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  1. No answer from anyone? I could really use a response.
  2. I'm quite a bit confused on one matter. Let's say I have a Ranged Combat Skill of 105%, and a Dex and Int of 15. I choose to split my attack with my Infantry Rifle by 3. So I attack on (15), (10), and (5), splitting my 105% between them - say, 50, 30, 25. Then I get another two attacks from Rate of Fire, also at (2/3 DEX) and (1/3 DEX) for a total of 5 attacks that combat round, at 15, 10(x2), and 5(x2) in the combat order. Any of these 5 attacks can be Burst Fire or Double Tap attacks, as long as I still have ammo. What are the Rate of Fire attacks rolled at? The full 105%, or the p
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