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  1. Soltakks, Thanks very much for your kind words. I will certainly try to take your advice on board, especially your points about the Stat Blocks bleeding over onto a second page. Originally, I had placed the maps and some artwork in the white areas, but had some difficulties around this and finally opted to remove the artwork and to PDF the maps separately. I guess that I am maybe a bit guilty of not knowing when to stop writing. I wanted to build character into the NPCs and several paragraphs on appearance, personality, motivation and tactical nous soon takes up space. Regarding the
  2. Thank you Soltakks. I tried to set up a link but came up short. Did you happen to take a lookat any of them? I've now submitted a very slightly update City of Dipur and the map.
  3. Sorry, the second one is tentatively called 'Hounds of Zardos".
  4. Hi guys, I've recently submitted a couple of adventures to Morten/Thulsa over at Xoth.net publishing and he is hosting them on his site. While they are completely unofficial, Thulsa has been very complimentary about them. They were written using Legend and I would really appreciate some feedback. They are called 'Shadow of the Ragged King' and 'Children of Nwanga Zhaal'. There are some poorly drawn maps and a whole bunch of NPCs with full descriptions of appearance and motivations, as well as suggestions for their tactics when the swords start swinging. There is also a gazetteer of sorts
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