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    - Unisystem (AFMBE)
    - D&D 3.5
    - Pathfinder
    - D&D Gamma World (the one based off of 4th Edition D&D)
    - Deadlands Classic (my all-time favorite system and setting, despite its very glaring lack of grace)
    - Savage Worlds (have ran very many games using it, one of my favorites)
    - Warrior, Rogue, & Mage (never ran, but know the system pretty well)
    - AD&D 2e
    - D&D 5th Editon

    I started with Unisystem in my first year of college. I then played in a few campaigns my friends were running until I started running Deadlands a few years back. Now, I'm the de facto GM in my circle of friends. I really enjoy the hobby and find it to be one of the most wonderfully creative experiences one can have.
  • Current games
    * D&D 5e: Maneo (low-magic homebrew); dark-fantasy/Lovecraftian horror {GM}
    * BRP: Fallout Homebrew {GM}
    * Savage Worlds- Harmony Cove Heroes (Superheroes- homebrew setting) {GM}
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    I'm 22, almost a forever-GM, engaged to a beautiful Canadian, and full of wonder and hope.

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  1. In Savage Worlds's defense, you aren't supposed to just take the powers as-written. You're supposed to dress them up with trappings- giving them your own twist and all that. It's one of the advantages of the system to me. I would love a unified Powers System, myself. It encourages creativity and playing outside of your comfort zone, in my experience. That said, I find Supers work best when they have their own power list. If only due to Superpowers tending to be different than fantasy magic and the like. Though my reading has been limited, I think the BGB is the best book to base BRP
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