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  1. I consider the years I spent treading the trails of Glorantha at the behest of Greg Stafford some of the finest creative experiences of my life. Greg was always (except for some times when he had to be THE BOSS) a great fellow creative and I am so very very sorry I let my back problems keep me from GenCon this year. Greg is two years younger than me, so he would obviously continue for years to come. Oh well... Greg, I'm sorry, but we need to snag your spirit back to keep the flames burning.
  2. Unfortunately, the only copy I have of MRQ2 is in Italian, so I am at something of a disad in discussing new MRQ2 rules, but it sounds like the current version has moved a lot closer to SPQR.
  3. And Pete's statement reflects my own experience, which is why SPQR uses degree of success and a list of possible extra effects instead of the old RQ criticals and specials.
  4. As many of you already know, I have managed to lose my subscriber list for my successor to RuneQuest, SPQR (Steve Perrin's Quest Rules). So I am looking for lost subscribers. For the first time in years I am working on the rules and have made some exciting (I think) changes and innovations. I would love to have playtesters amongst my subscribers. And if this is the first you have heard of these rules, this is an exciting time to jump on board. You can subscribe at my website, PERRIN'S WORLDS OF WONDER. It hasn't been updated yet, but all the important links still work - you can still subscribe. Thanks for your attention. Oh, and if you are (1) Jim McCraken and (2) still interested in discussing rules, be sure to get back in touch with me. The email address I have for you is not valid anymore.
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