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  1. I used to demo Runequest Pirates for MGP, I love it! I highly recommend the book. James /Nezeray
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  4. Will there be a seperate forum for GMs? So that gamemaster content doesn't get lost in chatter, rule questions and announcements?
  5. Currently I'm not running anything. At Conglomeration in Louisville KY April 8-10, I'll be running a Delta Green demo. Later I'll be running "A Time to Harvest" in Lexington, KY. James / Nezeray
  6. If you decide to do a kickstarter, just have one of your more charismatic friends, or board-mates here, join your "team" as spokesman and do the video. :-) I would spread the KS link as far and wide as I can. I Love D100 based games and have been looking for a GOOD adaptation for space for a while. I want to do Traveller, without d6 and the clunky character gen system. :-) James / Nezeray
  7. I've played many different space RPGs, from Traveller (most versions) to Star Hero. I prefer equipment lists over building equipment. I think players get too wound up in creating items and forget that there's actually an adventure going on. Starships I even tend to hand wave to an extent. "Here are the sizes of ships in the game and how many compartments they can have. Now here is a list of the compartments available and what they do." So you can have the Millenium Falcon, Slave 1 or Serenity and not have to worry about tonage/thrust/hvac/... :-) James / Nezeray
  8. Personally, I'd like a name that is more than just Starships. I was looking for a Space adaptation of BRP in general and thought, "Oh maybe they'll have some starship based info here, but I still need MODERN rules too." Lo and behold, they're in here too. BRP Space would be a fine name for me. I have Star Hero, GURPs Space and a few others. I don't judge one book by another's name. :-) As for breaking the different sections out or making it one "book". I'd go for one book. If you have more ideas later, then put them out as suppliments. James / Nezeray
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