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    Role player for over 30 years starting with ADnD and old style Chaosium Runequest, morphing into myriad and countless other games and systems over the years. Favourites over the years remain DnD (3.5), Bushido, RQ2, Cyberpunk 2020.
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    Now running Savage Worlds Interface Zero 2.0, looking at River of Heaven D101, and DnD5, and playing in friend's DnD3.5 and Star Wars D20.
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    Suffolk, UK
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    A 50 something professional guy with a long running role-play pedigree, also a re-enactor and wargamer when I have the time!
  1. I Have purchased RoH and I'm very impressed, but I have queries on the some of the combat rules: 1. Page 112 - Area attacks, does this work? Roll damage, say 3d6, total 14, compare with armour, say 8. 'If the damage overcomes the armour rating' - as it does in this case, (14>8), then damage inflicted is full, less half the armour rating (4) so actually total damage to HP = 14-4 = 10. Ok, 'if the armour succeeds', say damage rolled is 7 vs. armour 8, 'the armour protects fully with any penetrating damage deducted from HP'. However, if the armour 'protects fully' by presumably being
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