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    We were playing Chainmail while waiting for D&D to arrive, but Runequest & then CoC have been my favorites, collected lots of other stuff over the years but BRP is still my go to game.
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  1. I was never a fan of "Chill" but it seems likely that one of the scenarios for that RPG might be convertable, since Chill focused more on traditional horror like ghosts than on Lovecratian monsters. Not sure if there is a Chill focused forum but a quick glance through RPG Geek shows the Chill supplement Apparitions: From the back of the book: "This 128-page sourcebook/scenario is the Chill Master's definitive guide to haunts and hauntings. It presents a variety of new creatures based on people and places - both real and fictitious - and examines how these ominous entities appear, interact with the Known world and then disappear. New disciplines and profession templates are also included. The scenario, entitled The Visitation, features loads of ectoplasmic fun." Might be worth looking into if the previous suggestions aren't right for your game.
  2. Hmmm . . . Pagan Publishing's "The Cold Spot" first scenario in the "Coming Full Circle" campaign is pretty much a haunting thtat culminates at the end of the campaign in the scenario "Full Circle" - while there is more to it than ghosts, it is largely a non-cthulhu campaign, but more a New England myths and monsters campaign. "The Haunted House" from Chaosium's "Curse of Cthulhu" supplement might fit your needs,since while not entirely cthulhu-free it is focused on ghosts and ghostly manefestations - note this is not related to the scenario called "The Haunting" or sometimes "the Haunted House" included in the 5.5 edition CoC rulebook and other sources. those are the only ones I can locate on short notice. Hope that helps.
  3. Just wanted to voice my appreciation for Jon's work on Back to Balazar - I'm hoping to restart my own Balazar campaign in the spring & this will really help !
  4. Word from the Kickstarter comments is that they tried to upgrade the online store and managed to zap the forums as collateral damage. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon, but I kinda suspect getting the online store functioning may be a higher priority.
  5. Glad I could help Nekron99. Hope you enjoy BRP ! If you get to wanting to invest in setting books, I can recommend Mythic Iceland and BRP Rome.
  6. I have a similar problem, in my case it is caused by having satellite internet rather than DSL. Essentially the satellite signal is intermittent and the file software thjinks you're logging on 100s of time a second and want's you to slow down and stay connected . . . which is not possible witgh a satellite internet link. DSL isn't available in my area so the only way I can downlaod from BRP central is if I take a laptop & go to someplace that lets me hook up via DSL or use WiFi that links thru DSL, my home computer is just out-of-luck. Not sure if that's you're problem, but if you have satellite internet it probably is. Unfortunately the only solution I've found is log on and download from a better location. I get the same trouble with alot of internet downloads like from DriveThruRPG and Paizo, but apparently Amazon's file download software isn't phazed the intermittent nature of satellite internet, so it varies.
  7. Yes, I'm eager to know more as well . . .
  8. Any chance that there will be a free PDF of the character sheet?
  9. Any progress reports on BRP Interplanetary? . . . . gotta think about something while I wait for Mythic Iceland to become available in hard copy . . .
  10. ack !, thanks what I get for being impatient . . . at least 8 weeks isn't too much longer ;-)
  11. & a Happy New Year, for good measure
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