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  1. Great! Thanks very much!!! I may have some more questions in the future, I think this is a good place to find answers Thanks again!
  2. OK I'm gonna first try to build a Demon for you to see if I'm doing anything wrong (which I'm 100% sure I am!) Suppose I have a setting that all Demons are unique and thus they have premade stats. I'm going to use the info in Advanced Sorcery to build one and then I'd like someone to guide me through the process of summoning / binding it Advanced Sorcery says that there are Lesser and Greater demons. Let's build a Greater one! "A greater demon totals not less than 25 D8s of characteristic, and among them must be not less than 4D8 POW. An unlimited number of skills or abilities maybe at 110 percent or more" OK, so I'm going to build one with exactly 25D8s of characteristics 4d8 are reserved for POW so we're left with 21D8 to spend on the other stats (and I'm rolling them in the parenthesis) STR 4d8 (18) CON 4d8 (22) SIZ 10d8 (56) DEX 1d8 (2) INT 1d8 (8) POW 4d8 (11) APP 1d8 (1) *I guess this is a semi-intelligent , clumsy, gruesome but huge, strong and tough demon!* MOV (DEX/2) : 1 Hit Points : 39 Damage Bonus: +4d6 Now I guess I have to calculate the magic point cost of the above stats....I think I'm supposed to use the table at Advanced Sorcery page 37 but I don't really understand.... "4 per 1D8 STR, CON, SIZ, INT, POW, DEX, or MOV - 1 magic point. Lesser demons always cost 3D8 for POW. Greater demons always cost at least 4D8 for POW." what??? Is it for 4 Magic Points per 1d8 of stat (and doesn't APP count towards that) and 1 magic point per MOV? So is it going to be 97 magic points??? (24*4 for the d8 stats not counting the 1d8 used in APP + 1 magic point for MOV:1) No matter...Let's give him some skills/abilities now using the Demon Abilities table on Advanced Sorcery p38 Tentacle 110% (MP Cost = 11) Darkness 10 yards (MP Cost = 10) Drain Muscle (MP Cost = 3) So we have 11+10+3= 24 Magic Points That's a total of 97+24 = 121 magic point cost.....How one is supposed to have enough POW to summon a demon like that??? I'm pretty sure I'm reading this wrong. In the Summon Spell entry in the corebook (p. 125) it states that "The total expenditure of Magic Points is 6 for a Lesser Demon and 9 for a Greater Demon" so that can't be right! On the other hand the Great Demon entry in the corebook (p. 166) doesn't even have d8 for stats so maybe Advanced Sorcery changed the way Demons are constructed? Still, 9 Magic Points vs 121 Magic Points is a huuuuuuge difference...
  3. Hi all I'm a total MW newbie and I'm having a hard time understanding how the whole summoning / binding process works. I have both the corebook and Advanced Sorcery and the info is scattered all over the place, sometimes it's repeated although slightly changed and it get's really confusing. Could someone please make step by step analysis including the Magic Points/ POW costs? Pretty please?????
  4. Thanks! That's what I was thinking too. I think I'll use OQ's "novice - apprentice - veteran - expert - master" scale as a guideline to convert the monsters/NPCs
  5. Hello everyone! I'm just starting out on BRP gaming so please excuse any stupid questions from my part. I've got the original RQ2e + Cults Compendium but I'm finding the combat system a little bit too fiddly (strike ranks mostly) so I was thinking of porting the whole thing over to Openquest. I've noticed though that when it comes to combat sample characters and creatures seem underpowered in RQ2e when compared to OQ. For example let's compare an entry from both books; DUCK (OQ) Characteristics STR 2D6+3 (10) INT 2D6+6 (13) CON 2D6+6 (13) POW 3D6 (10) DEX 2D6+6 (13) CHA 2D6 (7) SIZ 1D6+6 (9) Attributes Hit Points 11 Major Wound 6 Damage Modifier Magic Points 10 Movement Rate 12m Armour Leather armour (AP 2) Plunder Rating 2 Skills Resistances Dodge 60%, Persistence 50%, Resilience 50% Knowledge Nature Lore 70% Practical Deception 50% Combat Close Combat 50% Short Sword (1D6) Buckler (1D4) Ranged Combat 60% Sling (1D4) DUCK (RQ2e) Their close combat skill in OQ is 50% and ranged 60% where as in RQ2e it's almost half that (30% for short sword and 30% for sling). I guess the differences in Characteristics is really small so I don't mind them at all. But what about their weapon skills? Is there a reason for this difference? Is there a formula to convert a RQ2e creature to OQ? thanks in advance!
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