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  1. Thanks for you replies, guys!
  2. I'm curious about M-Space and would like to read the colour book, but the shipping out of Sweden (around 30€ and I'm based in EC) is really expensive while ordering directly from FrostByte. Is there any shop or online shop, Clarence, where I could order the M-Space? Tack! Fred
  3. Hi Newt! Any news? Is the companion back to cryo-statis before a new transformation? 😉 Thanks, Fred
  4. Thanks for the update, Conrad. I guess this means something for the summer... The very good news is "looking into commisioning more material"
  5. I voted for other: I would like to see more River of Heaven material. In particular more details about the background and then more scenarios.
  6. OK got it! Thanks. Time to produce = Object SIZ x Object TL / Manufactory output/hr Max production output/hr = Manufactory SIZ x Manufactory TL
  7. Would it be possible to share it with us? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I would also have two questions about the major mental dammage: Further and independent of whether the Persistence roll was passed, they must immediately make a Resilience roll with a -50% modifier, or go into shock for 1D4 rounds. If this roll is fumbled, then the character goes into a catatonic state for 1D8 rounds. Is that + 50% or -50%? The example: Miriam then rolls against her Resilience of 32%. She rolls 23 so doesn’t go into shock. BTW, on p108, it seems there is mismatch in the example calculation for critical+3 and +1D6 . Dammage should be 11+1D6, shouldn't it?
  9. Hi, I'm creating a new thread in order to not jeopardize the previous one with multiple questions. Let me know if I'm not following the forums rules and accept my apologies in advance. So I have a question about time to produce formula page 71 (hum, you can noticed I’m not able to progress very fast in my reading ): Time to produce = Object SIZ x TL / Manufactory output/hr First, I’m finding strange that the more the technology level is high, the more it will take time to produce. I would have expected the exact opposite. Mor over, if you consider also the Max productio
  10. I imagined the same. After posting, I realized that I should have asked the question to John Ossoway and not Newt. Does he sometimes come on BRP central?
  11. Hi Newt, I've started to read River of Heaven. (And I like what I'm reading ) I have two questions. The first is not really about rules, and maybe I missed the information: What is the River of Heaven? The second question is about the point based characteristics process during character generation. In page 23, a baseline human has 8 points to each characterics, to which you had 30 points where you what. So 8*9+30 = 86 but in the example page 34, for Miriam who is a baseline human, we have: STR 16 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 13 POW 10 DEX 16 CHA 14 So 16+12+10+13+10+16+14 = 91
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