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  1. nezeray

    Renaissance/Age of explorationw Era game

    I used to demo Runequest Pirates for MGP, I love it! I highly recommend the book. James /Nezeray
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  4. nezeray

    Chaosium seeking gamemasters for convention gaming!

    Will there be a seperate forum for GMs? So that gamemaster content doesn't get lost in chatter, rule questions and announcements?
  5. nezeray

    What are you currently running?

    Currently I'm not running anything. At Conglomeration in Louisville KY April 8-10, I'll be running a Delta Green demo. Later I'll be running "A Time to Harvest" in Lexington, KY. James / Nezeray
  6. nezeray

    BRP Starships pdf - comments welcome

    If you decide to do a kickstarter, just have one of your more charismatic friends, or board-mates here, join your "team" as spokesman and do the video. :-) I would spread the KS link as far and wide as I can. I Love D100 based games and have been looking for a GOOD adaptation for space for a while. I want to do Traveller, without d6 and the clunky character gen system. :-) James / Nezeray
  7. nezeray

    BRP Starships pdf - comments welcome

    I've played many different space RPGs, from Traveller (most versions) to Star Hero. I prefer equipment lists over building equipment. I think players get too wound up in creating items and forget that there's actually an adventure going on. Starships I even tend to hand wave to an extent. "Here are the sizes of ships in the game and how many compartments they can have. Now here is a list of the compartments available and what they do." So you can have the Millenium Falcon, Slave 1 or Serenity and not have to worry about tonage/thrust/hvac/... :-) James / Nezeray
  8. nezeray

    BRP Starships pdf - comments welcome

    Personally, I'd like a name that is more than just Starships. I was looking for a Space adaptation of BRP in general and thought, "Oh maybe they'll have some starship based info here, but I still need MODERN rules too." Lo and behold, they're in here too. BRP Space would be a fine name for me. I have Star Hero, GURPs Space and a few others. I don't judge one book by another's name. :-) As for breaking the different sections out or making it one "book". I'd go for one book. If you have more ideas later, then put them out as suppliments. James / Nezeray