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  1. That makes sense. Yeah, I recall Muse Roost be the capitol of (I think it's the) Black Horse Company, mercenaries on demonic horses. Definitely not from around here.
  2. Are they all primarily populated by vendref with maybe a smattering of free "foreigners", or are they entirely free from Pure Horse People rule? I have a player that actually wants to play a vendref and I've been trying to do my homework...
  3. Thanks, I came to that conclusion as well. This might be worth some errata.
  4. Man, I could not ask for a better, more detailed response. You're awesome, sir.
  5. My Avalon Hill Genertela book places the actual Dragon Pass just south of Wintertop, but the (I must say, very beautiful) map of Dragon Pass in the latest RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha book, displays a major road crossing the region further north (just north of the Koffer HIlls). From what I've read, the pass south of Wintertop is supposed to be the ONLY pass that can accommodate large armies through this area, but this major road north of the Koffer Hills (seems to be a better thoroughfare). I guess my question is this: which pass in the area is best suited for the movement of large armies? Thanks in advanced for any clarification.
  6. I'm a little confused by the logic of putting the movement of non-engaged characters (phase 2) before the resolution of missile attacks and spells (phase 3). If I'm reading this correctly, a non-engaged melee combatant can move half his/her movement, close in on a target that is armed with a missile weapon, and attack before that target gets a chance to fire. Wouldn't it make more sense to have phase 2 include both the movement of non-engaged characters AND the resolution of missiles and spells? Then in phase 3 resolve melee? Thanks in advanced for any clarification.
  7. Thanks! And yes, I downloaded the Middle-earth pdfs earlier today. They'll be helpful I"m sure.
  8. Thanks! Beginning characters for Middle-earth would be ideal! Also curious if anyone's adapted BRP for Warhammer Fantasy... My BRP canon is the Vitruvian hardbound.
  9. Hello, just wondering if anyone can share links to premade fantasy characters? Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hi, I just saw your Middle Earth stuff. I'm a fan myself. Is it possible to get the rest of the chapters? I only saw 7 8 and 9 for download... Cheers, Steve

  11. Hi RosenMcStern and Mankcam, thanks for the kind words. I was a young teenager in the 70s. That era definitely had a huge impact on me. Nine Princes of Amber comes fondly to mind.
  12. Thanks! It's a work-in-progress. It's probably going to go through a few subtle changes before I'm finished. I'm still fleshing out the alternate Magic and Sorcery systems for example. It's sort of like my Silmarillion
  13. Here's a revised illustration of the planar topology: Ve’lehsfar Map Revised - Downloads - Basic Roleplaying Central
  14. For anyone that might be interested, I've just posted a two-chapter preview of a monograph I've been working on in the Downloads section (under the Modern category). Here's the blurb: Welcome to Majinine, a multi-planar RPG setting for Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying that crosses genres and presents numerous possibilities. Full high-fantasy campaigns involving eldritch citadels, and phantasmical, fey beings are just as appropriate here, as gritty inner city occult horror narratives, set to the backdrop of a 1970s where hippy sorcerers conjure forgotten gods and reality crumbles, literally falling back into the ideas from which it came. Trapped between are conjurers that spin arcane magic with rudimentary technology in hope of making clockwork wonders that may someday peer past the boundaries of existence. Posted here is a preview of a monograph I've been working on for years. My intent has been to create a consistent and cohesive, multi-planar setting that takes advantage of BRPs generic possibilities, allowing for rich dimension-hopping campaigns. These two chapters cover a broad overview of each of the planes in the Multiverse of Ve’lehsfar, as well as character generation guidelines for Majinine campaigns. http://basicroleplaying.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=494
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