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  1. Thanks for you replies, guys!
  2. I'm curious about M-Space and would like to read the colour book, but the shipping out of Sweden (around 30€ and I'm based in EC) is really expensive while ordering directly from FrostByte. Is there any shop or online shop, Clarence, where I could order the M-Space? Tack! Fred
  3. Hi Newt! Any news? Is the companion back to cryo-statis before a new transformation? 😉 Thanks, Fred
  4. Thanks for the update, Conrad. I guess this means something for the summer... The very good news is "looking into commisioning more material"
  5. I voted for other: I would like to see more River of Heaven material. In particular more details about the background and then more scenarios.
  6. OK got it! Thanks. Time to produce = Object SIZ x Object TL / Manufactory output/hr Max production output/hr = Manufactory SIZ x Manufactory TL
  7. Would it be possible to share it with us? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I would also have two questions about the major mental dammage: Further and independent of whether the Persistence roll was passed, they must immediately make a Resilience roll with a -50% modifier, or go into shock for 1D4 rounds. If this roll is fumbled, then the character goes into a catatonic state for 1D8 rounds. Is that + 50% or -50%? The example: Miriam then rolls against her Resilience of 32%. She rolls 23 so doesn’t go into shock. BTW, on p108, it seems there is mismatch in the example calculation for critical+3 and +1D6 . Dammage should be 11+1D6, shouldn't it? Then on page 107, "then the Anarchists will be at -50% to their Persistence." I guess it should be +50%? Thanks, Fred
  9. Hi, I'm creating a new thread in order to not jeopardize the previous one with multiple questions. Let me know if I'm not following the forums rules and accept my apologies in advance. So I have a question about time to produce formula page 71 (hum, you can noticed I’m not able to progress very fast in my reading ): Time to produce = Object SIZ x TL / Manufactory output/hr First, I’m finding strange that the more the technology level is high, the more it will take time to produce. I would have expected the exact opposite. Mor over, if you consider also the Max production output/hr formula: Max production output/hr = Manufactory SIZ x Tech Level Then the minimum time to produce is independent from the tech level: Time to produce = Object SIZ x TL / Manufactory SIZ x Tech Level = Object SIZ / Manufactory SIZ So basically, there was no productivity gain thanks to technology advances? Usually, the product cost reduction is performed by reducing the BOM, but also the reducing the time spent on the production and assembly lines, isn’t it? So did I miss something or is there a typo, and the right formula is indeed: Time to produce = Object SIZ / TL x Manufactory output/hr Thanks for your comments!
  10. I imagined the same. After posting, I realized that I should have asked the question to John Ossoway and not Newt. Does he sometimes come on BRP central?
  11. Hi Newt, I've started to read River of Heaven. (And I like what I'm reading ) I have two questions. The first is not really about rules, and maybe I missed the information: What is the River of Heaven? The second question is about the point based characteristics process during character generation. In page 23, a baseline human has 8 points to each characterics, to which you had 30 points where you what. So 8*9+30 = 86 but in the example page 34, for Miriam who is a baseline human, we have: STR 16 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 13 POW 10 DEX 16 CHA 14 So 16+12+10+13+10+16+14 = 91 The repartition according to the text is STR +8, CON +2, DEX +8, POW+2, INT+5 CHA+4 So 29 points and a base for baseline human: STR 8, CON 10, SIZ 10, INT 8, POW 8, DEX 8, CHA 10. So what is the "official "base" for a baseline human? And what is the "recommanded" based? I would tend to prefer the higher one, but Were there some side effects of having stronger characters?
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