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  1. Chaosium is allowed to use QuestWorlds without having to go though the SRD license. They already own the words and can do whatever they want with them. For us, the Jonstown Compendium and the QWSRD don’t overlap. The QWSRD’s license exists to give permission to copy the text of the SRD, but under agreed limits. Unless you’re cutting & pasting from the SRD, you’re not using the SRD in a way that needs that license, so the license doesn’t apply. The “no Glorantha” means you can’t copy the SRD then add Glorantha material to it and publish your own version of HQG. If you’re creating conte
  2. That’s different. Those aren’t game engines Chaosium owns, so they can’t require people not to do Arthurian games with them. AFAIK Chaosium doesn’t own the license to Arthurian legends, just their version published in Pendragon books. But they do own QuestWorlds, so they can make it part of the permission to use the QuestWorlds SRD that nobody can use QWSRD with settings from official Chaosium games.
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