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  1. I just bought the Book of Records - Knights to make character creation a bit faster. But whereas the 5.2 rulebook says you need the 6 Chivalry Traits to equal 80 or higher to get the bonus, the BoR says 96. Should I go with the core book, since it came out later?
  2. Yeah, sorry for not specifying. Thanks for the answers!
  3. 1. When newly knighted characters attempt "the Leap," is the DEX roll subject to encumbrance and armor modifiers (basically making it impossible)? I'm assuming not, but wanted to check. 2. In the Great Pendragon Campaign, some choices result in "losing a point of Homage [to Uther]," but I don't see anyplace that explains Homage or how much the players start with. I'm assuming it's a Passion similar to Loyalty (Lord), but am otherwise in the dark. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, online will probably have to be the way to go. My regular group is too obsessed with Pathfinder, although I get to run a Cthulhu campaign every couple of years...
  5. Is there a listing somewhere of liege lords for the different areas that PK can originate from in Logres, Cambria, Cumbria, Cornwall, Brittany, Aquitaine, etc.?
  6. I'm pretty sure that was me, the Irish knight who didn't get his amor at the end of the game. I hadn't played in around 17 years, but had an absolute blast. Now I have the worst itch to play the Great Pendragon Campaign, especially with cool stuff like your Book of Sires out. Thanks for running!
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