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  1. In Savage Worlds's defense, you aren't supposed to just take the powers as-written. You're supposed to dress them up with trappings- giving them your own twist and all that. It's one of the advantages of the system to me. I would love a unified Powers System, myself. It encourages creativity and playing outside of your comfort zone, in my experience. That said, I find Supers work best when they have their own power list. If only due to Superpowers tending to be different than fantasy magic and the like. Though my reading has been limited, I think the BGB is the best book to base BRP Essentials on, since it's the most generic/universal of the books I've read, while having the rules that I prefer. That said, my time running BRP and its family is very low- I've ran about seven sessions altogether. But, I've been running RPGs for a few years now, in a variety of systems. I find BRP and Savage Worlds to be my favorite systems, though GURPS Lite and Unisystem are also very nice. GURPS Lite and the SW Test Drive Rules are a good basis for "Quick-Start Rules" as is, obviously (haha), the Quick-Start BRP Ruleset. I feel like Essentials will probably be simplest form of chargen (no Fatigue or Sanity, likely, as well as little to no optional rules like Total Hit Points), a more concise skill list, the simplest combat options, unified powers (if only to save space- it's 32 pages after all), some tips and tricks for running different genres, and a small bestiary. I personally wish they made it an even 40 pages, but that might just be me. I'm sure that whatever comes will be done well and will hopefully entice more people to get into the BRP family.
  2. Much appreciated! I'll be sure to check it out!
  3. Awesome-possum! I have CoC and Worlds of Wonder (unless that's too old), so that works out. Thank you so much for your help and recommendations. I plan to use the Hit Locations option for sure. I'm wanting to hit that nice sweet spot between "Normal Badass" and "Badass Normal" for the campaign. I also want to definitely keep that visceral combat feel, while also keeping things as quick as possible. I was thinking about using Strike Ranks, but that just seems like a bad idea. haha In terms of building characters, I was considering allowing Step Six of character creation. But I feel that might be too much. Same with the Higher Starting Characteristics option. I want to get that pulpy feel that Fallout can give, but I also want them to approach combat carefully and with reservations. Once I have it all figured out, I'll probably make a simple file for it- creatures, robots, homebrew Traits, etc.
  4. Thank you very much! I'm using the BGB, but am open to switching to others if it would be easier/more intuitive. I'll be sure to check out your suggestions. I had thought about having the low-level Superpowers maybe as a base for certain Talents and Perks. Like a Super Strength that only applies to encumbrance for something like Strong Back. It does seem pretty easy to just make up critters as needed, my worry is being unfair in balancing- this is my first time running or playing BRP. How much effort would be required to convert the things moreso meant for RQ6 into the BGB? I initially assumed everything was more or less plug-in.
  5. I've been a fan of Fallout for a long time, but am rather late to the joys of BRP. I've noticed that there was a WIP file that was part of a conversion project, but it seems to have died. My question is this- How do I go about implementing the flavor and style of Talents and Perks from the setting? I know that most BRPers really hate the idea of an advantage/disadvantage system, but I really believe it has a place and isn't just the domain of munchkins. I also am not necessarily going for a 1:1 conversion of all Perks or anything like that. I know that down that road lies frustration. I am also curious as to how one would reproduce some of the creatures in the setting. I figure Supermutants can just be reskinned Orcs/Trolls/Giants, Yao Guai are just tougher Bears, Deathclaws I would guess can use the Allosaurus stats (slightly modified, of course), but what about Centaurs? Or Glowing Ones? Sorry if this all seems scatter-shot, I've got a lot on my plate so I'm trying to get this all done ASAP.
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