds good, but who has 18 HPs in a location?
  9. Glad you like them. The number of OGL-D100 games are such that there is a lot of variety. They are similar enough that you can use bits from one game in another fairly easily. Revolution is a bit more difficult, but the skills/traits are so easy that you can use other systems with Revolution Rules very easily. One thing I like is that each Publisher has a set of genres that the other Publishers generally don't interfere with. Where there is an overlap, the supplements are generally complementary.
  10. Wyrms Footnotes had the Sembraki, a form of Fire Demon. I saw a Chaos demon written up somewhere as well, maybe also in Wyrms Footnotes. These were embodied Demons, so they manifested as Physical Demons, in the same way that Elementals manifest Physically. One of our RQ2 GMs write a program in Fortran that allowed him to generate Chaos Demons. He showed us the inch-thick wide-paper printout and a few of the Demons and we banned him from running RQ games.
  11. In the past, something like the William church maps of Sartar and Prax were fine for my campaigns. These days, I use the Argan Argar Atlas, as everything is covered in the same style and scale, so it is easy to use.
  12. That, in itself, is absolutely awful. Hounding someone out of a job is just wrong, no matter what the motivations of either party, especially if the allegations are false. I am glad that you have found the strength to carry on, despite everything. Thanks for posting, it was interesting, horrifying and heartwarming.
  13. There's a clip from the film "The Gods Must be Crazy", where one of the characters explains that Rhinos put out fires in the bush, by smelling a fire from miles away, running in and peeing over it to put it out. I always thought that just be a thing in Prax. Is Grandfather Rhino hostile to Oakfed?
  14. RQ3 had the Dust Rune, which was effectively what g33k is describing. Earth without Fertility.
  15. I think it originally appeared in Wyrms Footprints.
  16. Personally, I think that is why Yelm had to accept Orlanth's Contests, they were effectively him challenging Yelm for the right to be Emperor. Now, Solars don't publicise this, as they don't want anyone to know. Also, Orlanthi don't publicise this, either, as they don't want anyone to think that Orlanth could have been Emperor, after all, he killed the Emperor and become King of the Gods instead.
  17. I think you have to be within 3 generations of an Emperor to become Emperor. So, your father, grandfather or great-grandfather must have been an emperor for you to attempt to take the 10 Tests. The Red Emperor is son of the Red Goddess, whose Grandfather, I believe, was Aether Primolt. Sheng Seleris was son of the Morning, presumably the Morning was a child of Theya, daughter of Yelm, so he qualified.
  18. This is what Heroes do. They find something out, get it validated and then proceed from there. There may be difficulties. Not everyone who comes to visit a God on the God Plane necessarily gets an audience. The HeroQuestor might find that all ways to the God are barred and that something special is required to get through.
  19. The best way is through HeroQuesting. The mortal could Heroquest to journey to the God's home and meet the god there to talk to it. Divination is really a Question and Answer session and is meant to be unclear. This is not really meeting the God. Yes, Shamanic Discorporation might work. Some Deities react better to Shamans than others. this is one way that shamans know and allows them to interact with the Deity on a personal basis. Not necessarily. Many HeroQuests involve reenacting the Paths of another Deity or Hero. However, it is possible to perform a HeroQuest to get to a place, but once you are there, you can interact with the Deity as Yourself. This is what heroes typically do on their GodQuest to become a God.
  20. Thanks Jane. That was based on a dream that I had, but the dream took the form of a number of black plates with white etchings, except that they moved like a cartoon. A bit like the plates of the Red Goddess' story.
  21. Which is why I asked it, as the answer is an obvious Yes. I wondered why the Op asked as the answer to that is also Yes.
  22. Soltak Stormspear had a 9 point Enhancer, so he could cast Countermagic 18, he also had Shield 4 and a set of dragonewt Skin Armour that he obtained by killing the Dragonewt in spirit combat (RQ2, so its soul was destroyed), so he could get, in theory, about Countermagic 30. Sounds great, doesn't it? However, all it takes is a Priest with Multispell 3 casting 4 spells boosted to 16 MPs each to blow it down. A big Countermagic is not the answer to everything.
  23. I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error on this one. Clearly have to pass the secret guardians to get to it! 😉 Try https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/websites/moondesign-com/jeffs-old-blogs/greater-lunar-empire/ for the article, but I can't find the map anywhere.
  24. I'd love to see that sort of thing, as it fits nicely into many of the good parts of Glorantha. Does being a Woman involve shunning all "masculine things"? Can you be a Woman and still do things that are traditionally masculine? Sound like a great idea.
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